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January 15, 2016

Will Light Rail Win This Time? Updated

by lewwaters

Light Rail HellI have said all along that the CRC did not actually die, but fell into an induced coma as both states, Oregon and Washington failed to fund their portions amidst much teeth gnashing and wailing on the part of proponents, some elected officials and business people that left the appearance of missing out on personal profits.

While there is no official announcement of a CRC light rail type of project coming back into play, there are a few indicators being heard of just that possibility coming out of light rail proponents. As of July 2022, Light Rail is once again the driving factor for a new crossing as well as another bridge too low. Vancouver City Council approves early I-5 Bridge plan. By any name, CRC is reborn!

The Lazy C has run numerous articles and editorials extolling once again, the need to replace the I-5 Bridges across the Columbia River between the states of Oregon and Washington. Of course, each makes sure to mention those that listened to constituents and worked to stop funding in a negative manner.

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