Mary Benton Files for County Councilor

by lewwaters

Mary Benton Campaign Website

Received in email today and posted for your information, believe it or don’t. As with other announcements posted, this should not be considered in support of or in opposition to. Posted solely for your information.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday my wife Mary dropped a bombshell on me. She filed her papers to be a candidate for the County Council. I am certain many folks will believe that I orchestrated her candidacy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I went to work Friday morning thinking she had decided against it, but Mary has always believed in community service and now that Austin (our youngest) is going off to college she feels she will have the time to devote to making Clark County a better place to live.

By 2:30 in the afternoon she had changed her mind, filed and is now committed to the campaign. While I was never to excited about the idea of my lovely wife being beat up daily by the propaganda arm of the Democrat party (The Columbian), now that she has made the decision I am her biggest supporter and am all in 100%. I am hoping you will be all in too! It will be an adventurous summer! I know from 32 years of marriage, once she commits to something she is tenacious! When Mary is elected she will be a strong, independent conservative voice on the Commission for Mothers and children all over Clark County (It also helps that she is 100% opposed to the CRC resurrection being promoted by many of her opponent’s backers). Please email Mary @ and let her know you support her candidacy. Contributions can be sent to: Elect Mary Benton at PO Box 5076 Vancouver, WA 98668.

We will need volunteers, contributions and endorsements. Please email, call or write us as soon as you can.

 I cannot vouch for the veracity of the claims made by Don Benton as I have never met Don’s wife Mary, that I can recall.

Regardless, she has the right to run for office as well as any of the rest of us do. I am unaware of her political experience, but I am also sure we will hear what, if any, she has in the campaign.

I also find it odd that she filed as a Republican at such a late date, given that there already is a Republican filed, Julie Olson. But I’m also sure she has her reasons.

As I previously said, this is turning out to be quite an interesting campaign this year. Glad I’ll be sitting it out and watching from the sidelines.

3 Comments to “Mary Benton Files for County Councilor”

  1. It is an interesting year indeed! I have met Mary and she is a very good lady in my opinion.

  2. I have no reason to doubt she is a nice lady, but her filing is strange, as is Don denying being behind it so quickly.

    Perhaps if she had issued the release it would have been better.

    But, got my popcorn popped, sitting back and waiting to see what unfolds in the weeks ahead. It is going to be a very interesting election.

  3. Any wise husband had better immediately support his wife, Lew. As my husband has said, a happy wife makes for a happy husband.

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