I Will Return

by lewwaters

Apr. 2, 2016: Issues ironed out and resuming with blogging 

Sick Computer 1With apologies to Gen. MacArthur for stealing his notable claim, I feel it appropriate to inform you all that the recent silence of this blog is due to computer problems and not anything resulting from the CCGOP hierarchy expressed in the past.

For some time now I have struggled with an aging computer that finally decided to stop and force me to take it in for repair. Whether it is repairable or must be replaced remains to be seen.

It is in the hands of some very competent people as I write this on my aging and slow as molasses in sub zero weather netbook.

In the meantime, I am making short comments on facebook as the netbook permits me and trying to keep files updated for future posting on relevant issues, understanding that with the shelving of the Clark County Politics blog, there is no other relevant or viable alternative to the Lazy C.

I appreciate your patience and understanding and will resume blogging just as soon as I am able.



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6 Comments to “I Will Return”

  1. Good luck with the repairs Lew…or with a new purchase.

  2. Thanks Craig, I hope to hear later today which way it will go.

    I guess I can’t complain, I’ve been using the computer for almost 6 years without any major problem before now.

  3. Bought a Dell desktop from Amazon, works perfect and got it in two days. Of course new Window’s computers come with Window’s 10 which is probably different than what you have used in the past. Or you can buy an Apple, never used one, don’t know anything at all about them.

  4. Thanks Phil. I too have no experience with Apple computers.

    My computer is an HP I purchased from Best Buy back in 2010 with Windows 7 on it. I upgraded it to Windows 10, but was already experiencing problems that just kept getting worse until it became unbearable. I don’t know just yet how it will be resolved and also have to consider a very limited budget, being retired on Social Security.

    One way or the other, though, I will get back up and running 🙂

  5. Thanks for the mention Lew!

    Don’t have too much fun reinstalling all your programs tonight. 😉

  6. Tonight will be just the beginning, Therese;-)

    Took me some 6 years to accumulate it all.

    Thanks for all you guys did.

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