More Lies and Desperation from George Francisco

by lewwaters

George Francisco

George Francisco

Just like his mentor, Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt, George R. Francisco is running for office and basing his campaign on a flat out lie.

Even though brought to his attention long ago that incumbent council member Turlay had distanced himself from county councilor Madore and the Liz Pike write-in effort, Francisco continues to claim a false linkage of Turlay and Madore due to support from over 4 years ago.

Isn’t one proven Liar enough on Vancouver City Council?

Why can’t George Francisco stop lying about the incumbent council member and address issues of importance to the city? I ask that due to seeing just today next to a Lazy C article addressing a $4 Million projected surplus for Vancouver revenues, the following ad for Francisco, again making the false claim on Turlay

Francisco Ad Lie 2

Why won’t Francisco rely on issues? When asked about his lack of issue related stands he replied, “As a true representative of the people it would be foolish to put out a position statement on an issue… without knowing how the voters feel…”

Bill Turlay publicly denounced the Madore led Liz Pike write-in effort months ago, distancing himself from the GOP, Madore and the write-in effort and Francisco knows that.

Turlay Pike 1

But like Leavitt, lie your butt off to get elected and be just another Leavitt stooge supporting forcing you to pay for the light rail from Portland you did not approve of.


By the same token, I am perplexed seeing much of the opposition from the right against Turlay because he refused to endorse the Liz Pike write-in effort.

What bothers me, those running things down there at RPCCGOP would rather see the only voice opposing BRT, light rail and the CRC ousted from city council and replaced with a pro-light rail, CRC stooge because Turlay did not jump in line and get on board with the write-in. I don’t want to hear a single one of them say they oppose CRC or light rail again.

I wouldn’t be bothered if they just stayed out of it, but many are openly opposing and condemning Turlay because he spoke for himself and not a party.

Come to think of it, isn’t it quite disingenuous for them to oppose Marc Boldt and Mike Dalesandro for County Council Chair with claims of they will support another CRC with light rail, when they oppose the only anti-CRC light rail voice staying on the Vancouver city council?

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