Power of the Press? Or Obsessive Hate?

by lewwaters

Brancaccio GoebbelsAs expected, ol Lefty Lou Brancaccio is beside himself in glee and gayety due to the outcome of the primary election this week, evidenced in his latest screed, “Power of the press vs. Madore.”

While I stopped supporting Madore some time ago, I stopped relying on the Lazy C for accurate or truthful information long before that, seeing that under the tutelage of ol Lefty it amounted to little more than a daily mouthpiece for the Democrat Party, unworthy to even wrap rotting fish in.

But, Lefty is beside himself, boasting and basking in his successful hate filled smears.

Even Liberals have complained about his weekly obsessive hate filled rants and face it, Madore never shrunk back from giving ol Lefty all of the material he wanted to use.

I did a look back a few weeks ago for confirmation of what I perceived and found that since the November 2012 election, ol Lefty has penned 161 Press Talk editorials through today, Aug. 8, 2015.

Of those 161, 79 of them were directly about one or both of the so-called M&M boys or Benton in a negative sense, amounting to 49% of the editorials. Another 16 editorials, or an additional 10% somehow managed to slip in a negative smear on any one of those mentioned above.

In the meantime, we still hear nothing about Leavitt’s many screw ups, Never have heard much about former Representative Jim Jacks abrupt resignation mid-way into a legislative session as rumors of alcoholism and sexual misconduct floated all around Olympia.

No, ol Lefty wrote that off as “no paper trail,” as if readers are supposed to find any documentation, not his idea of the ‘almighty press.’

No, if you’re a Democrat or suck his ass Republican that sold your soul to the downtown mafia, you will never have anything to worry about from ol Lefty’s poison pen.

As for the results of the primary, they are what they are. I announced I would not support nor would I oppose any candidate of any party and held true to that pledge.

But, it is obvious that for all of the claims of objective and fair reporting at the Lazy C, their hate and that of C3G2 won the day as smear after smear and hate-filled rants were the order of the day.

In the meantime, there was total silence and apparently no involvement whatsoever from the RPCCGOP and RLC that decided last year to show me how it is to be done, properly as each of the self-proclaimed better than me’s all went silent.

After last year’s smears and back-stabbing of me personally, I decided to accommodate them and step aside, allowing them all of the room needed to cover campaigns and counter any hate from the Lazy C.

Their silence amounted to a miserable failure, even after Christian Berrigian’s fiery “Fight to the Death” speech given at a central committee meeting in March of this year.

In the end, it is what it is, hate from ol Lefty and C3G2 won the day and apparently all is right in the world again, as it always is when they and only they win.

Lefty ends his hateful screed with, “Yes, the Columbian is alive and well. We will continue to be active participants in the well-being of our community.”

Sad but true and much to detriment of the community.

I guess it escapes everybody that he is every bit as much the narcissist he accuses Madore of being.

Yosemite Lefty Lou

12 Comments to “Power of the Press? Or Obsessive Hate?”

  1. For many years, I have avoided supporting leftist newspapers — I do not pay for any subscriptions to local newspapers. I do live in the delivery area where the Reflector is deposited in my driveway once a week and I get the “North County News” (or whatever it’s called) that’s the “free shopper” published by the Columbian that arrives in the mail each week. I read the Reflector (as it gives me some information about local activities and events that I might not otherwise get). The North County paper rarely has more than a page or so of “news” that often parallels what’s covered in the Reflector. Two weeks ago, the publisher of the North County included a page one editorial about the primary election. I now mark every copy of the North County paper as “refused” and I return it to the Post Office. Since bulk mail that’s “refused” is discarded, the Columbian is not made aware of it … but if a sizable number of people were to do likewise, the Post Office would likely raise the issue with the Columbian since it adds to the cost of the P.O. handling. The advertisers who use the North County paper to distribute their ads (90% of what is received) might also like to know how little effect their ads are having when the North County paper is used.

  2. At this point I only hope that we move on as you said and can begin a new path. It may well be a delusional thought but my wouldn’t it be peaceful to open a paper and read about something or someone else?

  3. I did my best to be a counter to their hate screeds, but the RPCCGOP and RLC decided to bring me down and do it better themselves.

    They failed.

    All they accomplished was alienating a somewhat supportive voice.

    Then again, keeping control of the party and promoting Rand Paul is about all that is important to them anyway.

  4. I read the Register online every week (for free, I might add) and put the weekly Lazy C thing in the trash when it comes in the mail.

  5. Agree with him or not, Lou certainly has a gift for phraseology. Lew, how’d you find out what he wrote?

  6. Joseph Goebbels had that same “gift.”

    As for how I found out, I peeked 😉

  7. There’s a struggle going on between Left and Right over the proper role of government. Nothing new about that. Eventually, I suspect, the centralized planning and socialist Left will win the day, and free enterprise will end up a victim of its own success. Reason being that it’s easier to say “Yes” than it is to say “No”, and there’s always going to be some reason to want “government” to step in (with its attendant totalitarianism, bureaucracy and uncontrollable deficit spending). Having destroyed personal liberty and motivations, with the hive mentality, it’ll all come tumbling down eventually. Then time to start over. My opinion.

    I’ve viewed Madore as a microcosm of all of this. Right here in our own little Clark County. And of course, leftists have pulled out the stops to smear him unrelentingly. One will note that when Madore says “No”, the left is all aghast. It’s all about compromise. Consensus. Building relationships. According to them. Translation — he’s supposed to go along with the rubberstamping leftist crowd. Non-Leftists need not apply.

    Madore questioned the expense of the humane society, as a good steward of public money should — but they got in a real uproar over that one. I think we’ve got a great humane society operation here, but I see nothing wrong with asking questions. Asking questions benefits the understanding of the viewing public, btw. Some criticized his $700/month car allowance, which it turns out, he doesn’t even accept. The county parks are falling apart, they say. There was going to be a “brain drain” of county staff. Huge lawsuits. Bankruptcy. Last one out turn off the lights. All Utter Nonsense. The C-tran/Tri-met contract debacle. It’s hard to know how they could’ve gotten away with that one. And there’s the “A truck is going to hit the girders of our I-5 bridge and the thing is going to collapse any minute now”. Lite rail, the vine BRT, and likely the new Mill plain interchange. They’re all part of the same thing. Lite rail and social engineering, through public transportation and population densification, isn’t going away. Madore has taken the heat by challenging all of it. Psychoanalysts all.

    The Columbian cast aside any claim of objectiveness, as if it were in doubt, and became – unquestionably — politically active, when Brancaccio urged readers to attend that hearing with the “we are Ed Barnes” thing. (Once again, no mention of Leavitt’s own threat to sue a private citizen). Some objectivity. What a travesty. What a joke. The numbers you’ve provided, Lew, do a good job of showing that.

  8. This is the very crap I fought in the Army and now, it is taking over our country, with the approval of jerks like Lefty Lou.

    We no longer any semblance of fairness in the media, mostly restricted to Fox News and why they are so hated, only one view is to be allowed.

    And as expected, peeking in on C3G2, all will be right in the world and it again time to come together since they won the day.

    Big problem for Boldt, though and those Republicans jumping in behind him, he received his marching orders and better do as expected. Any deviation from the leftist mantra will be harshly received and roundly rejected by these oh so tolerant neo-coms.

    As I see it, the only prayer for the right is to mount an effective write-in campaign of someone fairly well known and not connected to Madore.

    But I also doubt the RPCCGOP will break away and actually come from hiding to do something.

  9. Marc Boldt’s biggest problem is Marc Boldt.

    He will try to do what his owners want him to do… try to resurrect the CRC (As Julie Olson will, as far as that goes) and, in short, return to being the leftist tool he was with Stuart. He will also oppose any other project except for the I-5 Bridge replacement, which means like Dalesandro, he supports light rail since that ain’t happening without it.

    He can’t help it. Fawning admiration and constant playing to his ego is the thing: it’s what worked with BS Morris and Stevie, it’s what will work now.

    Those claiming that Boldt is a Republican have a massive ignorance problem that shows they don’t know politics and don’t know Boldt. He hasn’t had a Republican thought in his head for a decade or more, and they want to reward his petulance (When was the last time this fake PCO attended a GOP function or meeting in the last 3 years? When was the last time he voted “no” on a tax increase? When was the last time he publicly condemned the TriMet5 rip off?) and, of course, none of those making this hideous claim voted for Madore, either now or any other time as far as that goes)

    He will again try and raise taxes and do what he can to get rid of the fee holiday.

    When Boldt runs for re-election, he’s looking at defeat, again as finally, again, the people will learn what a jerk he really is and how badly he screws them with his efforts to undo all the good work conservatives have done or at least tried to do.

  10. I think Lou’s antipathy towards Madore springs directly from his obsessive hatred of Don Benton. I have no idea why Lou harbors such ill will towards Don Benton, but he didn’t really go after Madore until Madore locked arms with Benton over the CRC and then appointed him to the County executive position.

  11. He showed disdain for David early on, but you’re right in it took on a vengeance after Benton was hired.

    The Lazy C has long held any opposing the CRC in deep disdain and once it was put in a coma, it seemed they were after blood for shutting it down.

  12. I find it very ironic that Greg Jayne and The Columbian would wax so eloquently last Sunday about treating people with respect when their editor has been spouting hatred and vitriol at his supposed enemies most every Saturday since 2013. Good for the goose, good for the gander?

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