Did Madore Claim a New Bridge in 5 Years?

by lewwaters

Since early 2014, the Lazy C and Democrats have claimed Councilor Madore said we would have a new East County Bridge in 5 years. He recently claimed that has been a “misrepresentation” of what was originally said.

To set the record straight, let’s look at what was said and you can make up your own mind about it.

Screen shots of additional facebook “Newspaper” comments are compiled at Madore, East County Bridge Quotes

It is now left up to you to determine whether or not you agree that he did state there would be such a bridge in 5 years, or that he has been misrepresented by the Lazy C in what was actually said, as claimed on Feb 11, 2016;

“The truth is that we fulfilled our task of securing a commitment by America’s most respected bridge builder to design, permit, and construct, and provide guaranteed pre-approved multi-year financing for the toll-free East County Bridge for less than the voter approved cost of $860 million within 5 years of our legislatures doing one thing. Say ‘yes’ for the private sector to do everything for a project guaranteed against cost overruns and guaranteed to be on-time for everything, start to finish.”

“We provided all this at zero cost to the citizens in contrast to the $200 million spent on the CRC that failed to get anywhere close to a buildable plan.”

“Yes, we would be driving across a new toll-free East County Bridge two years from now if those that we trusted with our gas taxes also respected the people they are sworn to serve.”


7 Comments to “Did Madore Claim a New Bridge in 5 Years?”

  1. Apparently, he said he had secured a design at his own expense that could be built within 5 years of the go ahead from the Legislature – am I misreading anything?

  2. That is up to the individual to decide

  3. In the state of the county he said five years. This came after that. He probably realized five wasn’t realistic.

  4. The Lazy C quotes of that State of the County address;

    The specter of the Columbia River Crossing hung over Madore’s statements, in particular when he vowed to prioritize the development of a toll-free bridge over the Columbia River near Northeast 192nd Avenue.
    The bridge could be built in as few as five years, Madore said.
    The vow came as a surprise to some, including Camas Mayor Scott Higgins, who said after the address that it was the first time he’d heard of the proposal.
    “We haven’t had that discussion in our community,” he said.


  5. There’s a big difference between vowing to prioritize something and vowing to get something built. Madore didn’t vow to build a bridge in 5 years. Sorry Lazy C – you’re wrong again.

  6. It may have just been a sales pitch, but he did say several times that “I believe we’ll be driving across that bridge in 5 years.” Here is a link to his interview with KOIN 6 in March 2014.


    I would also add that I think the 5 year number was being put out there before Figg Engineering got involved

  7. The odd thing about the left was that they wouldn’t go after Obama for his lofty promises or Gregoire/Ed Murray for the tunnel mishap up north but David Madore saying we can have a bridge built in 5 years if the legislature green lights it equates a promise. The Lazy C didn’t go after Leavitt when he flopped on tolls,Obama when he extended the Patriot act (twice),had lobbyists in his cabinet,etc.

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