Media Ignores Their Own “Cognitive Dissonance”

by lewwaters

Egg on FaceAn interesting editorial in the Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015 edition of the Lazy C by Greg Jayne, Lazy C Opinion Editor: Dislike those in government? Then stop electing them.

He sets the tone within the very first paragraph, “The problem, apparently, is cognitive dissonance. Sure, we have concerns about terrorism and the economy and health care, but when it comes to this country’s inability to tackle problems, the real issue is our inability to think straight.”

Since Jayne bases this screed on “Cognitive Dissonance,” we should know just what that means before going on. The simplest definition I found was, “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”

Since life itself presents us with various and complicated issues every day, I assume that is how Jayne arrives at “the real issue is our inability to think straight.”

That in itself puts us in a quandary as the MacMillan Dictionary breaks that down to “to be unable to consider things carefully or correctly.”

To me that would also entail what we often see and describe as “kneejerk reaction” such as we see every time an oil train derails anywhere and the succession of fearmongering to build opposition to the proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver that would grow our economy.

Or the onslaught of claims on “Global Warming,” er, “Global Cooling,” er, “Climate Change,” er, “Climate Disruption,” or whatever the popular term is this week to justify confiscating more from our hard earned paychecks to combat nature.

We also see it in media vendetta’s by this very paper in targeting elected officials that disagree with the downtown special interests and stand with citizens as much ink is used in denigrating whatever they do with no consideration given to possible outcomes, even though the same paper publishes claims of improvements within the county, but never granting a scintilla of credit to the officials they dislike so much.

So yes, there does seem to be ample evidence of the inability to “think straight” and it is coming from the so-called “newspaper of record.”

But the above is not the intent of Jayne’s editorial and even though not mentioned, I suspect that underneath, it is just another smear effort of those officials they dislike.

I base that in part on, “All of which brings us to the issue of cognitive dissonance. You see, while people say they are dissatisfied with government, they keep voting for the politicians they think are doing a worse job than the CPA down the street would.”

And, “That is why politics are so confounding these days, an age in which intellectual curiosity has given way to partisan demagoguery. So many people on both halves of the political spectrum live in an echo chamber of their own beliefs… that any quest for compromise is drowned out by demands for ideological purity.”

Ignored there is that this very paper has engaged in their own quest for “ideological purity” over the past couple years with duly elected county officials and for over 20 years against one State Senator, endorsing his opponent in October 2000 saying, “Peterson, although sincere and well-intentioned, lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the important policy questions for Southwest Washington and the state. About the only attribute in his favor is the fact that he’s not Don Benton.”

We saw it before as back in June 1997, they ran an editorial on recently elected Marc Boldt they titled “Three Nuts and a Boldt.”

Of course, once Boldt began towing the line they desired, he somehow became a favored champion they loved and endorsed.

We see it also in how they have written about county councilor Jeanne E. Stewart, endorsing her opponent last year, saying of her in 2013, “her contributions to the council and enthusiasm for the job are on the wane”

Last year, they also editorialized on Stewart asking “Who Owns Stewart” after a large contribution was given to her campaign.

Since winning and displaying the very independent attitude this blog said she would, she has become the apple of their eye as I stated in So, Now They Love Jeanne Stewart?

As far as I am concerned, the antidote for the Lazy C’s own ‘cognitive dissonance’ would be a healthy dose of “objectivity,” giving fair and balanced consideration to all sides.

When the power balance on the County Commission changed in the 2012 election, we saw no call of “coming together” as we often see when Liberal Democrats assume control as we saw a sign appear outside of the 2008 Democrat Victory Party at the Hilton that read, “The Night America Came Together.”

Ol Lefty Lou himself penned an editorial after the 2008 election of Obama, “Come together …right now.”

After the change of power on the County Commission in the 2012 election he penned, “Buckle up. It’s Madore time” and we have seen a succession of denigration and demeaning editorials and articles since.

We saw it day after day with the now comatose CRC light rail project as citizen opposition and voices of sanity were drowned out or ignored as they applauded the Vancouver Mayor’s efforts to silence citizens speaking against the project.

And believe me, all of this is but the tip of the iceberg as the Lazy C cries, whines and demeans those that “think straight,” or should I say, think differently than they do.

If cognitive dissonance is really of concern to this paper, perhaps they should deal with their own before complaining about citizens out here.

There are several of us disagreeing on many points that are striving to seek common ground where we can. It’s not a whole lot just yet, but there is a beginning effort to seek that middle ground we hear of but no one wants to meet in unless it is all on their side.

We will never agree on all matters, that is a given. But, we also will see that sometimes, un-digging our heels just might be of benefit more than such staunch and bitter positions we find ourselves in where nothing is accomplished.

Will the Lazy C follow our example and give fair and due consideration to others they opposed in the past?

I seriously doubt it.

They’re too wrapped up in their own “Cognitive Dissonance.”

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