Did Marc Boldt Really Vote Against Light Rail?

by lewwaters

An interesting referral was made towards me this evening under Lefty Lou’s latest Press Talk rant concerning the Christian Berrigan led Write-in effort of Liz Pike for County Council Chair, one I did not expect.

Way down in the comment, former County Commissioner Betty Sue Morris stated,

“Ed Elder Marc Boldt did not vote for light rail. In 2008, when the ‘preferred alternative’ for the CRC was in front of the RTC for approval and included light rail, both Marc Boldt and I voted no. Check with either Lew Waters [or] Robert Dean if you don’t believe me!”

Even though no one has asked me for confirmation, the claim did pique my curiosity as frankly, I didn’t recall whether they had or not. But I also know Betty Sue to be honest.

Looking through my files, I did have that saved and will answer in the affirmative that neither voted for light rail, aka the “Locally Preferred Alternative,” but with qualifications to that affirmative.

By that I mean, from the July 22, 2008 RTC meeting minutes where both voted ‘NO,’ I wouldn’t say either was actually opposed to extending light rail into our community from Portland.

From page 23 of the minutes we read;

“Betty Sue Morris said it is with regret that she will be voting no, if for no other reason than the fact that she holds Ed Barnes in such high regard, and he is such an advocate for this project. She said that she publicly wanted to say she was sorry. She said she supported the C-TRAN position, but the financing of the bridge has become extremely troubled. She said she has no assurance here that there is any limit on the amount that will be asked for local people to pay for the bridge for tolls. She said if this Board would have been willing to accept any kind of limit on tolling, she would have been happy to support it. She said it seems that this Board is fine with allowing the general toll paying public to carry as much of this cost as is necessary. She does not want this bridge at any cost. Without some kind of limit on the tolls, she will be voting no.”


“Marc Boldt said he regrets that he will also be voting no. He said the reason being that from day one it’s been said this is a Federal project, everyone except the Federal players. He said it has been said 1/3, 1/3, 1/3, and we still do not have a good number from the Federal Government. He said he is disappointed in the Ports and freight associations that haven’t really come forth with good proposals on their concerns on tolls for freight. Commissioner Boldt said this has always been a freight bridge, and a year ago it wasn’t because of tolls. He said we will have every truck going on I-205. He said the I-5 Bridge is a port to port bridge, with tolls it will no longer be that. Commissioner Boldt said this next session he will be going to Olympia to ask for funding for projects like 139th and 179th and Highway 14, and he said if he were them, he would say you got your bridge money find your project money somewhere else. He said with the loss of gas tax, it will actually hurt us for many years to come out of it, even their current projects. Just to keep up the county roads is a challenge. Commissioner Boldt said he hopes the Federal Government steps up and gives us a dollar figure. He gave credit to Commissioner Stuart for all the work he has done on this project. He said regretfully he would be voting no.”

In the end the LPA was passed by the RTC with the vote Baker, Burkholder, Coston, Ganley, Hamm, McDonnell, Pollard, Stuart, Tell, and Wagner (10) yes; and Boldt, Morris, and Pearce (3) no.

While Betty Sue is correct that neither she nor Marc Boldt voted to approve the LPA in 2008, she left out that they weren’t opposed to light rail (the LPA), but their no vote was due to how it was to be funded and that there would be no limits on tolls.

At least, that is how I read it.

As I have stated before, this is not in support of nor is it in opposition to any candidate. It is merely presenting facts as was referred to me to verify.

It is up to each individual voter to seek out relevant information in order to cast an informed vote.

2 Comments to “Did Marc Boldt Really Vote Against Light Rail?”

  1. I appreciate to no end your stash of articles and comments from meeting records. I too have my fair share of them but yours does seem to surpass mine. I love that!

  2. Google can also be a friend at times 😉

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