Benton Praised by Progressive Democrat

by lewwaters

Who knew that a Progressive Democrat like Sen Maralyn Chase (D 32) would get emotional bidding Sen Don Benton (R 17) farewell as the State Senate paid him tribute upon his coming retirement after being elected to the Senate 5 times now?

The Lazy C mentioned the comments in their article State Senate pays tribute to longtime legislator Benton, but the raw emotion of her words are not able to be discerned in it.

What a difference in what Sen Chase says about Benton’s “environmentalism” with what we have been repeatedly told by the Lazy C as well as several on the C3G2 facebook page, all swearing up and down just how “unqualified” Sen. Benton is to be hired as Clark County’s director of environmental services back in May 2013.

Since that time it has been a steady stream of negativity and vitriol against Benton, even worse than what the Lazy C dished out against him for over two decades prior, once endorsing his opponent in the election, after admitting he was far inferior in qualifications, simply due to “he’s not Don Benton.”

Sen. Chase is well known for an effort once to ban plastic bags in our state similar to how Portland, Oregon did. Audio from the former KPAM Victoria Taft radio program of her speaking of that can be heard here.

I now sit and wonder if any of the rhetoric spewed about Benton will ever be retracted as it is apparent to me, even those from the Progressive Democrat side of the aisle can see Benton was indeed qualified to lead our environmental department in Clark County, where he remains after retiring from the State Senate.

Tim Probst, running again for the seat long held by Sen. Benton was also noted for his rhetoric against Benton, both directly from him and indirectly on his behalf, trying to portray Benton as ineffective and uncaring. Probst, not one to shy away from mudslinging, has also been shown to be wrong by the very words spoken by Sen. Chase.

I too didn’t always agree with Benton and he has been known to ruffle feathers. But he has also shown to be effective, often working from the minority position and now, receiving such praise from a Progressive Democrat few would ever think would be his close friend.

C3G2 and the Lazy C owe this community a huge apology that I doubt we will ever hear over their portrayal of Sen. Benton over so many years and especially his leading the Department of Environmental Services.

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3 Comments to “Benton Praised by Progressive Democrat”

  1. Senator Benton consistently opposed the constant pressure to raise spending, debt, and taxes to support increased spending and debt. When Clark County voters twice opposed bringing TriMet Portland light rail into Clark County at the ballot box, Benton honored that and did not back down. He has saved the county $$ in his role as director of environmental services. The only way Clark County will learn about any of the good work Senator Benton has done, or other conservatives for that matter, would be at this blog or others. As I learned from this blog, the Columbian was started to support democrat candidates and ideas, and it appears they have remained faithful to that vision all these years.

  2. Now we learn that this guy supports Trump. He keeps digging a deeper hole for himself.

  3. I don’t support Trump and don’t know why Don is, but last I heard, this is still America where everybody has the right to support whoever they wish, even Hillary or Bernie 😉

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