Election Hangovers & Gloating

by lewwaters

I VotedWell, we made it through to Wednesday and it’s all over for some candidates while some others remain to be sorted out as ballots continue trickling in and being counted.

In all, I have no complaints on this election, save I was hoping to see Maria Salazar shake things up a bit in Ridgefield and breakup that good old boy club atmosphere out there. Sadly her race went to the incumbent, but Maria ran a good race, facing a whisper campaign of unsavory gossip about her.

The most watched race, Clark County Council Chair remains undecided whether it will go to Battle Ground Council Member Mike Dalesandro of former Clark Commissioner Marc Boldt.

The Write-in effort funded in large part by Councilor David Madore and managed by the fringe hotheads currently ruling over the Clark County Republican Party turns out to be a total bust as the initial count is so far behind it is insurmountable to overcome, save a miracle.

I can live with either Boldt or Dalesandro in the seat and really, what other choice do I have?

The main lesson for hotheads like Christian Berrigan is the ‘in your face’ negativity he used throughout the campaign isn’t always the best policy, a lesson I doubt he will get.

The lesson for David Madore is money doesn’t buy everything and your heavy handed approach leaves you wide open to detractors. In the end, David, you turned out to be a big disappointment to many of us that supported you in 2012 and given your personal acts towards me, 2016 will likely see you retuning to your business.

As for Liz Pike, I have no doubt the Democrats will use this write-in campaign against her next year when she is up for reelection in the 18th District. I doubt it will see her ousted, but it will be hanging around her neck.

But I did recommend to her when the write-in was first announced that she should run as fast and as far away from Christian Berrigan as she can.

Whether the chair goes to Boldt or Dalesandro, don’t be too surprised to find out that the position isn’t quite as powerful as some seem to think it is. There will still be four other councilors voting.

Moving on the County Council District 2 race between Julie Olson and Chuck Green that too could see either winning even though Julie holds a decent lead at this writing. Late coming ballots usually tend to be more conservative voters, so it isn’t unreasonable to expect her lead to hold and maybe grow a little. Time will tell.

The race that pleases me most is seeing incumbent Vancouver City Council Member Bill Turlay mopping of the election floor with challenger George Francisco for position 6. I really don’t have anything personal against Francisco, but he built his campaign on lying about Turlay, trying to give a false impression of linkage to David Madore. Given the heavy endorsing by Vancouver’s pathetic lying mayor, Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt, I suspect that is where the effort grew from.

That was the one race I left my vow of staying out of to expose not only his lying about Turlay, but to reveal he too declared bankruptcy that I stumbled across in a cursory background check.

That is relevant as in previously, the so-called ‘newspaper of record’ decided Turlay’s 20 year-old bankruptcy needed to be reported, but they somehow failed to find Francisco’s, even though it was much more recent.

Bart Hansen easily defeated his opponent, Justin Forsman for Vancouver City Council position 4 while position 5 between Ty Stober and Linda Glover could see Stober’s very slight lead evaporate.

Moving on the Port of Vancouver, it looks like it is all over for Lisa Ross in her third try for public office, any office apparently. I did not want to see her opponent, single issue candidate Eric LaBrant win, but voters spoke n his lead appears insurmountable.

I just hope supporters won’t be too disappointed to discover that even winning, he is but one vote on the Port Commission and by himself will be unable to stop approval of the proposed Oil Terminal at the Port nor will he succeed in stopping trains carrying crude from continuing to come through town.

You won, Eric, but it’s a hollow victory as your frustrations will undoubtedly grow.

Statewide, it pleases me to see that once again, the sixth time in fact; voters are approving another measure demanding the state legislature adopt a two-thirds vote requirement to increase our taxes.

Previous efforts have been either abandoned after the two-year period or sued in court to have our votes invalidated by Democrats and some Teachers Union groups.

I expect yet another sour grapes effort by public unions and Democrats when once again; the people make their demands known to the legislature.

In all, I have nothing to be upset about in this election.

Hopefully some lessons were learned by certain individuals, but I suspect their arrogance will ensure they aren’t.

Likewise, those crowing today how their “good governance” cries defeated the evil forces check their gloating a bit and realize that they are not the only people in the world entitled to fair representation of their values and views.

They too fail to see that they are just as mean hearted and vitriolic as the hotheads on the right they constantly bitch about.

Congratulations to the winners and sorry to those who ran clean campaigns but lost. Hold your heads up; you got your message heard.

3 Comments to “Election Hangovers & Gloating”

  1. Well said Lew. There certainly is enough good, bad and indifference to go around. Hopefully Ms. Pike will return to her old seat and distance herself from her association with Mr. Madore. Mr. Berrigan, well, he needs some self-reflection on the mess he helped create. Ms. Olson will represent well if elected, she ran a good campaign I thought. Actually glad to see at least one conservative, Mr. Turley get re-elected too. Gives people at least a voice in governing. I’ll be the first to bring up 2016, gonna vote for Hillary? (had to do it, I know the answer).

  2. Thanks Steve.

    As for 2016, anybody but Hillary (almost) 😉

  3. I am simply glad that it is Wednesday the 4th of November and the day after the election cycle. Exhaustion and elation for almost all of the races I wanted to see successes in were nearly perfect. I can pray my thanks for the efforts made to advance the freedom of independent choices by all who chose to exercise their rights. I can make stuffed pork chops and garlic mashed potatoes with gravy and grilled asparagus for dinner. I can take a nap! Love you all!

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