How do y’all like your charter now?

by lewwaters

Brancaccio Charter Punishment

I tried to warn you this charter was folly last year, but you didn’t listen. You just had to have it in your effort to undo the 2012 election, instead of just waiting to next year and mounting a formidable campaign to vote those you dislike out.

Now, thanks to the charter, you face the likelihood of one of those you hate the most and wrote the charter in hopes of neutering, having more power than ever over the next four years.

God help us if that should occur. If you think he is incorrigible now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Maybe next time, y’all will listen to an old man that you think does not have a clue.

I tried to warn you, more than once.

5 Comments to “How do y’all like your charter now?”

  1. HA!

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first…

  2. Part of me hopes he does win, just to watch their heads explode.

    How MANY times the rag lied about this with the C3G2 hater chorus until the very end.

    Meanwhile, instead of getting a government that’s best for tyhe people of this county, the petulant scum pulling the levers rammed this down our collective throats.

    It would be sweet if Madore won for no other reason than this. And he may very well do it, too.

  3. I have no control over who wins, naturally and while it would be sweet to see liberal heads explode, I’d much rather see the arrogant smirk smacked off of his face.

    Regardless of how it goes, the petulant jerks that rammed this through in haste will continue their tantrum until they are fully back in control, getting what they and they alone want. It is just their nature.

  4. I’ve got a decidedly more positive outlook on Madore. Before Madore became a commissioner candidate in 2012, he used to post on the C’s comments section from time to time. One topic he raised was in regards to what the purpose of government should be. A favorite pet topic of my own, and I believe THE most important and fundamental question in politics, from which most else follows. There’s a sort of Grand Canyon of a chasm, in how Left and Right view this purpose, although few seem to actually think about it. Anyway, the thread quickly unraveled, as two of the more hardcore Leftists quickly morphed the subject into the ”form” of government, rather than the “role” of government. That thread gave me a good idea of where Madore was coming from before I knew much else about him. Madore has since distinguished himself by NOT being a Republican who could just as easily be a Democrat, and they REALLY hate that. They really do.

    As far as their heads exploding: Yep. Funner than a barrel full of Democrats. A charter papier-mâché barrel. Rollin’ downhill. All bumpity bump like. Bumpity bump. (OOOO! OUCH! HEY STOP THIS THING! LET ME OUT!:))

  5. I too once held a more positive view of Madore, even though there was something odd about him I felt when first introduced to him back in 2010. I never could quite put my finger on what it was that bothered me, but after seeing how quickly he is willing to step on a supporter to make himself appear knowing, it became clearer.

    That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some decent ideas, he does. But, he doesn’t know how to sell them in a more positive manner and a bull in a china shop approach doesn’t resonate well from either party.

    My opposition to him is personal, not due to any policy or political point.

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