Jim Moeller to Run For Lt. Governor

by lewwaters

Moeller, likely the furthermost left leaning Democrat in Southwest Washington has announced in 2016 he will leave the seat in the 49th Legislative District he has held for over a decade in order to run for Lt. Governor.

Moeller, a homosexual activist that led the fight to bring homosexual marriage to Washington State, says he will work for stricter gun control, $15 minimum wage and a capital gains tax, tax increases being his signature goal that earned him the nickname ‘Da Taxman.’

On the bright side, he likely stands little chance of being elected statewide and we will be rid of him as our representative.

More will be forthcoming on likely replacements in a later post.

19 Comments to “Jim Moeller to Run For Lt. Governor”

  1. I definitely got this. Having worked hard for years the people in the 49th finally respect me and my voice. They have figured out I won’t be bought and will stand for honorable actions in government.
    They will vote for me this time! 🙂


  2. Would Jim be running if he hadn’t already gathered the required support? He may be reckless regarding tax increases but he ain’t stupid. As long as he can get the Democratic nomination, he’s got it locked up. As far as the 49th, they will never vote for anything other than the Democratic candidate. Others need not apply.


  3. I don’t know that he has the needed support wrapped up yet or not, there are other Democrats that have announced their intent to run as well as one Republican. And, the current Lt. Governor has not said whether or not he will run again.

    He would need King County support to win, provided Brad Owens does not run again, but outside of the homosexual community up there, I feel he is relatively unknown.

    I find it curious that just a few days ago it was reported that Monica Stonier, formerly the Rep from the 17th District, had once again moved into the 49th considering a run for Moeller’s seat should he decide to leave the legislature to run for Lt. Governor.

    And just 4 days later, he announces.

    This is not the first time Monica slipped into the 49th in hopes of being sent up to the legislature. More on that later.


  4. I find that humorous but not surprising that Monica is playing ‘musical houses’ once again. Well, she will certainly win the seat if she receives the support of the party – which I think she will since she won once in the more difficult 17th. She’s certainly a personable candidate and not abrasive like Jim Moeller, so I expect she will retain the seat for as long as she wants it.


  5. Her main support, besides the party, will once again be greedy teacher’s unions that desperately want their ‘stooge’ back in Olympia.

    Over $300K was raised on her behalf last year to keep her there, more than Lynda Wilson had.


  6. Carolyn, you’re such a delusional kidder.


  7. She intends to run and has Tim Probst backing her bid. It will take all that we have to flip that seat. They are considering to d’s but I am sure only one will file. We cannot afford to have multiple r’s on the ticket it will cement the seat for another 20 years. I can win this without a doubt but it is time the R’s in this county grow up and learn how politics is won rather than lost.


  8. Carolyn, these guys would rightfully dive into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid before they’d allow you to run by yourself.

    After your insane dealing with the Boldt campaign… the things you’ve done out of spite… the idea that they will EVER support you? That you’d support someone I wouldn’t let run an elevator for me… someone who did his best to ram the CRC down our throats… someone who jacked property taxes like his name was Stuart, someone who voted to take our guns away from us in the event of a county emergency…. someone who supported the CTran scam that excluded thousands of voters from having any say, but not from paying the tax he lied about in that robocall?

    The “R’s” in this county, like them or hate them, have won 12 out of 15 available legislative seats. This county might also continue with a major “R” majority on the county council no thanks to you, but if you believe for one minute that you are not going to pay, politically, for what you’ve done here?

    I’ll shift from “delusional” to “insane.” You have a better chance of changing genders than you do of ever being elected… to anything.

    And that’s nobody’s fault but yours.


  9. Kelly your opinion only solidifies my resolve. IF you hate me then the truth is that the people in the 49th WILL vote for me.


  10. While your resolve is noteworthy Carolyn Crain, aligning yourself with hardcore Leftist c3er’s over the Boldt issue, may be seen as pandering by some, even though that may not be what you believe yourself to be doing. It seems to me that there will likely be another Republican candidate in the 49th. No matter. In the end, they’ll end up voting for the Democrat, which seems likely to be Stonier. While the c3er’s may like your opposition to Pike and your disdain for the local Republican leadership, blood is thicker than water.


  11. Not all C3G2 members are hardcore leftist. I am not pandering to them, I am one of them and one of us. I am me. I draw a line on honor vs not honorable. I am sure that if this failed CCRP is still around you are right and they will put someone up. They like to lose in my opinion. Their track record proves it. They take credit for seats they had little or nothing to do with. Heck they even fail to take credit for the ones they forced losses in. I am sure the challenge will be great because I no longer have a “old name” which people are tired of to run against. I will say that I am well known. I have more people who say hi to me than ANYONE I have ever seen and they use my name. IF I can turn that into votes then the 49th will have the most conservative representative in the 2nd seat than they have ever had. If I am not far right enough for the far right wing of my party then perhaps they should consider that not ALL areas of this country are extremely right and they deserve representation too under the constitution.


  12. “I am not pandering to them, I am one of them and one of us.”

    One cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hound.


  13. The “hardcore leftists” of “c3er’s” do not support Mr. Boldt. They don’t like Mr. Boldt. They want Mr. Dalesandro. I’m a member of C3G2 as Lew and Mr. Hinton know and I’ve been called everything from leftist to right-wing whacko. I like it that way, nothing in the USA is black and white for us in the middle. I like Carolyn too, even if she’s a right-wing whacko (I know you’re not, j/k). Secondly, if Ms. Crain got elected to that seat the GOP should be proud of it and point it out. Perhaps you’ve heard of liberal Republicans, you know, like the ones that voted for President Reagan like I did, twice.


  14. Steve, you have to admit some over there are as hateful and over the top as is Berrigan and his Klan.

    Not all, no, but y’all have them too and considering the site was established as an outgrowth from the recall movement, it does give that air especially as early on subjects seemed to be centered on removing Madore, Mielke & Benton from office. And face it, the whole idea of the charter change was that as well, Craig Pridemore suggested just that down at the union hall as an alternative to recall.

    That being said, I too have been called many names, most not to flattering and from both sides now, and frequently identified as a Republican even though I walked away from the party 5 years ago. Hell, I have seen my name mentioned as being seen at events I wasn’t at 😉

    As for the GOP embracing Carolyn if she were to win, I will remind you of C3G2’s embracing of Jeanne Stewart now when she was blasted just last year as C3G2 promoted Craig Pridemore over her. Seems I recall someone commenting that resume’s need dusted off at the County when she was announced winning.

    I wrote then that she would perform exactly as she has been and not as a tool of Madore.

    Maybe it is time a lot of the BS from both sides ratcheted down a bit?

    The sides will rarely agree nor should they always agree. But we better start finding that middle ground more as it was once.


  15. You’re a good man Lew. I could not have put it better or nicer. Salute!


  16. Thank you, sir; Salute returned 🙂


  17. I “get” Libertarian Republican, which is where I’d fit, and Conservative Republican I get. Liberal Republican has always seemed an oxymoron to me. While it’s only my opinion, as I’ve noted before, it’s my observation that those on the Left generally see themselves as centrists, which they are not.

    The c3 site is largely a who’s who of local democrats including local democrat elected officials. While there’s a hand full of Republicans, usually Republicans who could just as easily be Democrats, in my opinion – those who have waded in there, have not fared so well, generally ending up on the receiving end of a barrage of snide-type remarks. David Arnett is one who comes to mind as one who’s been as thoughtful and articulate as can be, but on the wrong side of the paradigm of the vast majority of c3 commenters, and one will note that now he’s no longer a c3 member, having repeatedly asked others to keep personality type insults out of things and bring real discussion to the table instead.

    While I won’t disagree with you Steve Lappier about hardcore Leftists generally supporting Dalesandro, things are seldom all one way or all the other way, as you’ve noted. I’d first heard of the Clark County Young Democrats when I’d read somewhere, of their support of Seattle Socialist Kshama Sawant, whom they named as one of their 5 most admired women in Washington State (as well as Monica Stonier), which I looked up on their website several months ago to confirm. The Young Democrats are supporting Boldt, and I’d have to say that as a group, their admiration for Socialist Sawant pretty much puts them in the hardcore Leftist fold.

    As for Carolyn Crain, while she’s also endured the expected snide comments, she now seems to have a lot of new friends over there, now that’s she’s become an outspoken critic of Madore and Pike, while also expressing her ardent support for Boldt.


  18. I was already received well over there for the most part. Not because I am liberal. It is because I am respectful of various opinions. I deliberate and discuss. I listen and I propose alternate ideas. I am not rude or belligerent.
    Yes I have gotten some heat too. But heck at least I know why. When your own party gags up on you and says you are the enemy because you refuse to bow to the Madore God or kowtow to the county leadership 100% in totality it is something entirely different. It is a cultish fervor and no sane person would consider it healthy.
    Being a Republican is about a platform set of ideals. It doesn’t mean we will all achieve them but it certainly is a place to work towards. It isn’t about attacking our own no matter what these locals think. It is about getting Republicans elected to assist in the governing of our communities. It isn’t about telling them how to do their job. It is the voters who tell the that.
    I think the voters spoke really loudly during the primary and I hope they do speak out even louder in the general and vote the darn ballot.
    You are right about me having a lot of friends. I was told by David Madore last year that I had to stop being friends and talking to people on C3G2 immediately. That was the last day I respected him. Who the heck does he think he is telling me who I can and cannot talk to. He is a dictator and I know that many of the people on C3G2 have called him that but guess what… they are right. See just because you are a Democrat doesn’t mean you are always wrong anymore than being a Republican always makes you right.
    This is America… the United States of America, and my freedom of individual thought, of individual association will not be abridged by anyone regardless of the political party they belong to or for that matter the amount of money in their bank account.


  19. Kndalai – You spoke about the Young Democrats supporting Marc Boldt. I really haven’t delved into the reason they are doing so, but I don’t think it’s the best reason to not support Mr. Boldt. Perhaps you’ve heard Harry Reid support the nomination of Paul Ryan for Speaker. There is a reason for it, and it’s not because Mr. Reid actually wants him to be The Speaker. Think about it, it very well could be the same reason the Young Democrats support Boldt, causes dissension in the GOP ranks. Pretty smart when you think about it. I also don’t believe Mr. Crain is an “outspoken” critic of Ms. Pike. I think she is critical of her ruining her reputation linking up to Mr. Madore, a very good assessment in my thinking. Thank you for the courteous response to me though, I appreciate it even if we disagree.


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