Bully’s Are Not “Willing Partners”

by lewwaters

While many are upset over Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow referring to 18th Legislative District Representative Liz Pike as a “Farm Girl” during the October 6, 2015 Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council meeting, I am more concerned with the blarney uttered by Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick.

“I’ll just be snarky. You had a willing partner on the Oregon side, and it was the state legislature in Washington that didn’t support this package. So when you say you don’t have a partner, you need to take some responsibility in that.”

Ms. Craddick is dead wrong when she said, “You had a willing partner on the Oregon side…”

We never had any such of a thing during the CRC debacle.

What we had was an overbearing bully forcing their view and project off on us with absolutely no regard for the taxpaying citizens of Clark County.

Remember “no light rail, no bridge, no fooling” Ms. Craddick?

There was no “willing partner” when we were being treated as a bunch of hicks instead of equal partners with an equal voice.

Reference: Kitzhaber Puts On His Bully Pants

Unfortunately, we also saw some of our own elected officials all too eager to sell out Clark County citizens during the debacle.

It’s time that you down in Oregon that thought you could easily snowball us and force us to accept your financially troubled light rail a few blocks into our community and gain access to our revenues and property while denying the taxpaying citizens a voice, stepped up and accepted your own responsibility.

And until such time that you across the river are willing to see us as equal partners and respect that we have an equal voice, no dice.

3 Comments to “Bully’s Are Not “Willing Partners””

  1. 1. We need an _+additional+_ crossing of the Columbia, either to the east or west of the existing crossings.

    2. The Interstate Bridge is “functionally obsolete” in that it does not meet current lane width/shoulder standards for such structures. It is not “physically obsolete” in that with proper maintenance, the Interstate Bridge could be used for at least another 50 years. There are some reasonable concerns about it’s ability to withstand a high-energy earthquake. Eventually, the Interstate Bridge will need to be replaced.

    3. Southwest Washington does not need light rail. The generally low density housing in Clark County does not offer the kind of concentrated housing that delivers ‘walk to station” passengers into a mass-transit system. To collect sufficient passengers to support a rail-based system would require extensive parking (probably with large parking structures that nobody has considered building) along with expensive bus transit with time wasting bus/rail transfers. I note that I was present in the BART region (in the San Francisco Bay Area) from the time of the initial bond issues through construction and it’s 30th anniversary. BART failed to meet a single one of the multiple promises made at the time of the initial bond issue funding. Not one. (I won’t list them all here, today — but one example is the “free” parking at the suburban stations was the last promise that was turned to a lie… after 20+ years, parking charges were instituted at all stations … and new, multi-story parking structures are required (at even more expense).

    4. We are on the verge of having self-driving automobiles (some manufacturers are talking about products available in about 5 years)… and once automated cars become common, private vehicles (no taxpayer expense) will be able to provide transportation at significantly higher densities than currently possible. About the time that the stupid trolley cars go into service, they’ll be “functionally obsolete.” And for those who must use public transit, the trolley’s will NEVER be superior to direct to Portland bus service from Vancouver and Clark County.

  2. State Representatives including LIz Pike are non-voting member of the RTC board, as is the CTRAN director. It’s a shame that Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow disrespected Rep. Pike at the RTC meeting. I should have given him credit above as being one of the 5 CTRAN boad members above that voted in 2013 to authorize a contract FOR voter-rejected light rail with Oregon TriMet.

  3. We need a Third Bridge Now!

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