This is Your Mayor

by lewwaters

Leavitt 5I recently decided to ‘unfriend’ a young Liberal on facebook over what I perceived to be of questionable emotional stability, reinforced in my estimation by an over the top, overly emotional outburst over my unfriending her.

Most curious was the amount of other people that flocked to the post to offer consolation as if it were some sort of divorce one would expect to see in something like the Young and the Restless Soap Opera.

Among those coming by to console and assuage the feelings of this young person was none other than ‘da Mayor, Timothy ‘the Liar’ Leavitt, that prompted me to confront ‘hizzoner’ on his allegations against me in an email exchange, seen below.

Unqualified Diagnosis

Lew Waters <>
Jul 2, 2015 (5 days ago)

to Tim, Larry, jack.burkman, bart.hansen, Bill, anne.mcenerny-., alishia.topper, amy.fischer, kaitlin.gilles., bcc: Clark

Mayor Tim, since you felt compelled to level an unqualified psychological assessment of me publicly on Xxxxx Xxxxxxx post, let me assure you, I am not on any meds other than to treat the Diabetes I likely attained in serving our country, something you apparently did not feel the desire to do.

Personally, I am a little surprised that you would even chime in with your pathetic comment supporting someone upset over being unfriended on facebook, someone I have not even met face to face ever, not even spoken to on a phone.

For me having the audacity to unfriend someone on facebook, you feel the need to chime in with;

Timothy D Leavitt Maybe his meds ran out?

Lewis is an angry old man who has never come to terms with his inferiority complex. Now, his insecurities are magnified by the stark realization that he never has, nor does he presently have any discernible influence over anyone….even though he’s essentially given his life to trolling and bashing. His vulgarity increases as his anger of his own lack of accomplishment mounts.

Threatening us with not releasing dirt on Madore, as though he himself can control the result of an election…and we’ll have to live with the consequences? He’s wanting people to need him, to beg him to help save us from Madore.

What Lewis needs is professional help.

May I remind you that you blocked me from your facebook page, even though I do not visit your page?

What I do with my blog is not out of any desire to feel needed, I receive enough of that from my family and I sure do not need the grief I have received over the years for trying to present a side to issues not seen in the media.

I know it sure did not bother you to receive my support back in 2009 when you were traveling throughout the city selling voters on a canard.

As for me thinking I have any influence over anybody, it seems to have escaped you that I have repeatedly stated I will not be covering or blogging in support of or in opposition to any candidate this election.

You see, Tim, like with Xx XXXXXX, you do not know me or anything about me. Our few minutes discussing your Mustang hardly qualifies you to know anything about me, much less present a psychological evaluation.

For the record, I have never asked any candidate for anything other than answers nor have I ever accepted anything from any.

Don’t worry, Tim, you did not hurt my feelings, it would take someone much better than you to do that. All you did was show what a small man you are.


Leavitt, Tim
July 7, 2015 12:20 PM (1 hour ago)
to me


I don’t judge you…that is not my responsibility or desire.

I just point out the painfully obvious.

One doesn’t need a personal conversation, nor a PhD to assess the basis for your writings and rants, actions and innuendos, and threats.

In fact, come to think of it, my post really was unnecessary, because in the circles of people that even pay attention, you’re already a known character.

Bad things happen to good people, Lew.

I’m sure there was once a good person, and there still may be a good person deep inside.

Whatever bad thing happened to you…whatever the dark motivation you have for your behavior….I sincerely hope there will be a reconciliation and that good will come back out.

Best wishes,
Timothy D. Leavitt| Mayor
Mayor/City Manager’s Office
P.O. Box 1995 • Vancouver, WA 98668-1995
P: 360.487.8629 | F: 360.487.8625
From: Lew Waters []
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2015 12:59 AM
To: Leavitt, Tim; Smith, Larry; Burkman, Jack; Hansen, Bart; Turlay, Bill; McEnerny-Ogle, Anne; Topper, Alishia;;

Subject: Unqualified Diagnosis

Lew Waters <>
July 7, 2015 1:19 PM (24 minutes ago)

to Tim

Tim, although I am surprised you would expend the energy to reply to such a lowly person as I from your lofty seat of authority. Your condescension is not unnoticed nor is it really necessary.

My writing is only appalling to you because it shows you no favors nor covers up your own failings, as others do.

That does not make me any less of a citizen, but does make me someone that can see through your smokescreen.

And if you really think that bad things happen to good people, I guess I can agree as you convinced me in 2009 that you were an honest person with all of your prevarication on opposing and fighting tolls. Like a fool, Tim, I actually believed and defended you back then when others were saying you were lying. My bad.

Why you felt the need to chime in is beyond me as I would think any decent person would have informed Xx Xxxxxxx of what a fool she was making of herself by raising such a fuss over being unfriended on facebook by a person she had never met.

But, the one thing I have noticed of you over the years is you rarely pass up the chance to smear a citizen that disagrees with you.

Maybe that is why, after your flip on tolls became public knowledge, your opponent, former Mayor Pollard told Bob Miller in a KPAM-860 radio interview: “I want to puke,” adding that you had “duped the citizens of America’s Vancouver,” and “checked [your] honesty and integrity at the door somewhere way back down the line … people bought that bull … this was a campaign based on a lie.”

Columbian archives: “Toll lessons learned after the election” by John Laird, Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maybe you need to consider taking your own advice.

Good day, Tim.

Although this exchange was copied to the local paper, it will not be given the light of day there as it does not fit the narrative they have created of just who is good vs who is evil in our community. But, had any exchange between any of the County Councilors or Don Benton and a citizen as this come to their attention, you can bet it would be front page news.

And again, I am surprised ‘hizzoner da Mayor’ would expend the energy to compose  such an email, but thinking on it, it is likely no more difficult than lifting a highball glass at Happy Hour. But, as we haev seen before, this is not ‘hizzoner’s’ first time jousting against a citizen.

And, what prompts a sitting mayor to even chime in and console someone over a facebook unfriending? Facebook, mind you, not even real life.

What a shallow existence some people must have.

He is your Mayor, I live outside of the city limits.

4 Comments to “This is Your Mayor”

  1. Lew, did the Mayor use his personal Gmail account to respond. Notice that in his other “jousting with citizens” foray he used his city account:

    “My position as Mayor has no bearing on this legal matter, and in fact is much easier to pursue if I’m NOT the Mayor. So, as you continue to make these sort of statements, be cognizant of where you (and those others that are doing the same) may end up spending your retirement…in court and paying restitution to me.

    Nothing personal, T.J.

    Sent from my mobile phone. Please excuse typos and brevity of response…

    —– Original Message —–

    The City has an official policy on use of social media by individual council members.

    Click to access 100-40_social_media.pdf

  2. I sent the initial email to his city account address

    As far as any city policy goes, c’mon, this is Leavitt.

  3. What is with these self-indulgent politicians? Poor Timmy. You hurt his feelings Lew!

  4. He is yesterday’s news so pay him no never mind. This election cycle he is serving is a long slow slog to suffer through with nearly zero influence so I am sure that is why he is trolling and looking to jab people who have riled him in the past. He embarrassed himself with that highball happy hour comment a couple of months ago so I doubt he’ll be addressing many more events before the term of office is up for him.

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