Lazy C in Hog Heaven

by lewwaters

Happy PigAlthough results will not be certified for several days, our local Democrat Party mouthpiece, the Lazy C (the Columbian) is elated to see their quest and hate of County Councilor, as well as tons of ink used since November 2012 bashing the duly elected County Commissioners they dislike has worked.

By all accord, controversial County Councilor David Madore was defeated as the Write-in Liz Pike campaign came in last in a three way race.

I did not support that campaign, not because of any problems I have with Madore or Liz Pike, I actually like and respect Liz, but because the campaign itself appeared more of like Sour Grapes since Madore failed in securing a spot in the primary to run for Council Chair.

That and bombastic “fight to the death’ Christian Berrigan that managed it.

I only hope Liz will not be hurt in her effort for reelection next year, but that is out of my hands.

Seeing that Marc Boldt, who Madore defeated in 2012, in no small part due to those Democrats that refused to see he was actually more of a Liberal Democrat than a Conservative Republican (over 35,000 under votes) will be the new Council Chair has ignited the Lazy C in gloating and dancing.

As biased as we know they are, not surprising to see such a festive atmosphere in the paper as they see their left-leaning agenda coming back into power.

Yes, the world is not right unless liberals are in control.

Editor Lefty Lou Brancaccio, known now for exercising his poison pen in editorials bashing and demeaning the duly elected Commissioners in 89 out of 176 Press Talk editorials since November 2012, was beside himself the evening of the election when he posted a ‘special editorial,’ “Pike’s defeat should begin the healing process.”

You see, when liberals lost control of the County Commission in the 2012 election, somehow the county became diseased, broken, and defective with the only cure being restore Liberals to power as well as oppose any effort by the duly elected Commissioners during the time between elections at change.

In this case, it even meant a 180 degree turn by both the Lazy C and Democrats in pushing for a radical change in how the county is to be governed, all to undermine and hopefully push those that were elected in 2012 out of office.

Republicans committed a fatal flaw in not pointing out the sole reason for the change to a Home Rule Charter was to undo the 2012 election,

But it’s too late now; we’re stuck with this mess for all time.

I’m not the least bit surprised to find even more gloating continuing in today’s Lazy C with the column “In Our View: Fresh Start For County.”

What is really meant is the walk backwards to before 2012 has begun.

We read, “Managing the disparate personalities on the council, particularly the cabal of Madore and Tom Mielke, will be a challenge.”

I read nothing in the new Charter that the chair is to “manage” any fellow councilor and imagine the Lazy C and Democrats will be sorely disappointed to discover the chair is but one vote out of five on the council.

That doesn’t mean Madore’s antics will continue nor does it mean he will be sent to the corner for the remainder of his time on the council.

What it does mean is that Marc Boldt is facing expectations he likely will not have any power under the charter to manage.

Hell, these people wrote the charter, didn’t they read it?

I expect that Jeanne E. Stewart and newly elected Julie Olson will present the most level headed discussions and proposals while Boldt will be more concentrated on trying to live up to the expectation that his one vote will somehow “push-back” against Madore and Mielke.

The dysfunction is only going to increase, save for level-headed actions by Stewart and Olson.

The Lazy C also posted today, “5 takeaways from 2015 general election” and claiming, “Results in Clark County signal clear messages, truths even with low voter turnout.”

In that we read, “Maybe Madore’s money is mud… Voters resoundingly defeated local conservative candidates who received significant contributions from Clark County Councilor David Madore, including Madore himself.”

Odd to see that about money as we also read further down under the subtitle, “Port district voters don’t want an oil terminal,” “Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly chose port commissioner candidate Eric LaBrant, who is fervently against the oil terminal, over opponent Lisa Ross, who supports the controversial project…”

What is odd is that there is absolutely not one mention of an over $100,000 in kind contributions to La Brant from Seattle-based Washington Conservation Voters, funded largely by California Billionaire environmental activist, Tom Steyer.

Big money isn’t considered “muddy” when it supports an arrogant leftist such as LaBrant, apparently.

Such is what we see daily in the Lazy C that still has not saw the need to make one mention of SEIU 775 having charges filed against it by the State Attorney General for some $1.4 Million in illegal campaign contributions to Democrats over the last few years.

Likewise, they apparently see no problem with out of state big money drawn into a Seattle measure to combat, of all things, “Big Money in Politics.”

Yes, the Lazy C is in hog heaven today, pushing the agenda they had in mind back in 2012 that was uprooted by voters and when the message of “coming together” called for when Democrats won, was quickly burned before the Political Altar of Liberalism.

Lefty Lou has whined over some identifying the Lazy C as a “cancer on the community.”

I have to take exception to that description. Cancer is often fatal and in spite of a pathetically low circulation, the Lazy C isn’t dying.

No, they are more like a really pesky diaper rash on the community in bad need of a generous dose of Desitin.

National Socialist Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels famously said long ago, “He who controls the medium controls the message. He who controls the message controls the masses.”

The Lazy C has learned that point well.


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4 Comments to “Lazy C in Hog Heaven”

  1. I finally got around to getting to actually read this here. My email system has been buggered up for two days.
    Nice post by the way! The truth is that the Bill Steyers donation to the environmentalist up state will not make any difference in the outcome of the terminal. It did however result in another loss for the candidate that runs for everything.

  2. I don’t think it will be long before Lou is moaning about how dysfunctional the new County Council is and how insufficient the Charter is when he finds out it isn’t helping the Democrats. He’ll begin editorializing about amending the charter to make it ‘more fair’, and will be castigating almost the entire Council for being too partisan. His new love interest, (in addition to Marc Boldt), will be Jeanne Stewart (whom he apparently despised when she was on the City Council).

  3. Expect Lefty to editorialize whatever it takes to push us back under one-party rule, Democrats.

  4. I am continually puzzeled why the Campbells have not dismissed Brancaccio, he only knows 1 song and he sings it over and over and pretty poorly.

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