Of Alinsky, Bias and the Lazy C

by lewwaters

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.” Rules for Radicals; Saul Alinsky; Rule 11

Wooden NickelAs you know, I have opted to stay out of the election and campaigns this time around. Doing so and observing more from sidelines has revealed what I pretty much already knew and made it clearer than ever.

That being, of course, the so-called newspaper of record for Southwest Washington really is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party or the Special Interest Downtown Mafia.

Perhaps unwittingly, but they have now admitted it in a September 12, 2015 article on the 125th anniversary of the creation of the paper where they claim that is was founded in 1890 as “a weekly paper with a Democratic bent designed to counter the local Republican paper of the time.”

And let’s face it, especially with ol ‘Lefty’ Lou Brancaccio at the helm and even though there is no “Republican paper” to counter, promoting Democrats remains the thrust of the paper.

Being independent of both parties, the bias I see displayed is glaring.

Also as glaring is their application of Alinsky’s rule quoted above in regards to the negativity spewed against County Councilor Madore who never fails to play right into their hands and give them all of the ammo they desire to demonize him and conservatism.

Add into that mix the bombastic and confrontational style of political novice’s like Christian Berrigan and many from the local Republican Party and the Lazy C sits in a target rich environment.

They don’t even have to work very hard at it.

For some examples, since Madore won election in 2012, unseating beloved Marc Boldt from the then County Commission, ol Lefty has penned some 171 of his “Press Talk” editorials. Of that 171, 16 contained some negative reference in an editorial not actually about Madore, fellow councilor Mielke or the much hated Sen. Don Benton, also hired as Director of Environmental Services for the county.

In all, not very many, but of those same 171 editorials, 85 were directly against one or more of the same three people for 50% of the editorial content from ol Lefty and this doesn’t include the multitude of columns from former political page editor John Laird, current political page editor Greg Jayne or any number of articles and posts by writers Stephanie Rice, Eric Florip, Erik Hidle and of late, Katie Gillespie (Rice’s replacement).

Of the hiring of Benton to lead the Department of Environmental Services there were no less than 51 articles and editorials complaining about the hiring with no concern about job performance since hired back in March 2013.

Actual performance means little, only that they hate Republican Don Benton.

Currently, seeing that Madore lost in his bid to run for County Council Chair and is throwing large amounts of money towards a write-in campaign hoping for 18th Legislative District Representative Liz Pike to gain the seat, the newspaper of record is incensed that Madore, also a very wealthy businessman is pouring money into the campaign of his choice.

I much inject here that I am neither supporting or opposing this campaign and have serious doubts it will succeed, largely due to what I perceive as the political ineptness of Christian Berrigan in managing it, but voters will decide who they want. I really don’t care who wins.

So, the Lazy C reached all the way back into the 2012 campaigns to add up Madore’s campaign contributions and nearly reach $1 Million total over the years.

Of course, no similar effort was made to total contributions of wealthy business people donating to Democrats or the obscene waste of $200 Million trying to force Clark County into accepting Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail system a few blocks into county.

Also very telling as viewing a facebook discussion last evening where many were discussing what Madore “should do” with his money instead of fund campaigns he supports.

Apparently, as seen in the following screenshot, actually reporting that our Democrat Attorney General has filed suit against the SEIU for $1.4 Million in improper campaign contributions to the Democrat Party is somehow not newsworthy enough to be reported on in the Lazy C, but is also “off topic” in a discussion concerning “campaign contributions.”

Laird, SEIU Off Topic

Let me say too, I no longer support Madore, haven’t for over a year and that is due to personal actions he took against me. I didn’t vote for him and did not support him. But it is also not up to me to tell him or anybody else what they must do with their own money.

And, as we have seen many times, money doesn’t always win elections. The largest amount of dollars cannot always make up for political ineptness and over kill in campaigns where your aim is slinging dishonest mud at your opponent.

Unlike previous elections, I have no feel for how this one will turn out. We are in virgin territory of sorts with the new Home Rule Charter, it being designed to bring down the County Commission and restore power over the County into the hands of Liberal Democrats.

Let us not forget that the Lazy and Democrat Party both vehemently opposed any effort at a Home Rule Charter up until the Democrat majority on the County Commission lost out to a Republican majority and found out they would not have an easy time recalling the duly elected Republican Commissioners’.

We have just under a month before the election and I urge you all to research candidates independently and vote accordingly.

Pay little attention to the Alinsky tactics or bombastic claims made by campaigns.

You can view most all of the candidate forums free of charge on CVTV and if you did not receive a voter’s pamphlet in the mail, you can download a copy from here.

I have backed away from a lot of the political involvement I used to have in large part due to the absolute nastiness local politics from both sides has become.

The only cure for all of that nastiness is for all of you to not just vote, but to vote wisely.

3 Comments to “Of Alinsky, Bias and the Lazy C”

  1. It looks like Lou’s love-fest with Marc Boldt is over. The Lazy C endorsed Dalesandro – not that I’m surprised of course.

  2. Not too sure what to make of it just yet, but I believe they would not be disappointed to see Boldt back.

  3. I do not subscribe to The Columbian — as I do not pay for newspapers that consistently and frequently editorialize for political positions that I find disagreeable. Unfortunately, I receive a weekly “North County Times” the freebie newspaper that the Columbian sends out as a wrapper for ads that are delivered to my mail box. Today, was the second copy with an editorial criticizing Madore and Liz Pike and endorsing Delesandro.

    I am now marking my “North County Times” as “refused” and returning it to the post office (they’ll eventually toss it out). I suggest that others who feel as I do, do the same. Eventually, if the USPS receives enough “refused” copies, they’ll start refusing to accept the bulk rate mailing (as there is some inconvenience and expense to the USPS in handling “refused” mail). The Columbian may have 125 years of “history” — but there’s surely no reason for it to have 126 years of history.

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