Presidential Reactions

by lewwaters

A look over the years how various Presidents have reacted to danger facing Western Civilization.

4 Comments to “Presidential Reactions”

  1. Obama is part of the ‘blame America first’ crowd. He, like Ward Churchill and others, believe that America and other western countries are getting what they deserve when their cities are attacked and their citizens killed. Apparently a lot of voters in the US agree with them in that they elected Obama not just once, but twice. That is why there will be no response from this administration. Other than pathetic statements of “bringing those responsible to justice”, nothing else will be done.

  2. There’s actually a word for those hate America firsters. It’s called oikophobia and was popularized by British philosopher Roger Scruton when he noticed the propensity of the British Left to loathe their own country.

    Roger Scruton wrote in 2004: “The oik is, in his own eyes, a defender of enlightened universalism against local chauvinism. And it is the rise of the oik that has led to the growing crisis of legitimacy in the nation states of Europe. For we are seeing a massive expansion of the legislative burden on the people of Europe, and a relentless assault on the only loyalties that would enable them voluntarily to bear it. The explosive effect of this has already been felt in Holland and France. It will be felt soon everywhere, and the result may not be what the oiks expect.

  3. Well, let’s just be thankful third world war does not erupt this weekend, with all the muslim terrorists, falling jets, black student riots, Europe shootings and socialist/fascist election debates. Let’s just quietly enjoy our turkeys tonight (if we can afford that) before we stomp on each other on black friday sales.

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