Wednesday Can’t Get Here Quick Enough

by lewwaters

repub-demWednesday, November 4, 2015 is a day I eagerly look forward to getting here. Why? This latest foray into selecting of individuals for public office will be all done with, save for any close races or recounts.

Gone should be the vitriolic slurs seen all over.

Gone should be the sign vandalism and whiny candidates over it.

Gone should be the mud being thrown about by said candidates.

Sadly, what won’t be over will be editorials coming out of the Lazy C’s Lefty Lou Brancaccio smearing and demeaning those he disagrees with.

And it has been the Lazy C, the so-called “newspaper of record” acting more like a petulant, spoiled rotten brat than the candidates as they poo pooed the bankruptcy of Vancouver City Council candidate, George R. Francisco, after making a fuss just two years ago over the incumbent Bill Turlay’s bankruptcy much further back.

They have accepted and ran campaign ads for Francisco, knowing they were bald-faced lies against the candidate they claim to endorse.

Nowhere did their lack of journalistic integrity shine any brighter than on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 as one of their “reporters,” picking up on a rumor about the county manager feeling insecure in his position, actively fed bits and pieces of the rumor throughout the day on a facebook group established to undermine and cause the ouster of the very officials the rumor was against.

Then, apparently eager to get it published, Katie Gillespie ran with the story in the pages of the Lazy C long before obtaining any actual confirmation.

The rumor fell apart as it was soon revealed to be false, not that detractors paid any attention to the truth and continue alternately spreading it while others claim some mystical power of preventing a termination that is not even in the works.

From the right we see specious claims being made of a candidate filing a false Police report to have a campaign workers car towed as “abandoned” as well as their effort of writing in a candidate being so successful that the elections department is forced to increase staff three-fold.

Then there is Lefty Lou’s weekly “Press Talk” editorial’s that wastes no ink in smearing and demeaning two county councilors. To date, since the 2012 elections where the County Commission switched to a more conservative one, ol Lefty has penned some 174 Press Talk editorials, 87 of which is negative towards the current council. That is an even 50%.

And that doesn’t include other negative mentions in alleged “news” articles.

Funny to read how it is the councilors failure to “work with others” when those “others” have never once made any attempt to work with the councilors.

But in this far left crazy town, that is how it all tumbles out.

Regular readers have noticed that I have not involved myself in campaigns or made recommendations this time around. That is due to after the smears and backstabbings I have received from both the left and right and the actions councilor David Madore took to bolster his image at my expense has left me fresh out of ‘give a damns.’

As I told him a few weeks ago when he urged me to make peace with those stabbing me in the back and smearing me, “faced with Communism from the left or Nazism from the right, I choose neither.”

I walk my own path based on values instilled in me from my Southern Heritage, service in the U.S. Army and working to raise a family for over 40 years.

You see, whether Liz Pike wins the council chair position, or Marc Boldt or even Mike Dalesandro, whether Julie Olson or Chuck Green wins the council District 2 race or Lisa Ross or Eric LaBrant wins the Port of Vancouver Commissioner seat, it won’t change a damn thing in my life.

It won’t stop Lefty Lou from hurling his weekly vitriol against those in office he dislikes.

It won’t stop some of those on C3G2 and other Liberal sites from spewing hate of me, even though they have never met me.

It won’t increase my Social Security nor add anything to my dwindling bank account as I have never asked for any pay from anybody and have never accepted any offers. What I do here is strictly on principal, nothing else.

And the funny thing is, for all those crying how important principal is, even to the point of better to lose an election that win by walking away from principal, I have discovered standing on your principals doesn’t mean anything when your principals are not the same as theirs.

So here I sit, early Sunday morning and haven’t even filled out my ballot.

Oh, I will fill it out and get it in on time, but quite honestly, I am just not all that enthused any longer.

The constant drone of negativity coming out of both sides, the rumor mongering from what is supposed to be a trusted paper (it’s not) and the verbal lashing seen so frequently will continue until we wake up and kick the fringe elements in control of both the right and left out on their asses and elect reasonable people willing to hash out differences and reach a solution best suited for all.

While that system is condemned by both sides today, neither willing to give an inch, may I remind you that is how we attained our U.S. Constitution that has served the nation well.

It is up to you to turn your backs on the hatemonger’s from either side and let good, decent people know that they can once again run for office without the fear of hateful mudslinging ruining their lives for trying to serve and better the nation, state and county.

If not, we are finished as a free nation.

2 Comments to “Wednesday Can’t Get Here Quick Enough”

  1. Here is what I read at the Write In Liz Pike for County Chair Facebook page which is a little different that what you wrote. “Did you know the elections division has been forced to expand their capacity three separate times just to handle the massive volume of write in ballots for Liz Pike?” This sounds plausible. What makes you think this is specious? Sign wars are annoying to be sure.

  2. I see it as specious because I have been an elections observer and witnessed how they work down there.

    I also look at ballot returns to date and there just isn’t a deluge of ballots being listed.

    While I am sure they have added people, much like they do at every election time, no one yet knows how the count is going as any counts are locked away in a computer, not even known to the election officials. So how can any claim be made that the write-in is so successful with a deluge of ballots for the write-in campaign that they needed to bring in more people?

    That’s why I see it as specious. Unless they have illegally hacked into the computers, they have no way of knowing how the count is going yet.

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