UPDATED: Do We Really Know Who We Are Electing?

by lewwaters

PoliticianA situation presented itself to me earlier today on social media that now has me wondering whether or not we really know who we elect or what their real qualifications are.

In keeping with my pledge to neither support nor oppose any candidate in this election, I won’t be revealing just which candidate this occurred with or what race it is in, but it has been brought to my attention that it is common practice among several candidates and has been going on for years.

Needless to say, I disapprove.

Earlier today I made a comment on a candidate’s page and began a brief exchange over what I saw as a whining comment made by the candidate.

As I often do, I shared it on my own page and they followed me back to my page to continue the exchange. Fair enough.

One advantage of social media is that comments made on one’s page are sent to your email address.

I saw someone that was not the candidate left a comment, but quickly deleted it, only to see virtually the same comment reappear shortly under the candidates name.

Having received both in my email allowed me to compare and see they were both made by the same person and that person is not the candidate himself.

I posted screen shots of both comments and who made them, drawing attention to it is not the candidate himself people are interacting with today and received by private message, “Sorry Lew, I was on the phone and [X] was telling me what to write. It is really him.”

In addition to other words exchanged, it was also said, “BTW I can tell you, many of the candidates you like have other people comment for them, and a few candidates you don’t like.”

Sorry, but I refuse to accept that as an excuse or justification.

Candidates run for office and campaign on their abilities and views and we voters are entitled to know what they believe, not someone involved with their campaign pretending to be them, likely hiding the fact that the candidate is either not as intelligent as we are led to believe nor adept with social media.

To me, this practice amounts to duping us, convincing a less than stellar candidate seeking office is much better than they actually are.

It is not the same as any person supporting them or campaigning for them speaking on their behalf, but as who they actually are. At least then we know who we are actually speaking with.

No, it smacks of what I have long complained about in local politics, underhanded and deceptive.

And what of the dozens of other people today interacting on the candidates page with no knowledge they are not actually speaking with the candidate, but someone supporting him or maybe in his hire?

Are they not entitled to know who they are really interacting with?

Not long ago many supporters now enamored with this particular candidate were incensed at the thought that Anna Miller was allegedly posting under David Madore’s name, leveling that accusation several times, each met with denial.

I do not know if she ever did, but do not approve if she did, same as I know condemn this candidate.

Would those same people criticize this candidate for doing what they criticized Madore and Anna Miller of doing?

Regardless, I see anybody or any party posting under a candidate’s name as if they are the candidate as deceptive and sneaky. If the candidate is working, no big deal, wait until after work to post.

Bottom line, we are entitled to know who we are voting for and what they stand for, not what their supporters stand for.

I call upon all candidates to stop this practice if they engage in it and repudiate any other candidate that does.

We deserve to know the real you.

Updated at 3:36 PM.

On facebook it is now known this addresses Jim Mains posing as Marc Boldt today. The Lazy C’s Katie Gillespie sees no problem in someone posing as Marc, deceiving voters in thinking they are reading his words and interacting directly with him.

Lew Waters
3 hrs •
Boldt comes out whining like a titty baby

Marc Boldt
It is unfortunate that a group of people in our county’s Republican Party leadership are refusing to honor the will of the voters and that they insist on continuing the divisiveness in our community.
This small group trying to launch a write-in campaign is putting the party above the people, and that’s just not something I can do. Those of you who know me, know that being true to who I am and what I believe, and doing the very best I can for the people I serve—is all I can do. I don’t know how to be anyone other than who I am, and one thing you can count on is that I won’t change who I am.
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Marc Boldt Not whining Lew, this is about the divisiveness in our local party, and it has to stop.
Like • Reply • 1 • 3 hrs

Lew Waters Yes it is whining, Marc. You’ve said nothing until word of the write-in came out. In fact, you have been silent ever since you were voted out and left office. Where have you been the last 3 years about the divisiveness that has been going on since 2007?
Like • 2 hrs

Lew Waters Where you speaking out at Central Committee meetings since you are a PCO? Have you even attended any Central Committee meetings as an elected PCO?
Like • 2 hrs

Marc Boldt In the past three years I was an elected Freeholder and I helped craft our new government. If you listened to those meetings you would have heard me speak up about the division in our county and in the party. I was one of the only Freeholders advocating for non partisan office. Madore is the one whining after spending nearly 300K of his own money and coming in third place. Now he is using Liz Pike as his tool to continue to divide our community and our local party. I have no problem with a write in campaign. I was the one making Linda Smith signs when she was a write in candidate. The only difference is she did all the work. Liz isn’t doing the work and expecting others to do if for her, which is peculiar to me. I’m not whining, I’m mad and I’m going to do something about it.
Like • 4 hrs

Lew Waters Strange, why did this comment first appear under Jim Mains name? Don’t tell me it isn’t really Marc Boldt interacting with commenters. wink emoticon

Boldt-Mains Aug 25, 2015 Comment

Like • 2 hrs

Marc Boldt Thanks Lew – I’m at work and I am in fact sending messages to post to my campaign team. I want to stay engaged on what is happening today. If anyone doubts that it is me please call me on my cell at 360-635-1708 I’m happy to clarify who I am.
Like • 1 • 2 hrs

Lew Waters You should be ashamed to post under Jim Mains name then, Marc wink emoticon
Like • 1 hr

Lew Waters It’s really too bad you chose to remain in hiding last year when I was going after the Berrigan group and getting smeared left & right, even by factions of the Lazy C for doing it. Had you spoke out then, maybe I’d give you a bit more credence today. As it was, I stood mostly alone, few standing with me and they became stronger.
Like • 1 hr

Jim Mains For full transparency Marc is in a meeting and won’t be able to respond for a few hours. Thanks for the wink on the “ashamed” dig. Ha ha. – Just wait till you run for office and I have to post for you Lew smile emoticon
Like • 1 hr

Lew Waters One thing I dislike and why I oppose anybody posting under a candidate they supports name, it tends to make people think said candidate is more intelligent or more caring than they really are. Should I ever run for office, I would not allow anybody to post as me nor have I ever posted as any candidate I supported. It may be common practice, but it smacks of underhanded and deceiving of voters to me.
Like • 3 mins

Jim Mains Gotcha, but as you and I exchanged earlier it’s a practice most candidates and elected do regularly. Marc is going to get set up so he can do it himself later today. I have too many other candidates to post for wink emoticon
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11 Comments to “UPDATED: Do We Really Know Who We Are Electing?”

  1. I have to tell you that most of our elected have someone else covering their Facebook page posts, responses and even controlling WHO is a “friend” and who is not. I can always tell the difference between when it is Lynda Wilson and when it is not her simply by “her” writing style. Not her?=Stodgy and aloof or cold frankly while stoking up the “perspective propaganda” of the candidate. She doesn’t come off quite that way (she is more relaxed) so it is a strange process to watch. It is harder to know if it is David Madore or if it is Anna Miller. You can tell the ones who don’t have someone else handling their social media… they rarely post due to lack of time! 🙂


  2. Doesn’t make it right to deceive voters in this manner.


  3. Interesting post Lew. I only post for me. Period.


  4. That is how it should be.

    Interesting, Katie Gillespie said she sees no problem with this.


  5. I agree Lew, it is deceptive, sneaky, and plain dishonest to have someone writing your posts for you (‘you’ as in the politician or candidate – not you Lew!). It’s nice to learn that at least Liz writes her own stuff. I think Paul Harris does too. If a politician can’t maintain their own Facebook account maybe they shouldn’t have one.


  6. Or at least let people know it is staff and not them.


  7. I agree with the need to “sign your name” when you post. Managing a couple of separate group pages has helped me learn that by posting for the “group” I need to clarify who I am that is writing the post.


  8. The one thing I have discovered today is that no one, and I mean no one really wants objectivity, truth or facts.

    No, they all only want their own bias’s to be known and that goes double for every single last one of the alleged reporters at the Lazy C.

    As I wrote back after the primary of 2010, Honest People of Character Don’t Stand a Chance in this town.

    And anybody even tries to act in any manner to clean it up, they are quickly squashed by both sides.


  9. Anyone know why the ‘People over Politics’ was cut off of the top of all of Marc Boldt campaign signs?


  10. That is a good question. I noticed the vandalism is quite drastic right now. Either his signs are down or the are sliced through or they are chopped up at the top right. This started happening as soon as the Write-in Liz Pike campaign took life.


  11. As I have said many times, sign vandalism is one of the most childish, juvenile acts in campaigning that has absolutely no effect on the outcome of the votes.

    Tearing up the signs of a candidate you oppose does not gain the one you support a single vote.


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