Sen. Ann Rivers Town Hall Jan 9, 2016

by lewwaters

An excerpt of the town hall held for Washington State 18th Legislative District featuring Sen. Ann Rivers over her vote for the Transportation Bill in 2015.

Clark County Conservative author takes no position as I reside in the 49th Legislative District.

For more information on opposition to her vote, see Clark County Politics

7 Comments to “Sen. Ann Rivers Town Hall Jan 9, 2016”

  1. Nice! It was a hard vote. I appreciate the fact that she owned her choices.

  2. What makes this all problematic is simple: had she run… either for the House or the Senate… on a platform that said something like, well, for example, “oh yeah, by the way, when given the opportunity, I intend to vote for the biggest gas tax increase in the history of this state… and tab fee increases… and make sure that none of you have any say in any of this…” does anyone remotely believe she could have been elected dog catcher?

    And Carolyn, given your recent activities in the last election, I fully understand why lying to get elected would, in fact, appeal to you as a campaign tactic.

  3. It is unfortunate that Sen. Rivers lied during her election campaign, especially if many (or even just some) voters relied on that pledge in making their vote. The only similar situation (I recall) was when George Herbert Walker Bush (Reagan’s VP) stated during his campaign “Read my lips! No new taxes!” A promise that he promptly forgot when he signed the “largest tax increase in history” (up to that point) proposed by the Democratic controlled Congress.

    Sen. Rivers should have considered the circumstances that affected former President Bush in the 1992 campaign and taken that in mind when she ran for office on the promise of voting against tax increases. It might well be unreasonable for the voters to hold Sen. Rivers responsible for her vote in favor of the tax increase, keeping in mind that her negative vote would not have blocked the measure and (she claims) her support did secure some funds directed toward Clark County that might not otherwise have occurred. But the problem remains, she made a clear, specific commitment to vote against increased taxes — and then did not do so.

    Thus, it is up to the voters to either accept or reject her explanation of her vote. I note that in 1992, I did NOT vote for the re-election of the liar, George Herbert Walker Bush — and, apparently a lot of others likewise did not do so as well. (That election was also complicated by the independent candidacy of Ross Perot.) Hopefully, the primary when/if Sen. Rivers runs for re-electioin might offer a more suitable alternative choice.

  4. While I state no position on this vote, other than when I met with Ann and told her it frustrates me since I am on a fixed income, I don’t agree she claimed she would not vote for a gas tax increase with full knowledge that she intended to.

    I recall a similar statement and vote with Vancouver city council member Bill Turlay who also faced the scorn of constituents for his vote approving a tax increase after campaigning against raising taxes. The reality for him, if memory serves me, there was no way he could see meeting city obligations without the tax, saying something to the effect of things look different once you sit up here.

    The scorn passed in a short amount of time.

    What appears to be forgotten here is she was instrumental in stopping the CRC and several other votes beneficial to Southwest Washington. Does the gas tax vote overshadow her other actions?

    In the end, voters will have to decide if she merits reelection or should they vote for whoever, if anybody, is primaried against her? The question then is, who would they run against her and, would it split the Republican vote and send a Democrat in her place?

    I see the same possibility from both sides of the GOP split in Shane Bowman challenging Liz Pike for her seat. Both are fairly popular and we haven’t seen what Democrat will run yet.

    As you indicate in your displeasure with Bush in 1992, we ended up with ol B.J. Clinton.

    It’s going to be an interesting year

  5. Lew, I was in attendance at the meeting on Saturday. Mr Vick and Ms. Rivers took all questions and answered each the best they could. A good deal of the hour plus involved questions that were not necessarily pertinent to their legislative lanes, but they did offer an answer to each.

    As to the video posted, both ends of this video were civil and cordial. The question was a tad long, but was probably the only question asked during the meeting that had relevance to Battle Ground and to the 18th. It was obvious that Mr. Hinton was looking for a full flagellation of Ms.Rivers, and for her to prostrate herself and admit her misdeeds. Of course that didn’t happen and Ms. Rivers offered an explanation of her actions to the 30+ folks there for their absorption. It seemed to me that most in attendance listened to both sides and chose to go with Ms. Rivers.

    Whether her explanation will fly with the rest of the 18th, we’ll see in May if their is anyone stepping up to challenge Ms. Rivers for her seat. If someone does, the question will be answered about her voting record in November, as it should be by the voters of the 18th.

    Ms. Rivers is a friend of mine and of Battle Ground. I believe in November that the people of Battle Ground will recognize that friendship and award her their votes.

  6. For what it’s worth, Philip, I’d take Ann as my representative over Jim Moeller, Sharon Wylie or Annette Cleveland any day. Living in the 49th and being conservative, I have no one to represent my views.

    But, that is how our system it works.

    As for her reelection prospects, as you say, she is fairly popular and enjoys the advantage of being the incumbent. I haven’t heard any name yet that I feel could defeat her.

    I would hope the GOP learned their lesson on splitting voters in the last County Council Chair election.

  7. Given that you, apparently, relied on the same tactic to initially get elected, Philip, it’s not surprising that you would support her. Clearly, she has a terrible time speaking for herself on this issue.

    Further, you have no more of an “idea” of what I was “looking for” than you can levitate.

    She did what you wanted. You could care less how she got there or what that will cost the rest of us. And thus, my disgust for her and you, for that matter, escalates.

    In the end, that she lied is undeniable. In the end, that she is directly responsible for hanging a $700 million dollar bill on this county is undeniable. In the end, tat she lied through her teeth by claiming that failing to pass this gas tax would have cost this county $7 BILLION is undeniable AND unconscionable.

    In the end, that you don’t care because as a politician, the LAST thing you want is to be held accountable for your actions at the ballot box is also undeniable.

    I have a perspective which as a constituent I have the right to present… just like the 70% of this county who voted against the gas tax in the advisory vote presented theirs.

    But will of the people issues are meaningless to you… as they are to Rivers. Your payoff was OUR money for YOUR city. And like any other prostitute, you really don’t give a damn as long as the money is left on the dresser on the way out.

    Clearly, politicians can justify anything, from bogus FOIA requests to try and injure a colleague to ripping off our tax dollars, integrity be damned. Voting for her again is the exact same thing as voting for Boldt and then being pissed off when he jacks our taxes like he did yesterday: you knew what that snake was before you brought him in.

    Don’t be surprised when he bites you.

    In this case, “splitting the GOP” to teach the lesson that to have this job requires you to first, represent The People, second, KEEP YOUR WORD and third, hopefully, suffer the consequences if you don’t is worth the risk.

    With the GOP betrayal of the gas tax, the emergency clause, the corruption of the process concerning the GOP senate super majority rule, the behavior of the GOP at both the state and national level, there’s no reason to vote for them again. And frankly, I don’t see myself doing it.

    This kind of “business as usual” lying needs to end. You wearing out kneepads in front of Rivers won’t help. But then, as long as you get yours, you could care less.

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