Are We Past The Point of No Return?

by lewwaters

Wile E. Coyote Hate GOPIt seems to be a saying widely disseminated today, being past the point of no return. We hear it in relation to climate change, economical woe and much more.

But where it may be more truthful than anywhere else is in our political discourse, both nationally and locally.

It seems that although our political discourse has been brutal at times since our country was founded, it took on a new level of vitriol beginning with the announcement of George W. Bush winning the 2000 presidential election, with the false cries of “he stole the election” heard ever since.

Of course, if those spreading that canard had ever paid any attention, the much disputed Florida ballots were independently recounted, showing that the Supreme Court did not just hand him the election as was reported in the New York Times, Nov. 12, 2001 Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote.

But, the seed was already planted and carefully nurtured by the left to continue the prevarication to this very day, often used to justify their own over reaching vitriol thrown about all over.

Fast forward to now and we see something much similar in regards to our own Clark County Council, fed by one Lou Brancaccio, aka ‘Lefty Lou” in our local alleged newspaper of record that actually comes across more like the daily mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.

It’s no secret that he and his minions at the paper despise all that stood up and caused the bloated boondoggle, the Columbia River Crossing, to be placed in a politically induced coma, often claimed to be “dead.”

We were treated to disdain from political page editor John Laird for several years as he labeled those of us opposed as “Hounds of Whinerville” and other such colorful descriptions.

Ol Lefty, for his part, has now published 100 editorials out of 193 very negative towards elected individuals opposed since the 2012 election.

What a far difference than when he wrote the weekend after Barack Obama won the 2008 election of “Come together …right now” where he wrote;

“So is there an opportunity now to stop the shouting and the name-calling, end the fist-pumping?”

“I think so.”

“Let’s come together.”

Yet now, it is he leading the charge to further divide the community with his many poison editorials with absolutely no regard for any collaboration or “coming together.”

To that end, Democrat candidate for County Chair last year, Mike Dalesandro commented under today’s Brancaccio screed;

“I was optimistic that healing process could have begun after the County Chair election last November, but it has not. We cannot place the burden of that healing process solely on the shoulders of Councilor Madore. We all need to do our part.”

“At this week’s meeting, County Council Chair Boldt made a plea to ‘stop attacking each other.’ I know many of you think that just applies to Councilor Madore and his supporters, but shouldn’t it apply to all of us?”

“I was proud that Marc joined me in running an issue-based campaign. Everyone I spoke with during and after the election applauded our choice to do so. Yet, as soon as Councilors Madore or Mielke say or do something disagreeable, many of the same people that lauded our positive campaigns launch a barrage of nasty, hate-filled, personal attacks their way.”

“If you truly want to see this community begin to heal, be a positive example.”

“Stop the personal attacks. Focus on policy and elections. Let the community heal.”

Needless to say, such a plea was not met with much kindness from fellow Democrats that wish only to spew spoon-fed hatred.

From Michele Wollert we see in part, “When HE stops the behavior, we will stop exposing it for what it is. You are creating a false equivalency.”

John M. Kowalski, “You really can’t reason with such people; their brains are wired in fact *not* to find common ground. And frankly, Mike, at that point, ‘common ground’ must, by necessity, take a back seat to good governance.”

Thom Rasmussen, “it’s impossible to separate the personal attacks from the policy attacks when HE makes his policies personal.”

Loren Lee, on Madore’s actions, “These are the words of a wreckless demogogue/idealogue. His lack of self awareness and refusal to own the consequences of his actions have caused great division and harm in our community. Marginalizing his actions until November 8, 2016 and voting him out are essential.”

Michele Wollert, “And I truly believe this: if Madore were to exhibit similar tactics to children, he likely would risk seeing the inside of a jail cell for a time.”

“So, yeah. Good people stand up to such abuses from a public figure. And the law protects our right to do so assertively and strongly. It is the only way to get the attention of a bully.”

Mike George, “Mike, your lecture to us all, kind of reads like an, ‘I told you so,’ straight from the bucket of sour grapes department.”

John M. Kowalski gives the granddaddy of them all with, “If we have learned anything this year whether it’s the Tea Party or #BlackLivesMatter there are times and places and reasons to put the politics of respectability on the shelf.” (emphasis added)

“In particular there are those times when derisive polemic can change the status quo for the better.”

Of particular note, these are the same ones demanding civility from others all of the time and an end the derision of our politics, manifested nationally with Donald Trump’s bombastic performances.

These are the people that quickly cry “racism” if someone speaks out in opposition to Barack Obama, but have no problem with calling Black Americans like Clarence Thomas or Janice Rogers Brown “Uncle Toms” or “Neanderthals” or even worse for their conservative views.

These are the fringe left that demand everything their way and their way only that has led the fringe right to dig in their heels and demand the same, freezing us in gridlock while the county and county crumbles around us.

Those we called Paulbots not too long ago, devotees of Ron Paul said they were leading a revolution.

Followers of Barack Obama lined up for his “fundamental change” of America.

Nowhere does there seem to be left any room for people with differing viewpoints to discuss, even argue without beating each other up and seek solutions to our growing problems. There only seems room for the nastiest catcalls I can recall.

And much of it is being fed locally by the Lazy C’s Lefty Lou Brancaccio as he engages in his Chicago style politics of personal destruction of those that do not adhere to his views.

As it stands right now, I am at a loss on how we can correct this course. Both sides seem to indicate that only one-party rule under their fringe leadership will do.

I disagree, but don’t have any idea how to diffuse the war going on in our community with so few willing to stand up from either side to oppose it.

As I found out in 2014, it is completely ‘verboten’ to expose any underhanded dealings of the GOP and the Lazy C does not venture into seeking any wrong doing by Democrats.

Unless more of you are willing to step up and push out the fringe from both sides, we really are past the point of no return as a viable nation and community I fear.

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8 Comments to “Are We Past The Point of No Return?”

  1. Nice way to put it Lew. I loved the cartoon with Wiley E. Coyote going for another downfall like our local snooze patrol covering our small 650K people here in Clark County.

  2. The Lazy C is the cause of much of the vitriol today.

    And they can’t see that is likely the reason they can only obtain maybe 50K of those 650K citizens as subscribers, if that many.

  3. Giving credit where due, that was a stunningly well thought out observation on the part of Mr. Dalesandro.

    It’s one of the more statesman-like things I’ve read around here for quite some time.

    Thank you for posting it here. Thank you, Mr. Dalesandro, for writing it.

    But if Marc wants such a policy to be implemented, he must set the example. He must dump his agenda and utilize fairness as his watchword. He must be even-handed and reign in all elements of this passion play… not just the ones he opposes.

    As for the sheep at C3G2, they base the entirety of their politics on leftist hate. There’s nothing either Madore or Mielke can do that they would approve of, short of ritual suicide.

    That is what they want; that is what the CCRINO splinter group, now useful tools for the C3G2 agenda want, and up to this point, that is what the Three Democrats running the council want.

    Now, I get that some might point to my comment here as inflammatory. But the reality is that none of the votes the council majority has taken would have been any different if their names had been Pridemore, Dalesandro and Green. Thus, they get the title they have earned.

    Meanwhile, it is now entirely up to Marc and no one else.

    He wanted to lead… well, guess what: the responsibility of leadership rests entirely with the LEADER. And that is Boldt.

    Meanwhile, no one has the ability to push anyone or anything “out.” Boldt asked for this kind of reaction and he got it. He’s been snarky, sarcastic, dismissive and arrogant. If he continues on in his vacuum, dancing to whatever agenda he has at the direction, directly or indirectly of whoever gave it to him, he can expect it to get worse… and not better.

    And considering his psychotic episodes with his texts to me, I must admit I’m surprised he’s lasted this long.

    By the way, Marc?

    Can’t stand the heat?

    The door out of the kitchen is right… over…. there.

    You know… to your left?

  4. Mike and I both, along with others, have commented on Boldt’s agenda of vengeance not fairing well for all and it isn’t.

    But the Lazy C is only interested in their smack down, at any cost.

  5. As my Mom used to say….this too shall pass. History is cyclical….just read a book on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to see what vitriolic newspaper columns looked like back then!!!!! I believe–polite but firm civility always wins the day, and a sense of humor…..that was made Ronald Reagan such a hero in the end…patient, polite civility and his wit. (Winston Churchill as well. Ted Cruz winning with it as well.) Hang in there Lew….just keep tellin’ it like it is, informing people, and having a heart for this wonderful nation we live in. This needs to be a “NO DISCOURAGEMENT” zone…..

  6. Term limits would come in handy in Clark County, politicians and diapers both need to be changed for the same reason.

  7. You are part of the problem. Your column is full of derogatory terms and name-calling. “Lefty Lou” “Paul Bots” and, of course calling Ron Paul “batshit crazy” a couple years ago.

    Want to help fix things, take a look in the mirror and vow to change your own behavior.

  8. I only labeled Ron Paul as “bat-shit crazy” because he is bat-shit crazy 😉

    Thanks for stopping by

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