Now That the Shoe is on the Other Foot

by lewwaters

Madore, Stuart SneeringI recall the quick animosity that developed and that we all saw very soon after David Madore was sworn in, along with Tom Mielke after the 2012 elections. We saw how for many years, Mielke was the lone voice of conservatism on the County Commission, often sidelined by the votes of Democrat Steve Stuart and Marc Boldt, allegedly a Republican.

We all grew tired of the one-sided votes and after funding candidates previously that didn’t win, Madore ran himself in the 2012 election and won.

That relegated Stuart to the lone Liberal on the County Commission and as expected that did not set well with him after so many years of calling the shots.

In announcing he wasn’t going to seek reelection in 2014 as he announced his resignation, landing an even better paying job as City manager of Ridgefield, Stuart claimed, “There is no longer room for facts, figures, input, and information, if they don’t support the ideological aims of the [board] majority.”

He also arrogantly claimed, “I realized that the most important work I could do is shine a bright light on the decisions being made by the Board. To point out inconsistencies in logic, and correct false facts when they were offered. Why is that so important? Because I’m the only one who can do it. Staff are concerned about their jobs or simply give up on continuously correcting Commissioners, and constituents don’t know all that is going on behind the scenes or have experience enough to know if facts are facts.” (Emphasis added)

Obviously, not controlling the County Commission any longer did not set well with Stuart and many of us felt his antics at not being able to see that voters chose to move away from his control were rather juvenile and unbecoming, expressed Here and Here.

Fast forward to 2016 and it now appears that after alienating many former supporters and an unprecedented number of negative media attacks by the biased daily Democrat Party mouthpiece, the Lazy C, adoption of a Home Rule Charter that radically changed the system of Governance in the County, the shoe is not on the other foot as David Madore now finds himself sitting in a minority and giving off all appearance that he too cannot handle losing the control he exerted over the Council (name changed due to the Charter).

Admittedly, while I expected Marc Boldt to seek revenge as he had, I did not see it coming that Jeanne Stewart and Julie Olson, both of whom I have supported and voted for, would join in with Boldt, following his every lead.

Be that as it may, they form a majority on the now 5 member County Council and have spent much of the first days of the new 5 member Council voting to rescind much of whatever Madore pushed through, promising to revisit each soon.

Needless to say, Madore isn’t taking this very well.

Unable to “play his cards close to his chest,” as I recommended he do long ago and stop handing detractors all of the ammo needed to present against him, we are seeing similar juvenile antics from him on his facebook “newspaper” page.

Numerous facebook references are now seen like “It is so sad to see the dysfunction and open hostility of the new liberal majority on our county council,” “It has become clear that Clark County citizens no longer have a representative form of government,” “In so many ways, the new liberal majority on the council, working as representatives of the staff instead of representatives of the citizen, are in full reverse mode” and “The 3 tax & spend liberals to spend $100,000 on more insanity – again.”

These quotes are but a few that can be seen on his facebook “newspaper” page.

Just as happened with Steve Stuart, Madore now seems to throwing nearly a daily tantrum of sorts. And like with Stuart, seems unable to comprehend that he lost the last election, the voters choosing a new direction.

Of course in that regard, he absolves himself of blame and affixes it elsewhere, this blogger included since I stayed out of the campaigns in 2015 due to smears and attacks from leaders of the Clark County GOP in 2014 and what seemed to me to be several campaigns shying away from my support in the elections that year.

Madore, Lew Continues Damage

More will be posted concerning this message in the future as I realize it was sent to at least one other, possibly more and was copied directly to me by Madore himself. Suffice it to say, Madore’s memory of events outlined deeper in the message are seriously flawed.

I will also say that even though I opposed and beat up on Steve Stuart numerous times over the years, not once did he ever copy a massage he sent to others to me laying blame for any of it at my feet. Nor did I ever see him publicly speak against me as did Madore.

We all had high expectations of David Madore and many still feel he was correct on everything he tried and did. Even I do not oppose his policy efforts, although his bull in a china shop approach often presented flawed documents lacking in forethought.

Madore has shown he is unwilling to collaborate with others and just as Stuart did, he shows he is unable to handle not being in control and calling all of the shots.

This is not his business where he rules supreme, but a government body supposedly governing over a diverse citizenry with varying views and values.

As much as we on the right did not like our views constantly ignored by Steve Stuart, those on the left have not liked their views cast aside either and as we see all over the country, there seems to be no middle ground any longer.

But lashing out at others and blaming them for your shortcomings is not leadership nor is it becoming, Councilor Madore.

It is actually childish.


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6 Comments to “Now That the Shoe is on the Other Foot”

  1. I’m disappointed with Madore for his lack of restraint due to his frustration. I Understand he is frustrated (at present).

    It doesn’t help in the least that Julie Olson apparently arrived on the council with a pre-arrange anti M&M agenda — one she did not bother to mention during her campaign for the seat. There is no sign that she looked at the issues and made independent decisions based on the merits of each case — she joined with Boldt (who is the disgusting creep I expected after his earlier performance on the commission) and Jeanne Stewart to rescind every resolution passed by the M&M controlled commission.

    Julie Olson got my vote … but it is the last vote she’ll ever get from me for any position in the future, ever. Boldt did not get my vote, and won in spite of that, so I can’t be annoyed with his meeting my negative expectations. Stewart is in a different district, and thus I can’t vote her out of office — though I suspected that she put her hat the ring for the Council Chair position to further split the vote between Madore and Mielke. It was truly a shame that both of the conservatives decided to run for the same position. I’d say that with the “jungle style” primary system, that some politicians might have exercised better sense in choosing to run for a particular position. So both Madore and Mielke bear some responsibility for the election of Boldt.

    I only hope we (the conservative voters) will be able to fix this problem effectively in a future election.

  2. Lew,

    I have read and enjoyed for many years your column. To say that I am saddened by your comments in your latest Post “the shoe is on the other foot”, it looks like you have decided to join forces with the editor of the Fish Wrapper to demonize Commissioner Madore. It also appears that you like many others in these hectic political times have turned, with your Pay Pal addition, your column into a money making business.

    Personally I had and still have high expectations of David Madore and still feel he was correct with just about everything he tried and accomplished in spite of the almost daily attacks by the fish wrapper. Attacks that were and still ignored by too many so called conservatives. I not only support his policy efforts, I do not consider his efforts akin to those of bull in a china shop.

    He brought a breath of fresh air to Clark County Politics and like our founding fathers was not afraid to risk his own, not taxpayer dollars, to challenge an ever growing group of pocket picking Clark County Liberals.

    And so it goes,

    Larry Patella

  3. Larry, you have spoken with me many times over the years. Have you ever known me to lie about things?

    And no, I have not joined forces with anybody, exactly the opposite.

    Sorry if my PayPal addition disturbs you. But like others, I have expenses and am living off of Social Security. No one is required to make payment to read, it’s voluntary if they choose to donate.

    If you had been reading as much as you claim, I let it be known back in 2014 that I signed up with a syndication service in hopes of augmenting my meager Social Security. Imagine how shocked I was to see that my efforts were undermined by none other than David Madore so that he could make himself appear to be on top of matters he previously expressed he had no clue about.

    I too support some of this policies, but due to actions taken against me, took off the rose colored glasses and saw what others refuse to see. But I will not join the I. Tinker double standard class of shining light on wrongdoing by Democrats while hiding wrongdoing of Republicans. I have no allegiance to either party any longer, haven’t for years.

    He is just a man and I’d imagine when gas escapes his derriere, it stinks just as bad as do others.

  4. I’m relatively new to the county, so I’m not that familiar with Boldt or what conflicts there may be between Boldt and Madore that would lead one to assume revenge is the motivation. It is not that uncommon at the city and county level for a person to lose an election only to turn things around in the future and be reelected. When that happens you do expect a shift in policy direction.

    That being said I don’t think it is surprising that the 8 resolutions passed in December were overturned and rescheduled for future work sessions. (I was surprised at how quickly it was done) It may not have been the intent, but several of the actions of the board last year give the appearance that they were trying to set the policy direction for the incoming 5 member council. We do not know how the new councilors will vote on these once they have had a chance to discuss at a work session and hear staffs reports on costs and potential issues in implementation.

    One last comment. I am confused as to why the Light Rail and BRT policies were adopted a second time. The advisory votes in 2013 were on whether the BOCC should enact resolution 2013-07-17 for Light rail and resolution 2013-07-19 for Bus Rapid Transit. The BOCC adopted those on Jan. 21, 2014. I’ll have to print them out to compare them, but Resolution 2015-12-23 and 2015-12-24 appear to be the same as 2013-07-17 and 2013-07-19. (If they aren’t the same, then that is not what the voters asked BOCC to enact)

    Light Rail:
    Resolution 2013-07-17:
    Resolution 2015-12-25:

    Resolution 2013-07-19:
    Resolution 2015-12-24:

  5. In late 2011, Chris, Marc Boldt was sanctioned by the Clark County GOP for his many votes in line with the Democrat, Steve Stuart on the County Commission. That included his endorsing the Democrat over the Republican in an earlier election.

    In the 2012 election, the CCGOP threw their resources and support behind David Madore, who won the election.

    Many of us warned Boldt that his running as a Republican would backfire on him as was shown in over 35,000 undervotes in the election, assumed to be Democrats that wouldn’t vote with two R’s in the race.

    Madore won decisively by over 12,000 votes.

    Being defeated like that is the basis for the vengeance as well as continued opposition to him by the County Republicans.

    As for BRT and Light Rail, we fought that for years, being denied promised votes but defeating every single funding measure put before us. That led C-Tran to seek ways to bypass voters to build BRT anyway.

    Light Rail will likely be back in the mix soon.

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