Obama and the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility Get it Wrong

by lewwaters

Once again, senseless tragedy has struck and nine innocent people lie dead in Charleston South Carolina where after sitting with parishioners for an hour last evening, 21-year old Dylann Roof opened fire, killing nine people.

Motive for the shooting remains unknown at this writing, but already we hear reports of he sported an apartheid flag on a shirt in a photo and drove around with a Confederate Flag on his car. That flag is not unusual in South Carolina and both Whites and Blacks have been seen sporting it, mostly Whites I will admit.

Of course since the shooter is White, that plays lead in many stories.

But more troubling, before the corpses were even cold, gun grabbers latched on to the tragedy to push for more gun control laws, ignoring that Roof violated every current gun law.

As evidenced in the image of an email received this morning from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility quoting Barack Obama, we are to believe these sort of senseless tragedies do not happen anywhere else.

I-594 Charleston ShootingThey couldn’t be more wrong and if anybody had spent a minimal amount of time researching, they would discover just how wrong they are. It took perhaps 30 seconds earlier this morning to find just these four examples;

List of rampage killers (Europe)

Norway killings: the quiet and modest man who became peacetime Europe’s worst mass killer

Czech Republic: 8 killed plus shooter in restaurant shooting in Uhersky Brod

Mass shootings in Europe

Last I heard, European Nations have some strict gun laws, but they are immune from such senseless violence.

At the same time, I am reminded of another shooting in a Church back in 2007 where an armed security guard was credited with stopping the shooter before more lives were lost: Guard saved untold lives, officials say

Why do they not ever mention many instances where citizens with their firearm step in and prevent such senseless murders?

Yet, they work to disarm us, the potential innocent victims when time and again it has been shown criminals ignore whatever law is passed?

Would they be happier had Root hacked people to death with a machete instead of shooting them with a gun? Dead is dead, regardless of instrument used.

Yet we do not see cries of knife control, registering knives or background checks before being allowed to own a knife, even though more people are killed by knives than shot by guns.

Even the much touted background check, what benefit is it as we discover State database missing some criminal information used in background checks?

Don’t let yourselves be misled by those who are pushing an anti-gun agenda at any cost. Guns are a fact of life and where more law-abiding people are armed, there is often less crime, criminals seeking easy targets where they meet little resistance or the prospect of being shot at themselves.

Pray for the people of Charleston, but don’t allow others to twist the tragedy for political gain.

16 Comments to “Obama and the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility Get it Wrong”

  1. Sounds like a rightwing domestic terrorist.


  2. Anything to promote the hate, Nathan?

    While it is becoming more known to likely have a racial motive, his politics are not known, if he even had any.

    But leave it to liberals to do as I say in the post, push a false narrative for cheap political points.

    If I were you, I’d be careful with that “rightwing domestic terrorist” schtick. The last few mass shooters turned out to either be or have ties to Democrats 😉


  3. Had the alleged perpetrator been of mid-eastern descent, we know what your position would be.


  4. Again, solely your misguided assumption.

    I have long maintained, in opposition to many Christians, that I have no problem with Islam, it is Jihadists and radicals I disdain.

    Thanks for playing, but better luck next time.


  5. Nathan, you nailed it.


  6. LOL, Schuyler, nailed what? Another false narrative?

    What you boys don’t know is amazing 😉


  7. Incidentally, is there a reason neither of you actually address the topic?


  8. Thanks for the support Schuyler.


  9. LOL, maybe you two need to get a room? 😉


  10. It’s unfortunate that the left is already using this tragedy to augment calls for gun control. This had nothing to do with guns. The guy is apparently a racist whacko. If he didn’t have access to a gun he would have used a bomb or some other method to kill black people. To carry it out in a church just shows how cowardly he is. He knew that everyone there would be unarmed.

    To categorize the killer as “rightwing domestic terrorist” is silly and childish.


  11. I read last evening, if the gun his Dad gave him is what was used and the Dad knew of the pending felony charge the POS was facing, Dad could get 10 years in prison himself.

    I expect the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility to come out boasting of how their I-594 would have prevented this soon. But that is false.

    One of the selling points to get I-594 approved by voters was there is an exception to background checks for gifts between close relatives.


  12. This unfortunate event was not caused by any lack of “gun control” as numerous references to similar events in tightly “controlled” countries shows.

    The question should be, why were none of the regular attendees at the event carrying a concealed weapon that might have been used to limit the deaths and injuries that occurred?

    As I recall, last year, a shooter in a Portland area shopping center was confronted by an armed citizen, cutting short the deaths that the shooter might well have inflicted.

    The argument is for more guns “on the street” carried by responsible citizens. We are all safer if the criminals do not know who or how many armed citizens might be present. (I also recall my high-school buddy, a member of the California Highway Patrol, being temporarily assigned to the CHP HQ in Sacramento. After work, he decided to walk through the “K-Street Mall” (a disaster of liberal civic planning). He discovered that after 5 PM, the place was nearly deserted. As he returned to his unmarked car, he was accosted by a mugger. It quickly became the mugger’s worst nightmare, as the trained, armed civilian-clothed officer “took him down” and arrested him.) If the liberals had their way, no ordinary citizen would be able to defend themselves effectively.


  13. An ironic and tragic twist I am hearing, the Church Pastor and state Sen. Clementa Pinckney would not support easing South Carolina’s ban on carrying guns in Churches a couple years ago.

    One alleged NRA member is said to be blaming him for the deaths and I disagree, although I do think ending that ban might very well have saved lives, as was done in 2007 by Jeanne Assam.

    No, the blame lies completely with Dylaan Roof who also says he wanted to start a race war.

    Like other mass murderers, he knew where guns were banned and he would face little or no opposition.


  14. “This had nothing to do with guns.” LOL – They were killed with guns, not yo-yo’s. “why were none of the regular attendees at the event carrying a concealed weapon…” They were at church, this is another blame the victim statement that really is the equal to any complaint about the left trying to take the narrative of this story over. Please, quit. I’m not against responsible gun ownership, but to lay blame because they don’t carry is nasty. You can conceal carry and I could walk up behind you and blow a hole in your head. Would that mean it’s your fault that you were unaware? Lastly, John Hinckley knew President Reagan was surrounded by guns, did it stop him?


  15. Hinckley was and is an obvious nutcase.

    Charles Manson’s followers did not use guns, other than on Steven Parent, they slashed people to death with knives.

    The only one to blame in this is Dylann Roof. Comments about concealed carry and such are just observations that people might have had a chance to stop him, as did Jeanne Assam in the 2007 New Life Church shooting.

    Nobody claims concealed carry is a guarantee against harm, it is just a means to give you a fighting chance.

    And yes, I also agree there are places we really do not need to carry and those showing up at airports, legislatures and other areas with rifles hanging in front of them as if ready to start shooting do the Second Amendment more harm than good.

    I don’t have all of the answers, maybe not but a few ideas, but such knee jerk reactions when these events occur will not stop them. The problem goes much deeper, beginning with how we have allowed ourselves to be more divided than in our history since the Civil War.

    Guns are a fact throughout the world and as I showed in the post, both Obama and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility got it dead wrong about these senseless mass shootings not happening in other developed nations.

    I question why that comment would even be made, other than to further an agenda when it is so obviously false.


  16. “I’m not against responsible gun ownership”. LOL! That’s a progressive euphemism for “No one should own a gun. Period.” If the doom and gloom crowd would work as hard at enforcing current gun laws as they do at spreading hysteria, there would be a lot fewer nut-cases like Dylann Roof running around with guns.


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