Will Lefty’s One Man ‘Putsch’ Backfire?

by lewwaters

Brancaccio GoebbelsI can only imagine the disappointment felt by Lazy C editor, ol Lefty Lou Brancaccio as a major terrorist attack in Paris France last week pushed his weekly rant against County Councilor David Madore back one week.

Sorry Lou, but there really are things more important than your personal vendetta.

Be that as it may, ol Lefty postponed his weekly rant, the 90th Press Talk editorial denigrating Madore to today to pile on a matter from nearly a month ago that had Lou and the rest down at the Lazy C all charged up on the eve of the Nov. 3 election, an email sent by Madore to County Manager Mark McCauley that left Mark feeling insecure in his position as one of the ‘reporters’ writing was seen throughout the day feeding rumors to a facebook group set up after hopes of a recall fell flat.

That McCauley is an “at will” employee and the steps needed to remove him by the County Council would not be able to happen until after the new council is seated was ignored as the ‘putsch’ was on to make it appear he had one foot out the door and only one councilor, Madore, was going to do it right now!

Hype was about all it was.

But in the end, we see Marc Boldt returning as chair of the county council and ol Lefty is elated, ending his weekly screed with #BoldtIsComing. #BoldtIsComing.

Sorry Lou, Boldt, even as chair is but one vote out of five.

Of course, we cannot forget ol Lefty’s many calls for “healing” in the county, meaning I take it, to return to a time citizens were to be silenced or denigrated as the County Commission and other elected officials ran ahead with unpopular projects that had all appearances of being very profitable for a select group.

You see, the three most hated people in the county (by Lefty) are still there and are going to be there for at least another year, whether he likes it or not.

If it begins looking like Boldt is in anybody’s pocket, what “healing” is that?

If council meetings continue with a string of angry, bitter citizens from the other side expressing their discontent every week, what has changed?

If Boldt’s efforts are not supported by the others, what will be accomplished?

Let us not forget there are two ladies also on the council, Jeanne E. Stewart and Julie Olson now that are not known for playing favorites to special interests that I expect to inject some sensible words and actions into the fray.

And of course, there are still rumors flying, one being that Marc Boldt is working with retired County Manager Bill Baron to rewrite the rules of conduct and give the chair position more power, something we were told the new Home Rule Charter was to regulate, less power in one persons hands.

I have no idea whether or not that is really happening, but given Lefty’s glee in seeing Marc Boldt being seated, who knows?

And if true, is it any different than the very actions Madore has been accused of and Lefty bitches about every week?

If it is healing that ol Lefty really wants, why keep up the efforts to make the council dysfunctional?

Why not let the dust settle? Let the 5 councilors work out a workable arrangement between them and get on with doing what is best for the citizens and not the wealthy downtown special interests.

Continually hitting someone with a log after they are down is not healing, it is bullying.

It is creating the very dysfunction you claim to abhor.

And it is irresponsible since you are not an elected official, but a pencil pushing editor of a Podunk rag barely surviving.

If healing is really what ol Lefty desires, maybe it is time he put away his poison pen, maybe even join John Laird in retirement and hopefully see a new editor with less bitterness take over and maybe even we “Hounds from Whinerville” could stand down some too.

I don’t expect that, though. Delusions of power are intoxicating.

They’re also corruptible.

They’re rarely beneficial.

As ol Lefty wrote back in 2012 when Madore first won, keep your seat belts buckled people, the ride isn’t over.

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One Comment to “Will Lefty’s One Man ‘Putsch’ Backfire?”

  1. Excellent!
    This may be my favorite of your blogs.

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