Clean Up Your Own Mess, Lazy C

by lewwaters

Boris ColumbianThe Lazy C’s In Our View editorial for today, Jan. 22, 2016, “Clean Up Your Mess” addresses pollution being cleaned up in Hazel Dell, a problem discovered several years ago when chromium was found in our water.

Of course, in usual Lazy C fashion, they present it as how evil and irresponsible businesses are, even though if memory serves me, the company operated under regulations in place at the time, but new regulations passed put them in a violation.

I can’t help but feel this is just another of their more subliminal stabs against the proposed Oil Terminal that may be constructed at the Port of Vancouver.

But they do present a good thought more should follow where they say “And while the lesson is a basic part of living in a civilized society, it too often is ignored by industries, governments and politicians in this country. In short, America does a poor job of cleaning up its messes…”

What you don’t see there is the “mess” they have created themselves with their years and years of slanted reporting, denigration of citizens and elected officials that hold differing views then they hold and a near complete lack of objectivity in political coverage.

Yes, they do well when it comes to reporting Suzie’s cat was stuck in a tree, Johnnie received a merit badge or Granny Alice bakes the best pie, but they fall short when it comes to giving the public fair an objective coverage of many political issues facing our area.

For example, editor Lefty Lou Brancaccio wants you to believe they are centrist and often claims how they endorsed the Republican candidate for president in 2004 and in other years, but did they report anything in depth supportive of them or reveal information against their opponent?

The most glaring example would be their pounding down of citizens and elected officials that did not support the now comatose Columbia River Crossing light rail project that citizens continually rose up against, demanding a vote but were denied that direct vote and defeated every last funding measure placed before them.

We saw it again with C-Tran, seeing their Bus Rapid Transit funding measure go down in flames, scheme to just bypass voters and build it anyway.

Did any editorial or article rip C-Tran apart as they did taxpayers opposed to the CRC, labeling us “Hounds of Whinerville?”

And what of Ol Lefty’s weekly tirades and the Lazy C’s numerous articles over the years against elected officials he does not see eye to eye with after voters indicated they desired the area to move more towards the right?

They have successfully divided our community more than any entity I can think of with their incessant drone and one-sidedness.

So yes, we are in a mess in Clark County and one no superfund can clean up. Call it mind pollution if you will.

In reality it is just media bias.

Clean up your own mess before you complain too much about others, Lazy C.

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3 Comments to “Clean Up Your Own Mess, Lazy C”

  1. Your observations about the local seriously politically biased media are correct. I note that I do not subscribe to The Columbian — and will not subscribe to any publication that allows its biases to twist their “reporting.” It should be noted that I receive a weekly “North County News” published as a shopper paper by the Columbian. I do not read this paper (either), and immediately toss it in the recycle bin along with any advertisements included with it. (The advertisers ought to know that, for me, they don’t exist.)

    I suggest that if more people would follow my practices, then the Columbian would have insufficient revenues (from subscribers or advertisers) to remain in business. People ought to let advertisers in the Columbian what they think about the paper — and how it may affect their views regarding those who advertise in such a seriously biased newspaper. It is a shame that I do not hear about “Johnny’s” accomplishment of reaching Eagle Scout rank nor “Mary’s” success in a horse riding contest. But having quit reading seriously biased newspapers more than a dozen years back, I’ve found that I do hear about the local accomplishments by other means.

  2. You think they would miss an opportunity to take a swipe at the oil terminal?

    On a completely unrelated note, I thought you might enjoy this:

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