Lazy C Joins ‘Ban The Flag’

by lewwaters

Confederate Flag OffendsI guess not unexpected to see the local Democrat Party mouthpiece jump on board the “Ban The Confederate Flag” nonsense stirred up after the horrific shooting and murder of 9 innocent people at the AME Church in Charleston. After all, they subscribe to several hate rants fostered by Liberals.

But I also couldn’t help but notice the lone comment under their article (at the time of this writing) and the seething hatred contained it, a liberals means of combating hate by being even more hateful.

Fran Hammond · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington who says: “Those refusing to voice their view on this issue have already let all know where they stand. They are pandering to their bigoted ‘conservative’ base.”

Well Frannie, do we ban everything that offends somebody? Or do we just ban what offends you, the hell with everybody else?

Is it your fellow White people you hate? Or just Southern White People that merit your hate? Or only Republicans that should be hated for not agreeing with you all of the time?

Black Panther FlagAnd what about the Black Power and Black Panther flags?

What about those Blacks calling for death of Whites?

What of Black Serial Killers? What symbol must be banned because of their crimes? What symbol must be banned to stop the Black on Black murders in places like Chicago and Detroit?

And what if the flag, which isn’t even the actual Confederate Flag, incidentally, is banned? What then? Do you really think you have stopped hate?

No doubt the flag was highjacked by racists and White Supremacists, but need I remind you that they also fly the American Flag? Should that be banned as well?

Racists are not racist because of the flag, they are racist because they have hate in their hearts and if they don’t wave that flag, they just wave something else.

And where does all of this banning cease? When only your feelings and likes and dislikes are allowed?

That flag was fought under by both Blacks and Whites, even today many Blacks respect, honor and hold it dear to embrace their own Southern heritage.

I agree, hate is wrong, but all you are doing is fostering more hate and not addressing the real issues of why these people go off and murder others.

That flag did not cause any of them to murder, some in the past have never waved.

Do you really think if that flag did not exist that mass murders and shootings would not have happened?

Get over your own hate and let’s put our heads together to seek real solutions, not focus on an inanimate historical image that is not going to go away.

In the end, if we ban everything that offends somebody else, we will not be left with anything.

Think about it.

Black Confederate Soldiers 7Black Confederate Steve Perry

25 Comments to “Lazy C Joins ‘Ban The Flag’”

  1. I don’t own one. But I’m thinking about getting one… and for hypocrites like fran to call anyone else a bigot is sickening.

    The more these scum whine about it, the more likely that is to happen.

  2. That flag is a symbol of the defeated. Some are able to convince themselves that the flag represents freedom and not slavery.

  3. Since you are not a Southerner, your knowledge of the South comes out of your ass.

    But pray tell, how will banning that one symbol stop hate?

    It will not have any effect on your hate, that is for sure.

    But I do thank you for once again showing the liberal mindset of if the liberal doesn’t like it, nobody can have it.

    That is the liberal idea of freedom and liberty, just as it was in any Communist dictatorship.

  4. I consider those who waved this battle flag and fired on the stars and stripes for four years absolute traitors. 200,000 southerners, including 90,000 blacks fought for the Union. I respect those southerners.

  5. Then you consider those that fought Great Britain traitors as well?

    In your ignorance, you have fallen into the indoctrination that slavery was all at stake back then. Yet I bet even you cannot explain why slavery did not end in Northern Slave States until after the Civil war ended and the 13th amendment was passed.

    Do you respect those from the North that fought the Southern states that merely wanted not to be part of the U.S. any longer, claiming ending slavery, but turned a blind eye to slavery back up North?

    And what of the free Blacks that fought on the side of the Confederacy?

    And while we are at it, care to explain why Frederick Douglas, himself an ex-slave, had to plead wit the NOrth to allow Blacks to join the Union an dfight, citing the South already had Blacks armed and fighting the North?

    Douglas said, “Why does the Government reject the Negro? Is he not a man? Can he not wield a sword, fire a gun, march and countermarch, and obey orders like any other? Is there the least reason to believe that a regiment of well-drilled Negroes would deport themselves less soldier-like on the battlefield than the raw troops gathered up generally from the towns and cities of the State of New York?”

    And, “It is now pretty well established, that there are at the present moment many colored men in the Confederate army doing duty not only as cooks, servants and laborers, but as real soldiers, having muskets on their shoulders, and bullets in their pockets, ready to shoot down loyal troops, and do all that soldiers may to destroy the Federal Government and build up that of the traitors and rebels.”

    You can read his entire statement at Fighting Rebels With Only One Hand

    Perhaps too, you can address why was it that the very first slave owner in the New World (America) was a Black man? An Angolan named Anthony Johnson.

    By and large, though, what you think of the Northern Virginia Battle Flag is irrelevant. Nobody tells you to embrace or respect it. But to many Southerners, both Black and White, it is a symbol of their heritage, far beyond the slavery of two centuries ago.

    It is not your place to demand they adhere to your likes or dislikes.

  6. What you don’t yet fathom, Nathan, is that you exercise your freedom and right to respect as you so choose.

    But, at the same time you are wanting to deny others that same freedom and right to respect as they so choose, all the while claiming you are being “tolerant.”

  7. 10 shot, 1 killed in Detroit basketball court shooting

    Yet another shooting around a Basketball Court?

    Maybe it is time to ban Basketball?

    Or, since like Chicago, where there are also numerous murders, the cities have been under Liberal Democrat party control for several decades, should we call for a ban on the Democrat party symbol of the jackass?

  8. I find it interesting that there is respect for the rebel battle flag used by those who did not respect Old Glory.

  9. You confuse true Southern heritage with bigots that highjacked the flag.

    Hate to tell you, but Southerners respecting the St, Andrews Cross flag have served in larger numbers under the American flag in every war since the Civil War than you Yankees.

    There are more Military Bases throughout the South, manned largely by Southerners serving today than you realize.

    Don’t confuse racist pukes, even those from the North, with true Southerners.

  10. It’s true that for some, the Confederate Battle Flag is a racist symbol. They project their racist hatreds and prejudices onto what becomes simply a piece of cloth. Unfortunately liberals do the same thing – projecting their fears and prejudices onto a piece of cloth. I would not fly the Stars and Bars for the same reason that though I own and fly the US Flag, I do not salute it. I have not earned that right. As a US citizen I have the right to fly the flag and honor the flag but in my opinion only those who have served under the flag have earned the right to salute it. For the Confederate flag only those who have been raised in the south and have been taught to honor what the flag means to them as Southerners should fly it. That’s just my opinion though. As far as the dimwitted politicians referring to the flag as purely a ‘symbol of racism’ – those people I have no respect for.

  11. Lew, The ol’ interweb is a truly marvelous thing. You can find the oddest things in pictures, even black people embracing the Stars and Bars. I could send you a few pics of Tea Party Patriots with the Stars and Bars, Gadsden Flag and a bunch with the ‘ol Nazi swastika flying with those at a Tea Party rally. I won’t. They exist and you know it. That being said, I think 99% of Tea Partiers would have nothing to do with the Nazi flag, but the pics exist. Bottom line – the KKK ruined any sentiment on that flag. Same as the Swastika – it was a symbol used by SE Asians and American Indians, but not too many Americans would want it used in anything. The Germans ruined that symbol.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

  12. Yes, you can find those images easily, but that does not change my position on the flag being highjacked by racists for their purpose.

    They also wave the Christian Cross and the American flag. Will those need banned as well?

    And now that Carpetbagger Republicans have capitulated on the flag, what next? Streets named after Confederate Generals renamed? Confederate Memorials destroyed? All history books rewritten to go along with the new narrative, destroy old letters, articles and first hand accounts that show differently? Where does it end?

  13. The Star’s and Bar’s (not the actual flag of the Confederate States, as you know), has become (also as you know) a divisive symbol of hate and bigotry. You also know that this isn’t something new, that you can trace this back to before the Dixiecrats or the 1962 Civil War centennial.
    Will “banning” the flag stop horrific acts like happened in my families town of Charleston, or anywhere for that matter? Of course not. Should southern states remove this oft divisive symbol from flying along with, or near Old Glory, and their state flag, to at the very least show that the leadership won’t tolerate what this flag has come to represent to a majority of Americans? Both sides of the aisle seem to think so.
    As Steve pointed out above, the swastika is a symbol that has been used by different cultures for 1000’s of years before it came to represent the horrors of Nazi Germany. While it’s a tragedy that it came to that for (example) the Navajo or Hopi, they’ve managed to move on.
    FWIW, “banning the Black Panther” flag is irrelevant. I’d think that you are intelligent enough to know that most of this hype is about where General Lee’s battle flag is being flown, and not about banning it entirely.

  14. Sorry, but if it is about hate, the Black Panther flag is relevant.

    That some group has highjacked the Battle Flag does not mean it automatically must be banned, unless of course you want the American Flag banned as well, since they also fly and wave that one as well.

    And, if as you admit, banning it will not stop anything, why all of the angst over it? All for feel good that will likely elevate the hate?

    A lot of people, Black, White, even Hispanic honor the flag their ancestors fought under and for the cause they fought for, not slavery but to be free to set their own destiny apart from the oppression they felt from the North. The South never tried to overthrow the U.S., they simply wanted to no longer be part of it back then. That is why the seceded, not launch atatcks on it.

    The attack on Ft. Sumter was to oust the Union Army from their territory after refusals from them to leave.

    I will not say slavery had no part in it, but it was not the driving factor as claimed. If it were, the Emancipation Proclamation would have ended slavery in Northern slave states that did not end it until after the Civil war with the passage of the 13th Amendment.

    Likewise, Union Generals Sherman and Grant were no so lily white. Sherman is well known to hate Black slaves, Grant owning slaves, freeing his personal slave just prior to teh war, btu still managing other slaves on his wife’s farm until well towards the end of the war.

    It is nowhere near a Black & White issue as has been taught and is very complex by today’s standards.

    But in the end, if we a re going to begin banning anything that offends someone, sooner or later we will run out of things to ban as well will be left with nothing.

  15. Side note, the flag under controversy currently is not the “Stars and Bars.”

    It is actually the Southern Cross

  16. Lew, the Emancipation Proclamation was a presidential executive order. The only way that Lincoln could justify this was in his capacity as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, as a measure to disrupt the southern war effort. Lincoln couldn’t use this rationale to proclaim the freedom of slaves in states that were not in rebellion. The emancipation would likely have been found to have no legal underpinning at the conclusion of the war, hence Lincoln’s urgency in getting the 13th amendment through Congress before the war’s end.

  17. What you say is true, but the actual point is that it only applied to Southern States not under his control at the time. It did not apply to Northern States where slavery was still legal and practiced. They did not end slavery until after the war ended.

  18. “lewwaters
    June 22, 2015 at 10:01 PM
    Side note, the flag under controversy currently is not the “Stars and Bars.”
    It is actually the Southern Cross”

    Correct. My mistake, but we both know what I meant. 😉

  19. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time reading and listening to people with a variety of views. I’ve learned that for some people the Southern Cross is indeed purely a racist symbol while for others it is a symbol of a proud history – a history for them that is not associated with racism. I’ve heard some Southerners say that their view of the flag has completely changed since the tragic deaths of the Charleston martyrs. They no longer support flying the flag at the State Capitol. I hope and believe that the South is on the right track with voluntarily removing the flag. They are not responding to threats, intimidation or bullying, but rather they are taking ownership. That, I believe, will make all the difference.

  20. That is why I added “side note” 😉

  21. And what will be next? This is about much more than that flag, as can be seen now with calls to rename a lake named after a Confederate General, a poll asking if Military Bases named after Confederate Generals should be renamed, businesses being shamed into not offering the flag or merchandise displaying it, while freely offering items featuring Communist Reolutinary murderer Che Guevara.

    Calls are out to dismantle long held Memorials to Confederates in the South while others are being vandalized. Even Warner Bros is no longer going to license diecast models of the General Lee Dodge Charger from the popular Dukes of Hazzard with the flag painted on top, as it was during the entire run of the series.

    So where does it go next? Will they one day burn classic novels like Gone With the Wind, Huckleberry Finn, to Kill a Mockingbird? Once this insanity starts and is condoned, even excused there is no limit where it will be taken.

    AND what happens when next down the road, it is your heritage under fire and attack? Don’t expect people to run to defend your heritage after you refuse to defend theirs.

    Already questions are being asked whether or not monuments to Thomas Jefferson should be taken down because he owned slave at one time. What about George Washington? Or Ulysses S. Grant, also a slave owner and who managed slaves on his wife’s farm until shortly before the war ended? How can you claim he was fighting to free slaves when he oversaw slaves back home?

    And what about other presidents that owned slaves? Or the founding fathers? Should we burn the constitution because it ws written by many slave owners too?

    How can Lincoln be venerated with a Memorial when he actually wanted to free slaves in order to deport them all?

    I’ll leave with something to consider, written by a Black man in 1979;

    “The real tragedy of the Confederate battle flag is that Southerners, white and black, have permitted it to be driven between them like a wedge, separating them from a common goal. The racism so evident in this controversy is not the flying of the flag but that we’ve permitted it to be designated as pro-white and anti-black.”

    Don’t Furl the Flag by W. Earl Douglas

    I am really amazed and saddened that so many of you are more upset over a 24 inch by 24 inch piece of cloth than what Obama has been doing to this country.

  22. Reblogged this on iblogstr8sicit's Blog and commented:
    Why don’t we ban the black panthers flag of hate and the Islamic flag that also stands for intolerance and hate?

  23. Its perfectly understandable why a state like South Carolina would cling to the Confederate flag, Its not like they have anything else to cling to. Mississippi gave America blues music. Texas has bar bq. Alabama can at least claim Lynyrd Skynyrd. But in their entire history South Carolina has accomplished nothing. The only thing they have to identify with is their treason to America and a complete lack of human decency.

  24. I can feel the love.

    So, are you claiming Black people in South Carolina also have no human decency?

    Fighting for Independence is hardly treason, unless you consider American a treasonous nation. Do yourself a favor, go learn some real history.

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