The Divide Widens

by lewwaters

Boxer WomenClark County saw its first full five member council mandated by the home rule charter to replace the three member county commission last evening and as I suspected, it has nothing to do with “Good Governance” or making anything in the county better.

No, it is as I predicted, all about slapping down councilors Madore and Mielke, both of whom are up for reelection later this year.

Shortly before Christmas, they rushed through eight resolutions that even the Lazy C all but admitted were meaningless, carrying no actual weight and as one commenter said, “a complete waste of time” to pass.

I don’t disagree that the resolutions were silly or a waste of time as they all amounted to little more than recommendations, suggestions from the old council to the new of preferred goals. They are not binding nor do they carry any bearing or set policy to be followed.

So as big of a waste of time as it was to pass them, what was the urgency to make rescinding them the first order of business for the incoming five member council?


It was all about hatred of Madore & Mielke and slapping them down as encouraged by the Lazy C for some time now with their onslaught of negative articles, editorials and posts by writers in their employ.

Let it be said now that I lost all support I previously had for Madore long ago, after he stole from me and stabbed me in the back. But that is personal.

Like other elected officials, he and Mielke are entitled to some respect as duly elected officials, whether any agree with their measures.

I have long disagreed with the likes of Jim Moeller, Tim Leavitt, Jaime Herrera Beutler and more, but still realize they are who we have in office to deal with.

Madore & Mielke have not received that as efforts to undermine their every act were present in the local media, the Lazy C and even a group established when it was realized they could not be recalled, jokingly calling themselves “Clark County Citizens for Good Governance” (C3G2 for short).

As seen last evening, it has nothing to do with any notion of “Good Governance” but slapping down Madore & Mielke and undoing the 2012 election where they were Madore was elected and Mielke was reelected.

Marc Boldt, defeated back then by Madore in a wide margin, had the opportunity last evening as newly elected chair to rise above the fray and put real issues of importance and county business before the council and show he was willing to lead from the center.

He blew it as he showed he was seeking revenge in making the very first meeting only about slapping down Madore & Mielke, much to the pleasure of the Lazy C’s Katie Gillespie and members of C3G2.

No doubt ol Lefty Lou Brancaccio of the Lazy C will be beside himself in his upcoming Press Talk editorial, raising his slurs against them to a count of 94 times.

In the meantime, supporters of Madore and Mielke, seeing everything they support being cast aside and trampled on, are just as angry as the left is ecstatic.

I wholly suspect public comments will remain just as nasty, confrontational and vitriolic as they have been for some time now, but will be coming from the hotheads on the right instead of the hotheads on the left.

There is not effort to meet in the middle, collaborate or work together, only slap down the two councilors up for reelection later this year.

My biggest disappointment lies with Jeanne Stewart and Julie Olson for going along with this immediate slap down and further dividing the county.

For all of her calls over the past year of how something was divisive, Ms. Stewart somehow overlooked last evening vote was even more divisive.

I have seen comments saying “It’s morning again.”

No, it is more like it is 2012 again.

And the county is more divided than ever.

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8 Comments to “The Divide Widens”

  1. I am in the district represented by Ms. Olson. I sent her an email yesterday morning where I suggested that the resolutions that suggested pro-growth, pro-business, pro-taxpayer policies ought to be respected and supported. Since it is apparent (from your report) that she did not support the (“meaningless”) resolutions, it will result in my not voting for her re-election to the council or to any other political position.

    As for Mr. Madore, his service as Chairman of the prior Commission, was generally better than the prior regime, though there were several efforts that seemed (to me) to be a big waste of time (and political capital) (and modest expense) including the restoration of a prayer at the beginning of the meetings and the “In God We Trust” motto being installed in the meeting room. However, he should be commended for elimination of fees to use the county parks and the effort to reduce property taxes (even if only 2%). While the park fees were not an issue for me (I don’t often use the parks where the fees apply — and even so, they were not onerous to me) — the fees certainly had an impact on those whose financial resources are limited. (I used to live near a public park, and noticed that those with (apparently) limited means were often heavy users of the facilities.)

    While a 2% property tax reduction isn’t particularly insignificant (and is probably overwhelmed by the valuation increase on my property), it was certainly a positive effort when 99.9% of politicians would simply squander the excess dollars. (Government always spends every cent it receives — and in the case of the Federal government, 25% more than it receives.)

    The policies of the Madore-Mielke commission have resulted in an improved jobs climate in Clark County and a considerably revived housing/real estate market.

    I can only hope that tax-payer friendly candidates will materialize in the future.

  2. Had it not been for Mielke and Stewart splitting the Republican vote, Madore would now be the council chair, with a search on for a Republican appointment to the district 3 seat. I believe that Mielke filed to run for the chair before Madore did, and was sincere in his efforts. However, I’m afraid KJ Hinton is likely spot on with his analysis of Stewart filing, only to be a spoiler for Madore. Troubling if true.

    “Deliberative” has always seemed an apt description of Stewart, and she deserves any benefit of the doubt. But political capital is a fleeting thing, and can be quick to vanish from once erstwhile supporters.

  3. Mr. Waters, I am exceedingly discouraged with your blog here. If you thought that it would achieve any good, I think that you will have to rethink that. You are sitting here on the fence and surely will be knocked down. That you could not overcome your own “hurts” and do what was best for this county by truly supporting this man, then you need to rethink why this blog even exists. Sorry, but you have not achieved anything of value here. Jesus said that we are either for Him or against Him. So it is with His people and certainly Councilor Madore has done more than any other person in this county to bring a sense of virtue into politics, whether you agree with him or not. You, sir, are a very sorry creature! This does nothing to “heal” any wounds now very apparent to all. You can join the divisive people on the left, me thinks! Pauline Warren

  4. Pauline, I have remained silent on Madore for some time. He is but a small fish in the larger sea. Any comparison of him to Jesus is very misguided.

    I tried long ago to advise him on a less confrontational course of action and was ignored. Then belittled, smeared and ridiculed by his supporters once light was shown on their nefarious actions. That I remember, you were nowhere to be found as knives were being thrust in my back and twisted by members of the Clark County Republican Party.

    That being said, perhaps you should reread my effort with both eyes open this time as apparently you missed it is about my disappointment in the actions of the three last evening.

  5. Hi Lew, it has been a while….

    During the CRC debacle I fully supported Madore. However, since then I have been increasingly opposed to just about everything he’s done.

    Madore & Mielke should have realized and respected that a major change would occur come January 2016, yet they passed very contentious votes in December 2015. Jeanne Stewart was right to abstain, given that their actions clearly went against the public’s vote.

    I fully support Stewart and Olson’s actions to “slap down” the outrageous votes of Dec 2015. If the voters support the 5-member council then so be it. I was opposed to the radical change to the Clark County Commissioner Board makeup (I viewed the entire action as a temper tantrum) but if that is what is effective law (and the will of the voters) then so be it.

    The first order of business *should be* an effective show of power, and that is what it was. Madore has been neutered, and it is clear for all to see.

    Make no mistake – I despise the Columbian, and am not very fond of Boldt, but in this case I support what Boldt, Stewart and Olson have done.



    PS – I attended Liz Pike’s town hall in Battle Ground regarding Proposal 4, and came away distinctly unimpressed. IMO, Proposal 4 justifies Madore’s downfall.

    PPS – I voted for Stewart. I’m not a fan of Boldt.

  6. Josef, personally, what happens to Madore and that whole crowd is whatever happens. He and his devotees burned their bridges to me some time ago.

    That being said, I am much less about supporting any of them now as I am seeking a smoother functioning county government and actually healing this ongoing civil war of words in the county.

    Already Madore is firing back them with his supporters angrier than ever and Boldt’s supporters gleefully poking back with sticks, so to speak.

    Boldt could have set a conciliatory tone and dealt with the resolutions in the weeks ahead.

    Instead, we now have a bitterly divided council with supporters of both sides ready for war.

    That is how I see it.

  7. Lee, I agree with your analysis. We, the people, (presumably) “hire” (vote for) politicians to handle the politics and make the necessary compromises so that public business gets done (hopefully with as little waste of taxpayer money as possible). The example of the current Federal administration, where the President has been extremely partisan and divisive has resulted in very low approval ratings and very high disapproval ratings.

    If Boldt took Obama’s methods as a template for his means to administer his position as Chair of the County Council, then he will end up achieving very little. The series of resolutions passed by Madore and Mielke may or may not have needed to be addressed at some point in the future — and certainly did not have to be addressed at the very first council meeting. I feel Boldt is off to a very bad start (along with Olson).

    As for the (no) growth plan proposal #4, it may have some aspects that aren’t really desirable. However, I am of the philosophical view that land owners should have the maximum freedom to do with their land as they wish. The (no) growth plan mandated by the state is rather similar to the no growth plans established in California some 30+ years ago. The problem with central planning (all types, including zoning systems) is that it usually has a multitude of unintended consequences. The extremely high housing prices in California is one result. But even worse, is that “green belts” created around the inner developed areas (where little or no development could occur) drove development for “reasonable cost” housing far from the city centers resulting in impossible traffic, need for massive extensions of freeways and transit systems (at high cost to taxpayers), and instead of developing in the “green belts” (hilly land often used for cattle grazing) prime farm land was turned into housing. You see, the growth continued, only the people were forced to buy into long commutes in pursuit of the desired “home in the suburbs.” The redirected development of redevelopment housing “in the city centers” was attractive to young singles and (some) older “empty nesters” … but the younger marrieds who wanted to have room for a family did not find the inner development particularly attractive. Another unintended consequence was that warehouse and distribution facilities that had once been located within the built up city area, due to the congestion preferred to relocate to a ring about 75 miles out from the city center. That way, inbound truck and rail freight was not affected (as much) by the planner-caused congestion, and only the delivery trucks (serving all sorts of retail stores, etc.) were affected by the congestion. Of course, this caused further disruption as low-income workers who had lived by the now deserted facilities either had to move (at great expense) to follow their job or go on welfare. While this may sound negative — and is — it’s exactly what central planned no-growth policies give you.

  8. Not mentioned yet in this, If he’s elected, Boldt has plans to collaborate “County chair candidate says cooperation lacking”

    Apparently the vow did not include fellow council members not dancing to his tune.

    IN other words, the very divisive actions Madore has been doing and so many complained about.

    But, since it is the very smack down that part of the citizenry wanted, all is well for them.

    The rest?

    Our problem I guess.

    All that was accomplished Tuesday evening was escalating the war.

    I fully expect another overly gloating Press Talk editorial from Lefty Lou tomorrow. I suspect he is in hog heaven.

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