Remember Pearl Harbor

by lewwaters

“December 7, 2914, a date that will live in infamy” FDR

Excerpts from the 70th Commemoration in Vancouver, Wa. Sadly, several of these men are no longer with us.

May we never forget

4 Comments to “Remember Pearl Harbor”

  1. My father was a Pearl Harbor survivor. He was in the Army Air Corp. On December 7th 1941 he left Schofield Barracks headed to the mess-hall for breakfast and the end of the Barracks exploded his first thought was the old boiler exploded then there was machine gun scraffing on the streets and he jumped into the ditch. He made his way over to Hickam Field the bomber he flew on and it had been hit. My father spent 22 years in the Military and was given a medical discharge, he flew a record number of flights during WW2 and was in Korea. He never joined and Pearl Harbor group he said it was a day he did not want to remember.

  2. Thanks for posting this Lew. Many of these men are now gone. I baked the cookies yesterday for tomorrow’s event but found myself very ill today and am concerned that I might pass off a severe cold o I will not be attending tomorrow. If you do go and record it would you please post it?

  3. I haven’t been informed of anything related to the event this year, not even where it will be.

  4. I can’t fault your Dad for not joining any groups, Lon.

    I hope you recorded anything he said about it to you as these men’s stories are stories future generations should hear so they know what the price of their freedom was.

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