I Voted, Did You?

by lewwaters

I VotedYes, I broke down and actually marked my slim ballot and returned it this afternoon, as I usually do. I almost didn’t though, just can’t get enthused much over this election.

Being outside city limits as I am, I was left with County Council Chair, County Council District 2 and Port of Vancouver Commissioner.

Sadly, there are far too few viable candidates offered to excite me, even though each seat has multiple people vying for the seat.

By most accounts turnout appears to be very low this time, again. Even the Lazy C and haters at C3G2 are whining about seeing another low voter turnout, both ignoring their culpability in such low turnouts with their extremely biased claims and abject hatred expressed of others they disagree with.

They just don’t get that their heavy one-sidedness and constant haranguing on just a couple of duly elected officials is a real turn off as well as such weak candidates they offer up to replace them, all with the same single minded agenda driven attitudes, contrary to the majority of voters in the county.

As for me, having passed through such extreme smear efforts as was seen last year by some high up in the local R3publican Party and seeing more hate spewed against me personally on C3G2, I just can’t get enthused much about any of them.

Nationally we are seeing the Republicans we gave majorities to in both House of Congress caving left and right to Obama and the Democrats, as if they still controlled everything.

And now Boehner and McConnell can’t understand why we do not support them any longer.

It is much too soon for me to choose a presidential candidate, but I am very wary of Donald Trump and this massive favorability he claims, believing he is mostly tickling people’s ears while setting up a diversionary run to favor the Democrat, likely Hillary Clinton.

Locally, I see much angst as haters over on C3G2 suddenly see their hopes of ousting Madore & Mielke likely being dashed should one of them win in tonight’s primary.

I tried to warn everybody that this charter that they just had to have very well could produce just the opposite of what they wanted and tonight will tell.

For more personal reasons than any other, part of me hopes to see David Madore defeated, but an equal part of me also would like to see him win and we witness Liberal heads over on C3G2 and Lefty Lou at the Lazy C heads explode as they see their hate come back and bite them in their asses.

That last reason is also a large part of why I backed away from exposing what I have documented on Madore, looking forward to see so many leftist heads explode.

Other reasons would include Mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt snarky comments to me personally over such documentation.

So it will just remain with me since it will make no difference to me whether he wins or loses.

And no, I didn’t vote for him nor did my wife.

Tonight will tell what happens and whether or not there will be any changes or those willing to vote keeps us pretty much the same.

In the end, we will have the government we deserve.

5 Comments to “I Voted, Did You?”

  1. Whether Madore wins or Stewart wins – either is fine with me though I voted for Madore. I like Jeanne Stewart and think in some respects she would be a better Chair, but I think Clark County needs someone like Madore to stir things up – put a boot on the necks of the Democrats so to speak. Yes, I would dearly love to see the heads exploding down at the Lazy C tomorrow morning.

    I too mistrust Trump. I like that he’s unafraid to bluntly speak about issues that other Republicans are too cowardly to bring up, but I think he’s either a flash-in-the-pan candidate or he’s got another agenda – possibly what you refer to Lew. Time will tell I guess. The Republicans on the national scene make me sick. They are unwilling to challenge the progressive worldview of the Democrats, and they always let the Democrats set the tone and the agenda for the direction of the country. Boehner and McConnnell are worse than useless.

  2. Absolutely. Its nice not to be running myself.

  3. 27% of the voters voted in the primary? It looks like we conservatives have no one to blame but ourselves if Dalesandro or Boldt ends up winning the County Chair position.

    Getting back to the presidential race, the thing that’s so frustrating to me is the way Trump is dismissed as a racist, or a demagogue, or a crackpot, and the issues he brings up are thrown out with him. Look, everyone knows that Donald Trump is a bombastic, over-the-top personality. He exaggerates things for the effect. Everyone knows that! Yet, the leftists, and wimpy Republicans find it easier to dismiss Trump than address the issues he brings up. Both Clinton and Bush whine about his “tone” rather than discuss the immigration problem other than in broad generalizations.

    Trump said that ‘most illegal immigrants come up to steal, rape, and murder’. Take out the exaggeration and you’ll see that he’s right. Some illegals do come up here and they rob, they rape, and they murder. Some illegals come up here with drugs. Our borders are so porous that we have no way of keeping the minority of illegals that are criminals (albeit recognizing that all of the illegals are criminals in the strictest sense of the word) from entering with the majority of illegals who just want a job and a chance at a productive life.

    Apparently, it would be too uncomfortable for Democrats and Republicans to honestly address the immigrant issue, so find it convenient to dismiss the argument entirely.

  4. At this point the statements I made concerning swing districts in the new charter are proving to be accurate. Also note that the realization of the Republicans to the fact that putting up a wide field of candidates for a seat simply dilutes the vote promoting a non-Republican forward is also accurate. Question is have those in the party figured it out yet?
    Tom Mielke had announced early on. We (the party) should have sat down and had a serious discussion with these candidates early on. All these backroom deals and back stabbing shenanigans have done exactly what I expected them to do… advance the other side of the aisle. We were dealing the cards and they were gaming it perfectly to win against the house. It is time for some insiders to stop this garbage.
    Reagan said it perfectly when he said don’t trash talk about another Republican. That was done behind the scenes in this election in our county. People were whispering that Mielke was senile. People hinting that Stewart was using illegals. It was dirty at it best and deceitful as hell. The end result is a general election which doesn’t have the letter “R” on a name on the ticket running for county chair. We only have some inside our own party to blame.
    Now then, Marc Boldt, who is a Republican and our own pco, is advancing forward in this election to the general. I hope that those who helped put him there even though it wasn’t their goal will assist in helping him win.
    It is long past time for proper decorum and fence mending. Let’s rally our troops and get out the vote!

  5. You and the party can support Boldt if you want, I’ll pass.

    Fence mending? LOL, like the arrogance down there will ever admit how wrong they are?

    Have fun, I’m on the side lines.

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