Lindsey Stone, You Are No Victim

by lewwaters
Lindsey Stone

Lindsey Stone

If the name Lindsey Stone does not ring a bell, allow me a moment to refresh your memory.

Lindsey Stone and her friend Jamie Schuh are self professed “douchebag’s” that posted a photo of Ms. Stone on facebook of her very disrespectful pose at Arlington National Cemetery back in 2012.

The action caused an outrage nationwide, resulting her losing her job, being nationally shamed and even to the point of receiving death threats, that final action I disagree with.

Most of us put her disrespect behind us and she seemed to fade off into obscurity, which probably would have been the best thing for her to do.

But like too many attention whores today, obscurity seems to not be what they wish.

We now read where Ms. Stone is being interviewed for inclusion in a book, “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” whose author, Jon Ronson says, “takes a look at people whose lives have been ruined because of ill-advised social media posts.”

Disrespecting the memories of our fallen heroes at Arlington Cemetery by posting such an offensive photo goes well beyond “ill-advised” in my opinion.

Douchebag Disrespect

I invite you to view the video of her interview The most hated woman on the Web?

My own personal view of this interview leaves me asking, you dumb stupid bitch, didn’t you learn anything?

You angered more than half of the nation, lost your job and claim facing death threats and now, you laugh all of the way through an interview of your misdeed?

You act like you’re a victim because people were outraged over your insensitivity?

You come out of obscurity to flash your indiscretion all over the internet again, reopening wounds from before?

As I recently saw a man saying in another video, “you woke up stupid this morning, didn’t you?”

I thought she was regretful of her actions once the photo went viral back then and she faced such public scorn.

Apparently not as now she wishes to cry over her actions and somehow, we should feel sorry for her?

Uh, no!

I felt back then that after she lost her job the matter would be soon forgotten and in large part, it was. That is, until she decided to bring it back up and show the world she truly does fit her self-proclaimed “douchebag” description.

There really are some stupid people in this world and Lindsey Stone, you just moved yourself to the top of the current list.

5 Comments to “Lindsey Stone, You Are No Victim”

  1. It is beyond words how anyone could be so disrespectful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. There are natural consequences, however, when we use our hard-fought-for freedoms to do such a vile thing. I lost a brother because of the Vietnam war and I take this personally.

  2. It was bad enough what she did back in 2012, but to now bring it all back up and cry she’s the victim?


  3. Being a “victim” is the highest (philosophical) “good” in the leftist lexicon. Look at political correctness and all the blather in colleges about “trigger warnings” etc…. it’s all about victimhood. So it comes as no surprise that Ms. Stone chooses to claim victimhood for herself.

    Of course, from a more rational perspective, she’s just plain clueless.

    I do note that without the echo chamber and magnifying glass of the Internet, her initial stupidity depicted in her photo would probably not have been seen my more than a dozen people (at most) — and likely those would have appreciated the stupidity as they, too, are lacking in any common sense. Before the social media era, her shenanigan would be unknown by the general population. This is certainly one case where I don’t appreciate the advanced technology at everyone’s fingertips.

  4. I like that “did you wake up stupid this morning?” That is a great comment… strikes me how many do.

  5. Apparently, the one that woke up stupid and kept waking up stupid for the last 8 years was me.

    Imagine, I actually thought Republicans wanted support and to counter the Columbian.

    Boy, was I wrong and yes, stupid.

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