So, Now They Love Jeanne Stewart?

by lewwaters

Jeanne E. Stewart

Jeanne E. Stewart

It has long been maintained that the facebook page, Clark County Citizens for Good Governance (C3G2) is not only a hate site, set up from the failed effort to recall County Commissioners Madore & Mielke after they hired Sen. Don Benton to head the Department of Environmental Services, but a bunch of liberal hypocrites as well.

While that description certainly does not apply to every single member, some joined primarily to lurk and some are more moderate than others, it certainly applies to some of the more active members posting there daily.

Nowhere was this attitude seen better than during last year’s elections in not only advocating for a change to our county charter, but in their support of former County Commissioner, Craig Pridemore to fill the seat abandoned earlier in the year by Democrat Steve Stuart over former Vancouver City Council member, Jeanne E. Stewart after she identified herself as a Republican.

Pridemore is well known as a former County Commissioner, former State Senator, failed candidacies for Congress as well as State Auditor. But, he is a Democrat and that is all that mattered.

Ms. Stewart, on the other hand, is well known for her citizen advocacy on the city council, always carefully studying issues and making decisions based on their best interests and their views. But, she announced her views are closer to those of a Republican, raising the ire of many active members of C3G2.

This blog, although ignored by both the Stewart campaign and the RPCCGOP last year, advocated for Ms. Stewart on the basis of her qualities of citizen advocacy over partisanship.

In my post “Do You Want a ‘Functional’ County Commission?” I wrote;

“This may be difficult to grasp for some people, but Jeanne Stewart is the best hope to stop what you may see as Madore’s push, if she sees something that she feels might not be as beneficial to citizens as it could be.”

The Lazy C made their usual anti-Republican screeds, smearing her after reports of donations became known in their Oct. 6, 2014 editorial, In Our View: Who Owns Stewart? Many negative comments left are active members of the C3G2 page.

At the same time we would read on C3G2 comments such as;

Andrew Cleveland (husband of State Senator Annette Cleveland) “Those two [Madore & Stewart] are joined at the hip.”

John Kilvik “Let’s not forget how Ms Stewart blamed the Columbian for the loss of her council seat in the last election and accused the paper of falsely exposing her political and financial dependence upon Comm Madore. Her complaints then were as duplicitous as her recent statement claiming no knowledge of Madore’s attempt to circumvent campaign finance law.”

Melissa Smith (Camas City Council member) “Sorry but I voted for Craig Pridemore. We don’t need anymore Madore puppets.”

Pat Jollota (former Vancouver City Council member) “I worked with Ms Stewart for many years. I voted for Craig Pridemore.”

Lora Caine “She lost last time, she can lose again.”

Melissa Smith (Camas City Council member) “Madore LOVES her!!! That is all I will say.”

Brittny Houghton (on Ms. Stewart’s Win) “I’m disgusted.”

Cheryl Bledsoe (on Ms. Stewart’s win) “Text message from a friend: ‘Memo to All County Employees: Dust off your resumes’!”

Esther Schrader (on Ms. Stewart’s Win) “Look at it this way: now we will get to see how the Charter works under the worst of circumstances.”

Debbie Nelson “Stewart’s campaign was bought. What she does for it is still TBD.”

Suffice it to say, Pridemore losing as he did to Jeanne E. Stewart was not well received at C3G2. The above is just a small smattering of negative comments against Jeanne Stewart throughout the campaign and after her win.

But, a funny thing has happened since she won a seat on the County Council, as they are now known since the misguided County Charter passed.

Suddenly, with Jeanne Stewart acting and doing exactly as this blog said she would do all along, C3G2 now claims her as one of their beloved and have began fawning all over her, quickly casting their obsessive dislike of her aside.

Now we read comments such as;

Esther Schrader “Yay Jeanne! I knew you could do it!”

Michele Wollert “Before the election I — and many others — wondered if she would be an independent voice. This vote — for me — proves she certainly has that ability. And she should be commended for it. I commend her for it.”

Melissa Smith (Camas City Council member) “Did Mielke do kind of of veiled snarkiness at the end towards her about making rookie mistakes and she should have learned from the padt. Just because she is getting tired of hearing Madore’s ‘Opinions’ without any substantiated facts? I applaud her for that.”

Allan Jones “There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that we have a winner for a councilor in Jeanne Stewart! Can we please clone her?”

Michele Wollert “Also a tip of the hat on this day to Jeanne Stewart, who diplomatically reined in David Madore’s need to argue and defend against every citizen comment presented.”

Jeanne Caswell “Yay Jeanne – keep up the demand for good governance.”

Rachel Richardson Niten “J-STEW needs TONS of kudos. She is for the people and what the people want…”

John Laird (ex-political page editor for the Lazy C) “As for Jeanne Stewart: Thank God! Yea Clark County!”

As can be seen, their attitudes have changed, drastically. Gone are the snarky quips demeaning Ms. Stewart or comments of Craig Pridemore should have won.

Even the so-called newspaper of record, the Lazy C (the Columbian) has come up off of their erroneous claims made when endorsing her city council opponent in 2013. They claimed then;

“Jeanne Stewart has maintained a steady watchdog role on the council, but her contributions to the council and enthusiasm for the job are on the wane. And with the arrival of two highly capable challengers, we believe it is time for a change.”


“We’ve endorsed her in previous council races, but she has built no meaningful alliances on the council and repeatedly has clashed more than collaborated with colleagues over C-Tran, waterfront redevelopment and other key issues. Stewart was unable to compellingly explain to The Columbian’s editorial board why she didn’t file to run for mayor.”

How their tune has changed now that it is seen she is performing exactly as I predicted and was ignored, both by the RPCCGOP and campaign members that ran her campaign.

I was to be discounted and irrelevant because I also do not follow lock-step either with the local GOP or Councilor Madore, seeing long ago what a charlatan he really is, willing to step on others to make himself look good and up to date on matters of importance, even if means stealing from them.

I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising to see the hotheads in control of the RPCCGOP now demeaning Ms. Stewart, as can be seen in reader comments under the article Stewart offers plan for savings.

Personally, I am very pleased that Ms. Stewart did win and remain pleased with her actions on the county council.

She is very likely the least partisan Politician I have ever met, having consistently placed the needs of citizens above partisan politics.

8 Comments to “So, Now They Love Jeanne Stewart?”

  1. the real story is that you were proven right in your assessment, Lew. and that your blog has considerable value for Clark County Residents.


  2. I think many members of C3G2 were pleasantly surprised by Jeanne Stewart, myself included. I know many were worried she would be a puppet of Madore. Madore’s name is proving to be somewhat a curse on many a candidate. She is no puppet though and I couldn’t be happier.


  3. I told all of you she was no tool and was the best bet to stand up to Madore where she sees something not in the best interest of the citizens. Her many years on the city council showed just that, she would be no one’s tool.

    I only hope C3G2 remains as pleased with her when she supports something counter to their view.


  4. I would say that most responsible voters evaluate the performance of their elected officials regularly, giving them the appropriate honest (and hopefully civil) feedback deserved, both positive and critical. Once in office, they do not get unconditional positive regard and most do not expect it. Problem is, politicians mostly hear from voters who are disgruntled. We forget to offer them our praise. We’ll get more good things out of them if we do.


  5. No, there should be no “unconditional positive regard,” I agree.

    But by the same token, they should also not be subjected to frequent ongoing vitriol over every proposal they make.

    As I have said, I no longer have respect for or support Madore, but from day one there has been no cooperation or consideration for his proposals. Not everything could be so bad to merit the amount of vitriol hurled his way early on.

    As much as I disagree with Jim Moeller, I have spoken with him on friendly terms, stood with him when the evil Westboro crud came to town and I don’t recall every blasting him in terms read over on C3G2 towards conservatives.

    If we can’t get past this hate of each other and regain some actual middle ground, as a nation we are done.


  6. I can only speak for myself, Lew, but David Madore has been the recipient of my praise, my gratitude AND my criticism. It is in the public record and goes with being a public figure. So has Jim Moeller. Tim Leavitt. Jeanne Stewart. Jack Burkman. Rob McKenna, etc.

    I heartily agree with you that we need to all find middle ground, but, unfortunately, both parties punish their members for doing so sometimes. I see people of diverse political ideologies reaching out to support each other, though, more than ever in Clark County, people who would never have a reason to do so four years ago.

    We should also probably thank David Madore for bringing persons of differing political views together, which I truly believe is happening. You will always have the resistance to do so from the extreme left and right, but I have made many new friends since he has been in office and the common denominator? We all think Clark County can do better and we will keep working to make it so.


  7. Like I have said to others, some over there are more moderate in nature, just like conservatives. Both have their hatemongers, though and knowing C3G2 was established out of the recall effort taints it from the get go.

    Madore has made his own bed and will lie in it, but I also think maybe it might not be so heated if had received more cooperation and some ideas given a chance instead of instant condemnation. Just because an idea is different than what was always offered previously does not automatically make it a bad or a good idea, just different. By the same token, Madore should be more cooperative as well.

    Many of us were upset over the lack of diverse views previously, our views being ignored and shut down as soon as we said them.

    I also agree, we should never just settle, we should always strive for better. But that also means both sides must receive equal consideration and that has not been the case, from Olympia down to local for far too long.

    An article you might enjoy, from former State Senator Jim Kastama, one of the Democrats that helped for the Senate Majority Coalition on his reasoning: Crossing the Rubicon — Kastama Tells His Story

    Both parties could use more like him, I think.


  8. Recall that after the 2013 elections for city council, Brancaccio approached Jeanne Stewart, according to his own account, and she walked away saying “you guys are really something”, apparently referring to the hatchet job he did trying to link her to Madore. As Lew Waters has made a point of; Stewart has always given reasoned consideration to her own votes, which should have been obvious to anyone who paid even a little attention to her time on the city council. I say this, by the way, as a Madore supporter, and one who hopes that Pike wins, however unlikely that may be, as Pike will also give her own reasoned consideration to her own votes. (While the scoffers will laugh, just remember that Democrats expect Republicans to be like Democrats.)

    It’s plain it see that, generally, those on the Left praise the local PRAVDA, while those on the Right revile that so-called newspaper. Which is likely the best indicator of all, of PRAVDA’S true nature. Criticism is right and proper, and can even be pushed to a degree that may even make the oppositions’ blood boil. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s going on here. The Columbian passed from criticism to “needling” long ago. Matters of degree make a difference. It’s needling, and it’s very much partisan political activism.

    “Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel” is an adroit and, unfortunately, no-doubt true witticism. Unfortunate, because it shows what one is up against when dealing with a hostile media; a media which can be even be just a ringleader or two with their own agenda. Truth, or the search for truth, can easily become a casualty of drowning in that barrel of ink. One might wonder just how much it might cost a recipient of such hostility, money wise, to try and overcome that sort of partisan hackery. Instead of “buying elections”, I see Madore as quite literally putting his money where his mouth is. Rather than caving to a Left political paradigm.

    I might add, that 2% praise and 98% scorn, doesn’t balance out to well. It’s hard too find genuine praise, when ideas of the proper role of government are polar opposites. Now don’t go getting mad at me Michele. Only a benign observation.


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