Updated: Games Democrats Play

by lewwaters

As we all know now, we finally have a budget passed and signed by the Governor, after the Democrat Party drug their feet, forcing the legislature into two special sessions as they did what they could to force more taxes on the people, even though they were not needed any time soon.

Typical conduct of tax & spend Democrats, we know.

But I was simply astonished at the hutzpah shown by Governor Inslee and the Washington State Democrats as shortly after signing the budget, I received an email wherein it is seen Inslee and Democrats steal all credit for the Republican budget as if it were theirs all along.

Dems, Inslee Takes All Credit

If Democrats had their way we all would be handing over our paychecks so they could decide who is entitled to what.

Republicans don’t get a pass since the GOP led Senate is giving us the largest gas tax increase in state history.

But Democrats did not write and largely opposed the very budget they now boast of getting pushed through. Who do they think they are, David Madore?

When will you voters stop falling for their blatant lies?

See also words from Rep. Matt Manweller, the Washington Policy Center and Washington’s budget breaks down in Olympia with surprise Democratic dissent

Advance to about 49:30 to view Rep. Brandon Vick, 1:06 45 for Rep. Liz Pike and 1:13:45 for Rep. Lynda Wilson making appeals to vote against the Transportation Bill as written House Debates Transportation Bill

What do you think the odds are of Democrats honoring reforms allegedly written into the Transportation Bill?

11 Comments to “Updated: Games Democrats Play”

  1. I tried to find the record of who voted for this bill but it’s not on the page the bill is located on. This bill has over 1600 sections. I doubt if legislators know what’s in it. Paul Harris told me that he wasn’t going to vote for the bill but I think that’s before it was amended.

  2. And, about this budget they are boasting of: $2 billion hole blown in brand new 2015-17 budget

    That sure didn’t last long.

  3. “No matter how long I serve, I will never forget the scene last night of inebriated Democrats laughing about about how they had screwed everyone including their House Democratic friends and thinking it was funny.” Rep. Matt Manweller

  4. I am trying to figure out just what Manweller was talking about. How can they laughingly say they blew it up when it was signed by the governor already?

  5. Read the Washington Policy Center link above on blowing a $2 Billion hole in the budget already.

    From what I read, we got played big time

  6. Ad this to the mix:

    Keep this budget law in mind as this problem continues: RCW 43.88.110 (7)

    If at any time during the fiscal period the governor projects a cash deficit in a particular fund or account as defined by RCW 43.88.050, the governor shall make across-the-board reductions in allotments for that particular fund or account so as to prevent a cash deficit, unless the legislature has directed the liquidation of the cash deficit over one or more fiscal periods

  7. I read the Washington Policy Center article. I did a bunch of research. I am stunned that the Senate Democrats are so hell bent on the destruction of this state. Our Republican representatives did a really good job. And yes Paul Harris said he was a NO vote on the transportation package.

  8. This article paints the divide surrounding our education system in the light of “the students need us to lower our standards so they won’t fail”. I am sorry but I disagree. I would not have graduated if I did not pass my tests. It is a standard system used to promote scholarships in universities around the world. A high school diploma means nothing if it does not meet a certain standard of scholastic achievement. The students will be even less ready for college than they are now and we have a really bad track record for college readiness. The WEA doesn’t want our teachers overworked (aka more union members via lower classroom sizes), wants higher wages and benefits for them, doesn’t want to set standards around student achievement for proof of ability to teach and wants the testing system dropped? Yea, I passed school and am here to tell you I can smell the stench of cooked books and failed education system in the future from my family room in Vancouver! I am sorry the Senate Democrats had years to pass things the way they saw fit and didn’t fix anything. Now it is time for them to play ball in a game where the opposing point of view may just be an equal opponent. You do not try to game the system crying foul because you are down in the bottom of the 9th!

  9. Look for the union label 😉

    In this case, the WEA

    Even the Lazy C recognizes it for what it is In Our View: Senate Dems’ Action Stinks

    “Nobody wins from further delaying the process, save for Democrats who wish to pander to the Washington Education Association, which supports I-1351.”

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