Updated: Desperation in City Council Race?

by lewwaters

Yes, I vowed to neither support nor oppose any candidate in this election, but blatant lies by a candidate must not stand.

We all know how Mayor Tim ‘the liar’ Leavitt lied on opposing tolls should a new bridge be built back in 2009, only to quickly switch to strongly supporting them after winning against former Mayor Pollard.

We also know how the local alleged newspaper has demonized county councilor Madore, labeling those they lumped in with him, even though they were not part of any cabal as “the Madore Four.”

The campaign then and the efforts of the Lazy C, particularly from the editors would have made Joseph Goebbels proud.

It now appears that city council candidate George Francisco intends to follow along that path as today he issued and invite for supporters along with a plea for funding that included the line, “My opponent is financed by the ‘Madore Machine’.”

One small problem for Francisco, though.

I took a quick peek at the PDC for both candidates and found that Bill Turlay has raised $3,855 for his campaign while Francisco has raised, $7,545.

Turlay has spent $2,966 while Francisco has spent $4,462 on their campaigns.

Seems to me, if there is actually any “machine” behind anybody, it is behind Francisco, not Turlay.

Turlay Francisco PDC

Truth of the matter is, when it was announced that the CCGOP was drafting Liz Pike for a write-in after the county council council primary campaign did not go as well as they had hoped, Bill Turlay publicly distanced himself from that so-called “Madore Machine” and has steadily caught grief and smears from them. And now, Francisco feels the need to fabricate more dishonesty against him?

I can’t vote in the city council races and have not endorsed any candidates nor am I a big fan of Madore’s, but I despise lying to get elected.

After all, you already have one blatant liar on the city council, do you really want another?

Pdf copy of discussion here

Updated Sep. 2, 2015 @6 P.M. Turlay has announced that he is endorsing Marc Boldt for County Council Chair. In a notice sent both to me and the Lazy C, he says, “Bill Turlay,  Vancouver City Councilman, is pleased to announce his endorsement of Marc Boldt for Chair of the Clark County Council. Conversations with Mr. Boldt have solidified Mr. Turlay’s belief that he is the best individual for that position.”

Turlay, Boldt EndorsementAs is well known, the so-called “Madore machine” supports a write-in for Liz Pike and is opposed to Marc Boldt.

This endorsement puts to rest the false notion raised by George Francisco, likely at the recommendation of Mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt of Turlay being heavily financed by Madore.

It remains to be seen now who, if anybody, Francisco will support for County Council Chair position.

Sep 8, 2015 Bill Turlay released the following statement on his facebook page;

My focus, as a City Council member, is to concentrate on the business of the city and her people. I have conducted myself as I always have, with honesty, integrity and accountability.

Unfortunately, my opponent has chosen to promote lies, through emails and personal attacks, wherein he says I am “beholden” to and a “lackey” of County Councilman David Madore and his “money machine”. It is regrettable my opponent seeks to make untrue personal attacks rather than focusing on campaign issues. My commitment is to our community, not to any individual.

Thank you to my supporters for your belief in me and for your assistance in rebutting these lies when and wherever they occur.

I look forward to continuing to serve, putting city issues at the forefront, and serving our community with honor and dignity.

Bill Turlay

4 Comments to “Updated: Desperation in City Council Race?”

  1. GOOD JOB Lew. Let truth and justice prevail! Thank you for reporting truths.

  2. Thanks Lew! Feel free to join us tonight at the Bill Turlay fundraiser. I am bringing cake! 🙂 Nothing like bribery for the fans right?

  3. George is relying on a 2011 flyer as his “proof” of the Madore machine support.

    I guess Turlay being under fire by several members of that so called “Madore machine” over his distancing himself from the Liz Pike write-in effort slipped his attention.

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