Heal the County?

by lewwaters

Doctor FrankensteinIt is well known how Liberals rely primarily on emotions and highjack words to insert in narratives designed to mask their true intent.

We see it as they proclaim “diversity” yet refuse to accept conservatives or positions advocated by conservative thinking people.

It was seen the night in 2008 when Obama first won election and a sign was hastily posted outside the Democrat Victory party at the Hilton downtown that read, “The night America came together.” Never mind the previous 8 years of constant opposition and bashing of President Bush, demeaning him in every manner imaginable.

We even saw in an editorial following that election by the Lazy C’s ‘Lefty’ Lou Brancaccio titled “Come together …right now” where he basically proposed throwing a party down at Esther Short Park to essentially “stop the shouting and the name-calling, end the fist-pumping” of the campaign, but apparently not the 8 years of opposing and bashing of everything related to President Bush and conservatives in general.

Fast forward to 2012 and we saw a power shift on the County Commission, a shift that put conservatives more in control and that has not been well received by the left.

Compounding that was the legal hiring of an extremely disliked (by the left) conservative Senator to lead the Department of Environmental Services that sent the left into a frenzy and culminated in a hasty change in County Government, going from a three person Commission to a 5 person Council, all with the hope of the left regaining control of county government.

It has also brought about a new catch for the left to conceal their intent on restoring their power over the county, “healing,” as if the county is somehow diseased or injured with them not running it as they did prior to the 2012 election.

Among the definitions of the word “healing” we read: “To restore to health or soundness” and “To experience relief from emotional distress.”

Again, if they are not in control, somehow it is broken, sick; the world just isn’t right unless the left holds power over the rest.

And as we have seen time and again, in spite of calls for “compromise,” they have no interest in giving an inch and often bring about changes incrementally to appease their emotions, not to better our country.

Let’s face it, what they see as primarily “broken” in the county is Councilor David Madore as they object to just about any and every thing he proposes. Some I agree they are not in the best interest of the county, but did they ever give anything he tried to propose a chance?

No, it has been oppose at any cost, worry about fixing things later, simply because the ideas came from him.

And in many ways, it is Madore himself to blame for some of the opposition as he pushes ahead with his bull headedness or, ‘damn the other councilors, full speed ahead.’

But from day one we saw immediate opposition, no call for “togetherness” or give a new commission a chance.

There has been no acceptance that county voters chose to move the county commission in a different direct.

And after two years of opposing any and every proposal made by him, now the left cries how county government needs “healing.”

Sorry folks, but the county is not “broken” or even “sick” just because liberals are not in the seats of power. What it is though, is in the hands of ideals that run contrary to yours.

And that is how our system is set up, for two opposing ideals to seek and find common ground, not lord it over each other as the state legislature has done for years prior to establishing the “Senate Majority Coalition.”

Democrat Jim Moeller once said words to the effect of “nobody gets everything they want in compromising.”

Yet, where has he ever given an inch in compromise? It goes both ways, Jim.

So now we see Councilor Madore unwilling to make many compromises and getting nowhere, except pissing people off.

But who has been willing to even try any of his ideas?

No one is all bad nor is any one all good.

I opposed the home rule charter as it obviously was not actually about making anything better, but was primarily to undermine the duly elected Commissioners that won in 2012.

But, it did pass and now we are forever stuck with it, even as flawed and hastily put together as it was. So we better learn quickly how to best deal with it and that does not necessarily mean to put liberals back as the driving power over the county.

Nor does it mean to allow far right Republicans to control power either.

What it does mean is we need more councilors like Jeanne E. Stewart that seek middle ground, that diligently study proposals and place the people over partisan politics.

We don’t need to elect someone out for vengeance or that is promising to undo what the left perceives as “harm” done to the county, meaning their ideals weren’t prominent and someone else’s were.

The Army taught me “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

And I see that is what is going on today. Just because liberals are not the controlling factor does not mean it is “broke” or in need of “healing.”

It does mean they need to climb down off of their high horse and accept that many of us disagree with them and we have as much right as do they to have our values represented and honored. They must learn to accept and learn how to deal fairly and honestly with us and not always demanding us to cave to their whims.

The county is not in need of “healing,” but liberal whiners sure are.

4 Comments to “Heal the County?”

  1. Boldt’s entire shtick is “healing the county.”

    And that’s just one of many reasons why he shouldn’t be elected 3rd grade hall monitor.

  2. The left calls for “healing” when they’re losing. The left calls for “compromise” and “bipartisanship” when they don’t have the political power to force their ideas down our throat.

    Should those who generally favor limited government and lower taxes “compromise” and join in “bipartisanship” with the left? Ayn Rand, the author and philosopher, stated it quite well: “When you compromise with evil, evil wins.”

    Well, if we compromise with the left — then the left wins. I prefer a “take no prisoners” approach.

    As for Madore, he’s wasted precious political capital on some irrelevant issues (e.g. pre-meeting prayers, “In God We Trust” sign) … but I’d rather put up with some of his eccentricities than have a county councilor who has a solid record of paying no attention whatsoever to the will/desires of the majority of the voters in the county. Boldt did not receive my vote (already mailed in my ballot).

  3. The current problem with compromise is that it has been one-sided for far too long.

    But, the real art of compromise is how we obtained our constitution.


    I would also like to remind all that my blog is neither supporting nor opposing any candidate and ask all to refrain from doing so here.

  4. Last year, those evil Koch brothers made a $25 million donation to the United Negro College Fund. It’s hard to know how they can be so mean spirited. Of course, the country’s largest public employees union and self-described “progressive institution” (and we all know what that means 🙂 – the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees responded accordingly by withdrawing their own support of the UNCF and encouraging others to do the same. “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: AFSCME International strongly encourages all affiliates and other progressive institutions to also withdraw from any existing partnerships with UNCF…” http://www.afscme.org/members/conventions/resolutions-and-amendments/2014/resolutions/uncf-and-the-koch-brothers

    It’s a little hard to come up with numbers at the national level, and likely impossible at our own local level, but it’s a good guess that a significant majority of our own county employees are Democrats, and I’d think that’s overwhelmingly true in social services jobs and the planning and environmental departments.

    But of course, it’s just terrible, terrible I tell ya, how Clark County has had this alleged brain drain of good county civil servants. It’ll take years, if ever, to recover! Okay.

    Here’s the deal. One might well suspect that there’s an ingrained culture of Left partisanship involved in all of those “demoralized and fearful” county employees, which if true, put someone like David Madore, a boat rocker, at a serious disadvantage from the beginning. Actually, I think it’s pretty obvious. It’s my opinion that that’s the biggest reason for Benton’s appointment to the environmental services department, rather than of another ingrained culturist. And yeah, as an administrator he IS qualified. Just as hospital administrators don’t need medical degrees.

    Check out the number of current or former government employees on the c3 site, many at the county level. All of whom, from what I’ve seen, are highly Leftist partisan. No disrespect intended towards government employees. Government is a necessity and we need good government employees, but there’s a partisanship and a group think mentality, which makes certain claims suspect as to bias.

    Democrats expect Republicans to be like Democrats. They REALLY can’t stand a Republican who isn’t. It’s all about what the proper role of government is seen to be.

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