Are Democrats Embracing Sharia?

by lewwaters

Robert Reich 1

Robert Reich

As we all know, there is little that the Democrat Party and Republican Party can find to agree on today. The division is so broad that I see no reconciliation between the warring ideologies in my lifetime.

Even where the parties were briefly united on opposing radical Jihadists and their acts of terror, I see a shift towards more acceptance and tolerance of the barbarism of radical Jihadists now beginning on the left.

My view is not based on misguided hyperbole as I will be accused of, but in their acts of defense of Islam after an attack as we saw in San Bernardino and even the open acceptance of largely unvetted “refugees” from Syria in spite of witnessing massive problems in Europe where they were first accepted.

But it doesn’t stop there. No, I am beginning to see Democrats such as Robert B. Reich include supportive comments towards Islamic Sharia in his appeals for donations in support of Democrats I receive in email.

MOveon, RB Reich & Sharia

As you will note where I highlighted, Reich includes in his email slamming Donald Trump, “Keeping Sharia law out of a city near you” as one of three reasons he supplies to oppose Trump and Republicans in general.

Let it first be said that I neither support Trump nor the Republican Party, they have massive problems within their ranks as well.

But, seeing Reich use “Keeping Sharia law out of a city near you” as a reason to oppose both is downright scary to me.

For any not aware, Sharia is “the basic Islamic legal system derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the Hadith.”

Those like Reich would not be tolerant of a theological form of governing based on Christianity and the Holy Bible as it would violate our concept of “Separation of Church and State,” governing based upon religious doctrine instead of our constitution.

Yet here we have a prominent Democrat and former Secretary of Labor under the Clinton administration seemingly ready to accept such a religious rule, but from Islam, not Christianity.

Shouldn’t our country also be practicing Separation of Mosque and State since Churches and Synagogues are not permitted to govern over the country?

Especially concerning is where the Left stands on some issues, Homosexual rights, Women’s rights, children’s right and such that are not only largely nonexistent in the Middle East where Sharia is practiced, but goes against nearly all of what Democrats claim to believe in.

Women and young girls are routinely put to death in a brutal manner for what is labeled “dishonoring” the family, like divorcing an abusive husband or being gang raped against their will, often being stoned to death or beheaded.

Young girls not even developed into women are married off to much older and lecherous old men.

Homosexuals are hanged or thrown off of tall buildings to their death.

Human rights as we in the West know them are not practiced by the radicalized Muslims such as we have seen with ISIS, Al Qaeda and other such groups that practice the brutality of Sharia Law.

Yet mixed in with other hyperbolic smears of Republicans from Democrat Reich is “Keeping Sharia law out of a city near you?”

Shouldn’t they, who oppose religion in public or adherence to religious doctrine in a secular government, applaud “Keeping Sharia law out of a city near you” instead of condemning such a call?

And where is the neutered and spineless Republican to point out this unbelievable call from a Democrat?

I really don’t care if you are left or right, that is your business. But I do care that the world being left for my grandchildren may include their facing the brutal lashes of Sharia one day.

Democrats, you especially should be outraged over this call of Reich’s since Sharia is largely the antithesis of everything you claim to believe in.

And, if you think it is much ado about nothing, just recall that the smallest seed grows into the largest plant in your garden.

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4 Comments to “Are Democrats Embracing Sharia?”

  1. Well yes Lew. But let’s not forget the Leftist support, as evidenced in today’s editorial in the local PRAVDA, of men showering with women in public showers. So long as the man, well such as it were, believes himself to be a woman. OK. That ought to go over real big in the Islamic world. Just as soon as Muslim women can figure how to get out of those Burkas.

    Not sure when “transgender” was added to anti-discrimination law, or why it applies to naked men using the women’s shower rooms, but I’ll guess, (and it’s a really wild guess, mind you) that it may have something to do with those wascally democrats in the state legislature. Those merry band of pranksters and their “unfairness of it all” politics.

    Yes, it’s really all about coexisting. And everyone should be outraged, outraged I tell ya! over anyone who is outraged at naked men running around the women’s shower rooms.

    The Leftist brain trust at work.


  2. If it’s contrary to decency or American greatness, the left seems to favor it.

    As for today’s screed, I said before all it does it allow any pervert to declare himself identifying as a female to be allowed to either expose himself or ogle naked females.

    As far as I am concerned, so called “transgenders” actually need the services of a competent Psychiatrist


  3. The “support for Sharia Law” simply proves how utterly stupid some (many) members of the left are. The leftists often knee- jerk against anything that the U.S. population (generally) supports, without considering all the implications. If Islamists were to impose Sharia in the U.S. (and that would suggest that a massive influx of Islamic Jihadists had occurred), it would be the “progressives” and “liberals” who would first be rounded up to have their heads removed from their bodies. While Christians are considered “second class” people under Sharia, “people of the book” (those that believe in the God of Abraham) are considered less bad than those who are atheists or agnostics (which covers a great number of the progressives). While ISIS has been torturing and killing Christians, the teachings of Sharia suggest that Christians would be allowed to live, so long as they paid additional taxes (as set forth under Sharia law). Non-believers are considerably less well treated under Sharia.

    However, the basic premise of Progressivism is that one should sacrifice for the “good of the community” — and under Sharia they certainly will …. I suspect that most are too ill informed to understand the nature of their sacrifice.


  4. Identifying a Republican promise to ‘keep Sharia law out of the US’ is not the same as supporting Sharia law. You’d need to look at how the left sees that as dangerous. How does the right plan on accomplishing that? Seeing as how Trump has made numerous threats against Muslims – including deportation, it would be understandable if others would see a Republican promise to ‘keep Sharia law out of the US’ as a threat to civil liberties.

    Even if he supported Sharia law (which I find very hard to believe), understand that Reich is an extreme leftist – he certainly doesn’t speak for the majority on the left.


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