George Francisco, Honesty Really Is the Best Policy

by lewwaters
George Francisco

George Francisco

I really had intended to stay out of campaigns this election, but at this late date find myself compelled to enter the fray to not only counter the many lies being told by Vancouver City Council candidate, George R. Francisco against incumbent Bill Turlay, a decorated retired U.S. Navy Jet Pilot, but also to shine a little light on what he hasn’t been too forthcoming with.

It must be remembered that Mr. Turlay came under fire back in 2013 over a 20-year old business bankruptcy when he ran against Mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt. Yet, in this 2015 race with Francisco endorsed by Leavitt, no one is discussing Francisco’s more recent bankruptcy I stumbled across this evening vetting him.

Unfortunately for Mr. Francisco, it is the very lies he has continued telling that prompted me to vet him, since apparently the Lazy C isn’t as interested now as they were two years ago. You started lying, George and I went looking.

It seems in 2004; Francisco ran into his own financial difficulties down in Arizona and filed bankruptcy that was not discharged until 2007, closed in 2008.

What I find most disturbing in this bankruptcy, since he would be expected to be a trusted guardian of the public’s money, an IRS statutory lien on his home and land to the tune of $356,000 along with another statutory lien from the Maricopa County Assessor amounting to another $6,600.

Of course, there are the many creditors owed various sums as well as you can see in the attached schedules and filing.

I can’t help but wonder if Leavitt is aware and advised him to try to keep this silent? If so, it didn’t work, Tim.

I am also bothered by other claims made by Francisco.

He claims “extensive business experience as a “sales and marketing executive” for Kraft foods. Yet, on his Linkedin Page he cites “Regional Sales Manager,” hardly an “Executive” position.

He claims to have “served as a professor of business and marketing in classes at the University of Phoenix for 19 years.”

Sounds very lofty, except that the University of Phoenix was recently the subject of some troublesome news as reported in the New York Times article, Troubles Grow for a University Built on Profits.

Among the many claims, re read, “In recent interviews, current and former students in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington who studied at University of Phoenix campuses in those states or online complained of instructional shortcuts, unqualified professors and recruiting abuses.” (emphasis added)

And, “…students spend 20 to 24 hours with an instructor during each course, compared with about 40 hours at a traditional university. The university also requires students to teach one another by working on projects for four or five hours per week in what it calls ‘learning teams’.”

“Government auditors in 2000 ruled that this schedule fell short of the minimum time required for federal aid programs, and the university paid a $6 million settlement.”

“Some of the university’s detractors suggest that it has always relied too much on part-time faculty and raced too quickly through course material.”

I think you get the drift.

For more information, Consumer Affairs provides Top 791 Complaints and Reviews about University of Phoenix.

Add the above to lies trying to falsely link Bill Turlay as part of some “Madore Cabal” and as part of the Write-in Liz Pike campaign, well after Bill publicly expressed disagreement is as dishonest as it gets.

I suspect he is receiving advice from his one main endorser, Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt who made the same false linkage in 2013 that helped him defeat Mr. Turlay and remain in the Mayor’s seat.

What really concerns me is his lack of addressing real issues facing the city today. Why advocate creating a car free zone downtown when there are unfilled pot holes around town?

Francisco, Car hater

He says he wants to cut congestion in I-5 corridor by 50%, but his idea is more along the lines of resurrecting the much hated and comatose CRC with light rail, that would cause a massive increase in congestion over an 8 year period while a new bridges are built adjacent to the current spans and no other relief available for commuters?

And what damage would be done to downtown businesses as such massive congestion would choke off customers trying to reach downtown?

There must be another crossing built first just to offer relief to the expected heavy congestion during the construction time of a new I-5 crossing.

And why light rail when voters have rejected every single funding measure put before them, promises of a direct up or down vote on light rail never being followed through?

George Francisco once claimed to me that “As a true representative of the people it would be foolish to put out a position statement on an issue… without knowing how the voters feel…”

How in the hell are you going to know when you refuse to hear us?

During my research I also stumbled across some more salacious tidbits, but due to my policy of not involving family, wives, children or grandchildren, those will remain with me.

I am also in receipt of information forwarded from Utah by someone I suspect to be a former partner or creditor that doesn’t think too highly of George.

In all, the more I look behind George Francisco and vet him, the more he appears to be a Leavitt stooge, a rubber stamp unwilling to question policies Leavitt wishes to impose citizens of Vancouver.

His dishonesty in falsely linking Bill Turlay along with trying to hide a huge bankruptcy just tells me does not belong sitting on a city council with responsibility of the public’s money or trust.

Bill Turlay, on the other hand, has performed well by raising questions, looking at proposals and representing the citizens, evidenced by a very recent report: Vancouver revenues expected to be $4M higher than projected.

Bill Turlay played a role in that.

George Francisco did not.

Really George, you ought to take your own advice;

Francisco, Golden Rule

Vancouver, it is in your best interest to retain Bill Turlay and not fall for the fabrications and salacious lies of George R. Francisco.

UPDATE Oct 28, 2015 @ 7:45 PM: As expected, the Lacy C picked up on this and in essence marginalized Francisco’s bankruptcy, quoted him saying, “many have gone through it” and it’s “not a big deal.”

Two years ago when they drudged up Turlay’s 20 year old bankruptcy, he stated that he had learned from it.

What a difference between the two candidates attitudes.

3 Comments to “George Francisco, Honesty Really Is the Best Policy”

  1. Another crackpot way to waste money.
    I’d like to see how successful that mall actually is. The one in Eugene is a failure and the little fascist planners refuse to admit it.

  2. Lew, I refer to your website to get a good idea who I should vote for – which is always the opposite of what you recommend. From my perspective, your site is much better than the progressive voters guide. Keep up the good work!

  3. I actually did not make any election recommendations this time around.

    This is nothing more than letting out something voters should be privy to.

    I would hope there is still a place for honesty in our political scene.

    But that is up to you.

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