Rep. Harris Responds to Bullying Tactic

by lewwaters

After receiving a threatening letter from Christian Berrigan, State Committeeman for the Clark County Washington Republican Party, of withholding support in any reelection bid if he attended the Republicans of Clark County event, Rep. Paul Harris (17th) responded while attending the ROCC Ronald Reagan Birthday Celebration Dinner on February 6, 2016 in Vancouver, Washington at the Heathman Lodge.

I can’t think it is anything but downright silly to try to bully candidates to not campaign before certain groups of people because you might not like that group. After all, that is what political candidates do.

They want no part of squabbles and are known to speak before any supportive group in order to gain votes.

It has been said politics is a blood sport, but to attack or oppose candidates solely due to who they speak before is political suicide in my estimation.

The new Clark County Republican Party establishment currently ruling the party must realize their bullying of others does not attract voters. It drives them away!

It must also be noted that Paul Harris, even though kidding around above, is also hopeful of differences being set aside and working together, not kow towing as currently demanded from the Party.

DISCLAIMER: This is not posted in support of or endorsement of any candidate or political group or party. It is my general observation.

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8 Responses to “Rep. Harris Responds to Bullying Tactic”

  1. Those guys at CCGOP are real fruitcakes. The Republican party must be really weak in Clark County if they can’t get rid of Berrigan and his crew. I’m surprised that this kind of behavior is tolerated by the GOP at the State level.


  2. The problem with getting rid of them is that they work within the shadows and use dirty underhanded tactics, like when I exposed his effort to stack PCO slots and providing selected PCO’s with a letter and script on how to encourage any challenger to drop out.

    The BS fabricated story after I exposed it was very comical and served to launch my disdain for the RPCCGOP.


  3. If this claim about Christian Berrigan is accurate, his actions constitute a major embarrassment for the Clark County GOP. Presuming the truth about his remarks, Berrigan should be asked to step down as CCGOP state committeeman and resign from all his positions with the County GOP.


  4. I gave you a full copy of his letter at the link. Brent Boger also wrote about it on facebook.

    What Republicans do over it is on them, I warned everybody years ago about these people and wasn’t believed.


  5. Lew–It seems he at least restricted his threat to a personal one rather than one to require the county party to align with him. Notwithstanding, his remarks have the feel of the jackbooted thought police.


  6. Including some 50 or so PCO’s signing on moves it from a personal to more of a party aligned move. To me, it is deceptive to say it is just his own personal letter n include so many from the party in agreement.

    And the ridiculous aspect of his jackbooted effort in the first place is, why badger a political candidate for doing exactly what political candidates do? Speak before any and every receptive audience they can to draw votes.

    How utterly stupid to threaten elected officials and candidates of withholding support, assuming he also would include opposing them, if they don’t do exactly as he says, as if he is some central character in their winning or losing.



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