Vancouver Veterans Parade Cheapened by Political Stunt – Updated

by lewwaters


Soldiers TearsHow inappropriate that some people are so politically charged that they feel they must invade a Yearly Parade to show honor and respect to those that have fought to defend our nation in our wars to promote their political cause.

Left or right doesn’t matter, Veterans Day and events held in association with it are no place to promote anybodies political agenda. It is one day out of the year set aside just to honor those men and women that have sacrificed their youth to protect our way of life.

If you are wondering why I say the above, I too was taken aback to stumble across a facebook page asking others to join in marching in the Veterans Parade to be held Saturday, Nov. 7 in Vancouver to promote and gather signatures for an initiative some want to see passed to eventually overturn a Supreme Court ruling on funding political campaigns.

I-735 Veterans Parade

Organizers claim “We will have a ‘Politician’ that is FOR SALE and a ‘Corporation’ with a wheelbarrow of cash” and in some convoluted thinking, try to convince people this “honors” Veterans.

Political agendas from either side has no business horning in on an event held yearly to show honor and respect to our men and women that have served in the Military.

Telling these people as I did that a cheap political cause has no business in the Veterans Parade drew the accusation that it is me, a Vietnam Veteran that lost 13 buddies from my unit while I was in country is the one that “cheapens their sacrifice.”

My guess is that these organizers never served.

I do not know how it was ever approved that such a cheap political stunt was approved for the parade, but it is highly inappropriate and to me, shameful.

If they are permitted to march for a political cause, why not allow Tesoro to be in the parade to promote the controversial Oil Terminal at the Port of Vancouver?

After all, they could claim their cause provides jobs for Veterans, couldn’t they?

And if Tesoro was in the parade to promote their cause, it too would be just as inappropriate.

Parade Organizers too should be ashamed for allowing this. Now that they have, how do they not allow other political causes in the future?

We have a Governor’s election next year. Should we allow candidates to promote their candidacy in the parade?

Hell no!

But doing so will only discourage people from attending the Parades, already tired of contentious political campaigning in the recent election.

Veterans Day is not about politics or promoting any political cause.

It is about honoring and respecting those that gave so much to protect and defend our nation.

Leave your politics at home, people.

Show a little respect.

Update: Nov 6, 2015 at 12:30 PM

I just received the following in email;

Bernie, Veterans Day

Liberal socialists need to stop this and stop it now.

Have you no respect?

Veterans Day is about honoring and respecting our Veterans, not about promoting any political view or candidacy.



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9 Comments to “Vancouver Veterans Parade Cheapened by Political Stunt – Updated”

  1. I talked to the parade organizer at the Trust. She told me that the I735 Group is planning to be carrying a sign that says, “Keep Big Money Out of Politics” I let her know that violates the parade rules and the organizer was going to talk to the Head of the Trust about the situation. They have never had a group like this want to carry a political sign. They are the 115th group to walk. I let her known that I consider it a parade rules violation, disrespectful to veterans and all political statements need to be confined to the Free Speech Area at the parade.

  2. For what it’s worth, Pete, I don’t think any political activity should be permitted.

    Veterans are of all stripes and political views and deserve respect on this one day.

    Thanks for talking to them.

  3. Lew, they have always had the free speech zone and few will see it, but that is where any political statements should be confined to happening. I wish they were able to understand that is not the time or the place. Thank you for your service and to all your brothers and sisters that served.

  4. I know, Pete. I’m just stating my view.

    There are times politics need left at home.

    Thank you.

  5. I emailed the Fort Vancouver Trust about this and received the following from Cara Cantowine;

    Thanks for your email Lew.

    This is the first year we’ve had a request from a political group, and it has brought into question our process for registration.

    This is a community parade and we encourage the whole community to participate to honor our Veterans.

    I have directed the initiative group to utilize the National Park Services’ free speech areas for their petition signing and passing out of information, and I understand they have been working with NPS on doing just that.

    They will not be passing out information along the parade route, nor gathering signatures along the parade route (emphasis added) – that must all be done from the NPS designated free speech areas.

    We truly appreciate your concern and emphasize our commitment to ensuring this community parade’s focus is on honoring our veterans.

    Thank you – and I hope to see you tomorrow morning!


    Cara Cantonwine | Director of Programs

    Fort Vancouver National Trust

    p: (360)992-1804 | f: (360)992-1810

    *New Office Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.; 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Wednesdays*

  6. Good that she responded rather quickly to you Lew. Too bad that a group that includes Vets, wants to do good things for Vets has not figured out some in their group want the focus to be on them and their cause. Sorry I735, you have a good cause but you don’t belong in the parade as a group. ITS ABOUT OUR VETERANS. I want to salute them, I’ll thank you (I735) to stay away please.

  7. It’s as I have said elsewhere, Steve. If this cause is permitted, they how will they keep out other causes like Tesoro or another effort, if they wanted to march?

    We agree, leave politics at home for just this one day.

    The focus must be Veterans, not anybodies political view.

  8. The Vancouver Trust states in their Parade participant Letter, “Religious or political statements, signs or literature: No religious or political statements will be allowed in the parade or distributed along the parade route. Religious and/or political statements and materials may be displayed in the designated free speech areas at Fort Vancouver.”

    The group tainting the Veterans Parade claims, “We need you to march and/or signature gather. We will have a ‘Politician’ that is FOR SALE and a ‘Corporation’ with a wheelbarrow of cash.

    “We need you to act in our ‘roving tableau’, hold our I-735 banner and other signs, or gather signatures!”

    How is that not a direct violation of what the Fort Vancouver Trust lays out concerning political statements and signs not being permitted?

    Click to access 2015ParticipantLetter.pdf

  9. Lefties have no class. They hate everything including themselves.What a bunch of Pigs.

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