More Desperation and Prevarication in Vancouver

by lewwaters

Word has reached me that Vancouver Mayor, Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt is working overtime trying to create a link between David Madore and city councilor Bill Turlay in order to help out his rubber stamp friend, George Francisco since Madore donated to his campaign 4 years ago.

I have to wonder just where Timmy gets off with that considering how in 2009, Tim lied through his teeth on tolls and the CRC, adopting basically the same stand held by David Madore in order to get elected Mayor?

In 2009, Timmy wasn’t very happy over a false linkage to Republican Dino Rossi from a couple years earlier,

Leavitt - Pollard Rossi Claim 1

An October 30, 2009 Columbian article states, “Leavitt’s campaign also accused Pollard of unleashing ‘sharply partisan’ direct-mail attacks on Leavitt.”

“Leavitt campaign manager Temple Lentz said that was a reference to a mailer Pollard’s campaign sent out several weeks ago warning that ‘the Leavitt-Rossi agenda will move Vancouver in the wrong direction’.”

In the same article, Rossi said it was “both offensive and disingenuous for Royce Pollard to have used my name in a smear campaign against Councilman Leavitt.”

But now Leavitt & Francisco work to create a false linkage of Turlay to Madore as he complained Royce Pollard did to him back in 2009?

Is Tim Leavitt even capable of being honest? Is his even an endorsement Francisco should be proud of?

Leavitt, Special Interest Lies for 1Leavitt, Special Interest Lies for 2

May 15, 2015 on his facebook page Leavitt posted some old flyers with the words;

“Take a close look at who paid for them.”
“Some real classy people…including a current county councilor who wants your vote to be the chair. Just say NO to the train wreck!”

“That’s my political statement for the day.”
“Now…please go forth and do good things!” (emphasis added)

Have they gotten that desperate for yet another rubber stamp on city council? And after an unwarranted smear based off of a flyer from four years ago, he has the gall to add “go do good things?”

Do they abhor citizens hearing questions on what Leavitt and the downtown special interests have in store that much that he will resort to such actions in order to have another rubber stamp council member instead of one willing to look after citizen interests?

Asking for honesty out of Leavitt is an act of futility, but do you want yet another city councilor elected by dishonesty?

You deserve to hear issues, not more of Leavitt’s lies.

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