Yes, We Can Coexist With an Oil Terminal

by lewwaters

Oil Can Dollar Sign 1Bomb Trains, Toxic Air, Pollution, Destroying the Environment, Derailment, Fire, Earthquake, we have all been subjected to a steady campaign of fearmongering, followed by boastful claims of how environmental activists have managed to stop job growth for the middle class by successfully convincing cities to not allow terminals that have to do with oil, gas, methanol or pretty much any sort of fuel.

They love to boast of cities in other countries that are “green” and thriving economically.

Our own local envirowacko, Don Charles Steinke can be seen spamming comments under every article pertaining to our own proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver by the Lazy C.

These activists even managed to elect one of their own as Port Commissioner, thanks in large part to a huge donation from an environmentalist group funded by California Billionaire, Tom Steyer in the last election who ran on a campaign of fearmongering.

But they also trip themselves up and expose that they are agenda driven and have no trouble selectively choosing facts to promote their agenda while ignoring the truth when it interferes with that agenda.

A glaring example of this was seen last evening under the Lazy C article, Oil terminal lease faces new uncertainty where once again we see Steinke pop in with his usual gobbledygook.

We see him claiming,

“I was on a conference call today with Andrea Reimer, a city councilmember from the other Vancouver.”

“She said, six years ago, they launched a ‘Greenest City’ campaign, and now they have the fastest growing economy in Canada, and the greenest city in the Western Hemisphere.”

Seeing this prompted me to do a quick web search of Vancouver B.C. to the north of us and passed along the recommendation to John Ley to view my results, since the Lazy C long ago decided they would rather ban me than improve the caliber of their reporting “objectively.”

Googling “Vancouver B.C. oil terminals” reveals that far beyond what Steinke would have you believe, this “Greenest City” north of us is thriving with their own oil transfer facilities.

As Ley commented, several companies deal with oil and other fossil fuel related products there. IOCO, Kinder Morgan Westridge, Shellburn, Stanovan and Westshore Terminals all operate in harmony with this “Greenest City,” providing their citizens with good paying jobs and contributing much in the way of revenue to Vancouver B.C.

Unwittingly, Steinke directed us to seek and find that we too can easily coexist with such an oil terminal and make our own community better with those jobs promised by the terminal, both directly and indirectly.

Steinke even gave us the proof with his declaration of they are the “Greenest City.”

I would hope Port Commissioner Brian Wolfe as well as Governor Jay Inlsee due their diligence in looking north of us and discover what benefits Vancouver B.C. has reaped as they coexist with and work to expand their terminals to ship much needed oil, methanol, coal and more to other regions and countries.

Steinke, predictably just ignores the facts that even he raised and resorts to the usual fearmongering, never allowing truthful facts of harmonious coexistence to interfere with the agenda.

We need both the jobs that will grow with the oil terminal as well as the increased revenue for our community. We do not need those that rely on and use these fossil fuels themselves, to improve their own lives while demanding we not have them to make our lives better.

Surely if Vancouver B.C can benefit in coexistence with the industry, we can too.

Commissioner Wolfe, please don’t fall prey to the hyperbole and fearmongering and support progress by continuing to approve of this much needed job growth offered us.

11 Comments to “Yes, We Can Coexist With an Oil Terminal”

  1. Thanks Lew. The article about Brian Wolfe breaks my heart. I didn’t think voting to create jobs would cost me my job but it certainly did. On Mar 4, 2016 9:08 AM, “Clark County Conservative” wrote:

    > lewwaters posted: “Bomb Trains, Toxic Air, Pollution, Destroying the > Environment, Derailment, Fire, Earthquake, we have all been subjected to a > steady campaign of fearmongering, followed by boastful claims of how > environmental activists how managed to stop job growth for th” >

  2. Nancy, you cast a good vote, but ran up against a fringe group with a blind agenda interested only in imposing their will on all others, truth and facts be damned.

  3. Can’t we do better, though? Oil is at a historic low, and the plan for the oil is to ship it to China. Is that what we really want to do – ship a strategic resource to our enemy at the worst possible price?

    I love jobs, but would rather see the land go to high-end housing as opposed to an oil refinery. In the end, I suspect the overall economic benefit is about the same (would love to see an actual study) but significantly improved quality of life.

    How about we let Longview have the oil refineries? Washington state still benefits, as do all those who are supposedly moving from Clark county to Cowlitz.

    As a side benefit, I approve of forcing quasi-governmental agencies to abide by the law, specifically open meetings laws.

  4. Josef, the plan does not include shipping oil to China at this time. Maybe later it could, but that is not currently in the works.

    7. Will Vancouver Energy export oil overseas?

    The Vancouver Energy terminal will enable its customers to efficiently transport crude oil to the West Coast, where that crude oil is in demand at U.S refineries. While Vancouver Energy’s customers will own the crude oil and arrange for its transportation to and from the facility, we currently do not anticipate that crude oil handled at the facility will be exported.
    – See more at:

    As for high end housing, yes it is nice to have, but who can afford it without decent paying local jobs? The waterfront concrete jungle promises primarily minimum wage service, retail and grounds jobs for locals.

    Longview may bid for the terminal just as Kalama is more than happy to have the methanol refinery Tacoma declined recently. If that happens, though, the trains will still come through Vancouver, carrying all of that revenue to them, leaving nothing for us. We receive nothing, but yes, the state and Longview would.

    As for the open meetings, I suspect the Port is going to come out just fine.

    But the bottom line here remains Vancouver B.C. is thriving while declaring themselves the “Greenest City” and coexisting harmoniously with their own oil terminals.

    That is called balance, something sorely missing here for some time.

  5. Their comments about not shipping to China are, shall we say, disingenous. They even leave themselves an easy out by using obvious weasel words. I’d be happy if we prevented oil exports, but oddly enough, that was killed this year. I use the Russian Times as a source to yank your chain, but the Wall Street Journal has similar articles:
    To recap, I would first like to see a ban on exporting US oil before doing any oil infrastructure in Clark County.

    Clark County planners are very open about their expectations for a massive inflow of out-of-state retirees, who could easily afford expensive waterfront property. We see this already with Californians (cashing out their properties and screwing up our market) and PERS-enabled Oregonians unwilling to pay Oregon state income tax on their pensions. There is a clear market for real estate driven by people relocating to the area. Why screw that up by putting in a refinery that could clearly be located in a less desirable area? In economics, this is called compartive advantage:

    I’m surprised by your reference to Vancouver BC — their economy is largely driven by Chinese money laundering that grossly distorts the real estate market:

    Are Canadian safety regulations comparable to American?

  6. “In a joint move that highlighted growing concerns about the safety of crude oil transportation by rail, officials from the United States and Canada issued a series of recommendations on Thursday, including that oil-laden trains avoid populated and sensitive areas.”

    “In late 2011, the auditor general released a report that concluded, “Transport Canada has not designed and implemented the management practices needed to effectively monitor regulatory compliance” when it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods as defined by the ministry.”

  7. Josef, the reference to Vancouver B.C. was because that was the city Don Steinke used to compare us to as the “Greenest City.”

    I’m surprised to trust RT, they are hardly the most objective. AS for reliability of Vancouver Energy’s claims, I see no reason to discredit them. We have refineries and needs to use our own crude as well. I do recall China was hoping to get the tar sands crude from Canada if we killed the Keystone XL pipeline, but did not keep track of that offer. They even offered to pay for a pipeline across Canada to get the crude to the west coast.

    No refinery is proposed for Port of Vancouver, merely a transfer station.

    Safety is always an issue, regardless of country and I see many claims that just do not bear out. Accidents cost companies money, lots of money as well as public opinion. They do not wish to lose money either and I agree they must go beyond acceptable safety standards, which they have last I heard.

    By the way, the New York Times articles are 5 years old and the terminals are still in Vancouver B.C. with plans in play to expand one in the Metro Vancouver area:

    Frankly, I’m less concerned with oil trains that come through at a slow speed than I am with living under the traffic patter for PDX. We’ve never had a major accident with trains, but 1978 saw a DC-8 set down in a Gresham neighborhood, killing 10 people if I remember right.

    Bottom line, everything carries some risk, but we can strive to keep those risks at a minimum. We have an increasing homeless problem that high end housing will not alleviate. Nor will more minimum wage jobs that workers can’t care for their families.

    Not directly related to the oil terminal, but more towards the energy sector from 2011, a study on the employment growth potential of the energy companies:

  8. Lew, please review your math. You state “By the way, the New York Times articles are 5 years old” but the article I reference is from 2014.

  9. Oops, senior moment, I mistook it from “In late 2011, the auditor general released a report…”

    I stand corrected on the date.

    But it stands that they still have their oil terminals and are even expanding.

    And, I have no problems with stringent safety standards. They must be constantly monitored and improved where possible.

  10. Is it fear-mongering to have said, Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction?
    Is it fear-mongering to say Iran may be on the path to build nuclear weapons?
    Is it fear mongering to require airplane passengers to go through Homeland Security inspections?

    We have good evidence that trains spill oil and catch fire.
    I don’t remember ever writing the words “Bomb Trains” but oil train derailments have undergone events that look explosive. On You Tube, search for videos of “oil train explosions”.

    Civilization as we know it will survive oil spills in the river and carcinogens in the air, but we don’t know if it will survive global warming.

    A thin layer of plastic over my seed starting trays is enough to cook the seedlings. CO2 and other gases also trap heat like that. According to NASA, atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases have not been as high as they are now, for 600,000 years. Does anyone believe there will be no consequences?

    The last 30 months have been the warmest 30 months in recorded history. Sea-level is rising much faster now, than it has risen since the last ice age. It is forecast that by 2050, the glaciers in Glacier National Park will be gone and Time Magazine forecast that the oceans will rise 4 feet this century.

    A warming planet leads to more frequent extreme weather events. In Washington State, we had a record Carlton complex fire in 2014, a record drought in 2015 which cost $1 billion in crop losses and caused thousand of fish fatalities, and enough flooding and windstorms to lead Governor Inslee to seek emergency disaster funding relief.

    The carbon we’ve already put into the air will continue to warm the planet for hundreds of years. I feel responsible to my grandson to do what I can to minimize the harms he’ll have to cope with during his life.

    The atoms of coal, oil and gas don’t disappear when we burn them, they accumulate in the air and in the ocean. Essentially, we have been transferring coal, oil and methane from the ground to the atmosphere at high rates for 200 years.

    We no longer live on the same planet on which we were born and on which civilization developed. Our crops, our roads, and our ports were built to match existing climate conditions, and sea levels.

    The president of an island nation said recently that unless we transition to clean energy as soon as possible, they are doomed.

    Also . . . I don’t think the oil terminal in B.C. handles crude by rail. I’m not certain but I believe that oil terminal was built before cleaner alternatives were available.

    Three weeks ago, B.C. rejected the Trans-Mountain Pipeline that would have ended at a southern terminal in BC , and if I remember correctly, the new prime minister of Canada banned tankers in the northern BC waters, essentially killing the Northern Gateway pipeline.

    I support a gradual transition to 100% clean energy for all. Building more fossil fuel infrastructure takes us in the wrong direction. Building more fossil fuel infrastructure locks us in to more dependence on oil companies, instead of energy independence.

    Instead of sending billions to oil company bank accounts, we can use that money to create far more jobs in the renewable energy sector and conservation.

    The Vancouver Port Commissioners were assured that the Tesoro Savage Joint Venture would not exacerbate climate change, that it would simply displace oil coming from Yemen and Russia. It seems that there are no assurances of that.

    The crude by rail terminal in Clatskanie went out of business a month ago . . . not because of public opposition, but because they had no customers. I assume that west coast terminals have chosen to purchase oil from OPEC instead of American oil. Fracked shale oil from North Dakota is more expensive than conventional oil from OPEC.

    I’m guessing that if Tesoro had an oil terminal in Vancouver, it wouldn’t ship much oil until OPEC decides to allow Tesoro to capture some of their market share.

    According to the Atlantic Monthly, the Saudi’s are planning the world’s largest investments in solar, so they can save oil for income.

    Be well everyone. Thanks for reading my view.

  11. Don, you really should do a web search before you sound off.

    Since you mention WMD’s in Iraq, they were but one of several reasons given. No, they weren’t found as we expected, or so we were told. Yet, the New York Times has reported The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons

    How could anybody be a casualty of something not there?

    Additionally, what happened to them? They were there throughout the Clinton years, or so Democrats kept reminding us.

    As for the rest of your “fearmongering,” yes, it is fearmongering. In spite of over 30 years of safe transport of volatile cargo through our community, you fall back on “bomb train” nonsense and make sure to maximize ever rail accident you can, ignoring that overall, volatile material is safely transported every single day. If we followed your example we would not have to worry about airplane crashes as there would be no aircraft flying at all.

    This is the wrong place to cry Gorebull Warming and I see you continue to ignore many scientists claiming it is a hoax, just as you did at the forum at the Library by pitting three activists against three bona fide scientists.

    Warmest month ever, blah, blah, blah. Heard it so much it no longer has any meaning.

    I’m still waiting for you to document your 350 mpg Volt you claim to drive.

    You’re an alarmist, Don, that would shove us back to the dark ages, but keep luxuries for yourself. You prey on people’s fears selectively while living your life as you see fit. You cannot even see ow many items you use yourself that are derived from petroleum.

    What I have so funny over the years with these “Green” energy sources, is all of the Gorebull Warming alarmist that fought solar and wind in their backyards.

    For Cape Cod Wind Farm, New Hurdle Is Spiritual

    Senator Feinstein Seeks to Block Solar Panels In Mojave Desert

    An Ill Wind Off Cape Cod

    Ted Kennedy Blocks Cape Cod Wind Farm

    Environmentalists Fight Calico solar farm

    Animals Rights Activists Blocking Wind Farms

    Decision Promised Soon on Cape Cod Wind Farm

    Conservation group sues to stop California solar plant

    By the way, Clastskanie plans to reopen to ship ethanol. The low-price has hurt oil companies as a glut of oil is seen, but as always, it won’t last forever.

    As for the Vancouver terminal, since gas is still being refined, I suspect enough would go through to keep it operating as the market recovers over the next few years, once it was built.

    Incidentally, since oil companies making profit seems to disturb you, I hope you realize whatever pension you receive relies on them to fund your pension. I would much rather see private industries create real jobs and than government confiscate money to hand out nillywilly, claiming they create jobs. We need real jobs that increase revenues, not sorry make-work jobs that suck up revenues.

    We’ll do just fine, as soon as the fearmongers that wish us back to the dark ages while they retain their luxuries leave us all alone 😉

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