Lefty Lou to Lose One-Third of Hate Subject

by lewwaters

Brancaccio GoebbelsIn spite of often made claims such as “my good friend,” it is obvious that Lazy C editor, ol Lefty Lou Brancaccio is a hateful man when it comes to political adversaries such as his coined “M&M Boys” and even more so when it comes to State Senator Don Benton (R 17th).

As I have stated before, since the 2012 election where those “M&M Boys” were elected to the County Commission and Benton won a very narrow reelection over Democrat challenger Tim Probst, Lefty has penned 188 Press Talk editorials, 95 of which were negative in scope towards either the “M&M Boys” or Benton.

That does not include the multitude of articles and posts on the Lazy C’s own blog sites negative in nature against them.

Even back in the 2000 elections, the Lazy C endorsed Benton’s opponent stating;

“The Columbian’s editorial board would like nothing more than to offer an enthusiastic, unqualified endorsement of Democrat Lou Peterson as the best possible candidate for state Senate in the 17th Legislative District. Unfortunately, we can’t.

Not even close.

Peterson, although sincere and well-intentioned, lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the important policy questions for Southwest Washington and the state. About the only attribute in his favor is the fact that he’s not Don Benton.”

The hate took on a fever pitch when Benton was hired as the Director of Environmental Services for Clark County in 2013 that saw Lefty whip up a lynch mob mentality for those on the left that cling to and share his hatred of the right.

Needless to say, and I do not know their basis for such hatred, but it been going on for over 20 years now.

That leaves me with little doubt that ol Lefty jumped up on his desk to dance a jig upon receiving a statement from Don Benton that he would not be seeking a 6th term in the State Senate.

I know C3G2 is beside themselves with jubilance and glee, now believing Probst to be a shoe-in for the seat, not knowing who just yet will step up to run for the seat from the right.

That is where my concern lies as I have seen little political sense or even common sense coming from the Clark County GOP these last couple years.

So, that remains to be seen.

Even though Benton will not seek reelection, he will be serving out the rest of his term, through December 31 of the year.

And he will remain as Director of Environmental Services in Clark County, unless something changes.

That will hamper Lefty’s ability to spew more hatred towards him as he has been doing, but I have no doubt he will also do his best to continue the long-held hate fest.

I feel that because Lefty rarely emails me, unless he desires to rub my face in something of just be snarky, as he did this very evening.

Shortly after Benton’s announcement became public, he sent me, “Hope you’re having a great weekend.”

On the surface it doesn’t appear like much, but the timing shows it to be pure snark, as if Benton’s announcement has some effect on me or matters to me.

It doesn’t.

I’m not in the 17th and I am not a Republican. That last part is something many somehow can’t get through their widdle minds that I am not a Republican and actually care less what happens to that party, especially here in Clark County.

I have witnessed ol Lefty do his best to help circumvent the will of the people, unless of course, that will was supportive of the left. I won’t bore you too much with his many efforts to see the comatose CRC light rail project foisted upon struggling middle class citizens that even he once said, “It’s an ugly baby, but it’s ours.”

Perish the thought that Lefty would ever editorialize on something actually important, beside comments being deleted on facebook, or someone canceling their subscription after be mercilessly smeared or heaven forbid, someone he hates with a passion be legally hired to do a job.

But if he actually editorialized on important matters, such as the recent revelation that the Obama administration placed hundreds, maybe thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien minors in the hands of human traffickers, he might have to lift his blinders and see Democrats are not the sweet little angels he portrays them as.

Good luck, Lefty with your weekly hate screeds. You’ll be losing one-third of your subject material, but I’m sure you’ll find something else to hate on.

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4 Comments to “Lefty Lou to Lose One-Third of Hate Subject”

  1. Well, Crain is sure to endorse Probst, whoever the GOP runs… because that’s how she rolls.

    So, between the RINO contingent and the dems, you can bet tonite is party central for them.

  2. C3G2 and even Lefty are besides themselves to night, even trying to spread rumors of Madore running for the seat.

    Time will tell who the RPCCGOP runs, maybe Hedrick or Berrigan? LOL

  3. In that Probst announced his intention to run just days before Benton announced his intention to retire, I’d suppose that Benton gave Probst a head’s up on his intentions. He probably (and if so, rightfully so, in my opinion) decided that Probst would be the least objectionable Democrat to take the seat if a Democrat wins. The only Republican that could give Probst a run for his money would be Paul Harris – who I think would be a good choice for the job.

  4. Possibly, Benton might have given Probst a nod, I don’t know. But I seriously doubt it.

    Probst is far from any sort of “moderate.” He carries a facade of it, but he too raises questions on his voting against taxes his party puts forth, when they already know they have enough votes to pass them anyway. Like with Monica Stonier doing it too after Probst was defeated in 2012, you have to wonder why it is they received a pass from the party when other Democrats, Tim Sheldon, Rodney Tom, Jim Kastama and even Brian Sonntag were blasted and called for being ousted from the Democrats for doing the very same thing Probst and Stonier did, vote with Republicans.

    Probst would never stake a position on the CRC despite being asked several times. He always skirted the issue.

    Peel back his veneer and he is actually quite a dirty politician.

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