Lazy C: Eulogizing and Hypocrisy

by lewwaters

Brancaccio FoolOur community suffered a grave loss last week with the death of John McKibbin and his passenger, Irene Mustain when McKibbin’s North American AT-6 crashed into the Columbia River.

I never had much interaction with McKibbin that I can recall, although I do believe our paths likely crossed at some community events, enabling me to once video tape him in his airplane, starting it, taxiing and later flying overhead.

A former County Commissioner, legislator and community leader, he was well liked and honored in the community and will be well remembered, I am certain. And by all accounts, an honorable man.

It was refreshing to see Lazy C editor Lou Brancaccio deviate from his usual smear mongering and demeaning of certain people in the county in his Saturday, April 2, 2016 Press Talk editorial, “Celebrate those who build community.”

It is widely known that he feels it is primarily the left that is only capable of building our community, evidenced by his paper’s years of smearing, denigrating and blasting Republican or conservative officials and even citizens that step forward to “unite behind a common struggle” as he wrote in his editorial.

Remember the smears against private citizens opposed to bankrupting the community by forcing us to accept Portland’s financially ailing light rail a few blocks into the community, then political page editor John Laird given what seems to be carte blanche in attacking? “Hounds of Whinerville” we were referred to along with NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) and my personal favorite: BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything).

As I documented in the past, Brancaccio too wasted no effort in smearing those he disagreed with, what with half of his editorials since the November 2012 election dedicated to negativity towards Republican County Commissioners, continuing after passing the home rule charter even he long opposed in order to neuter or see two specific county councilors (as they are now known) ousted.

And it doesn’t stop with him. So-called reporters have added their poison pens into the fray when writing articles covering meetings, conduct or actions of those specific Republicans.

Actions by Democrats, as we saw long ago with the mysterious and sudden resignation of 49th legislative district representative, Jim Jacks were quickly swept under the rug and soft balled, unlike previous incidents when a Republican was caught up in scandal, resigned and faced 14 articles, columns or editorials within 5 days.

Brancaccio now says, “John and I didn’t always agree on the issues facing our community. That’s OK. But the key in any discussion — dare I say argument — is not to always come to an agreement but rather to walk away from a disagreement with respect for that opposing view.”

Well said. But, where is that attitude in regards to conservatives he has long disagreed with?

Brancaccio also wrote,

“Despite our occasional differences, we were never disagreeable. Why? Because being disagreeable destroys any hope of uniting together to achieve a common goal.”

“What else? To reach a common goal often means a community needs to unite behind a common struggle. Struggle brings a community together. And frankly, the more painful that struggle is, the closer the community will become.”

“Another ingredient? A gathering place to discuss the issues. In years past, it often was coffee houses, recreation centers and churches. All are still important, but today social media has created virtual gathering places.”

“And The Columbian — for years — has been one place for all of us to get together. There are others, of course.”

“Finally, a community needs a leader. Someone to bring it all together. That leader doesn’t have to be the same person all the time for all the issues.”

How can he make such a claim given his writing over 100 editorials directed against specific officials, all Republicans since the 2012 election?

How many Republicans have been smeared and attacked in print for doing exactly as he wrote?

Can we recall when his paper chose to print photos and names of those conservative citizens they decided spoke out against the CRC too much at city council meetings?

Or when they labeled a Hispanic Republican female candidate as “a toxic influence at council meetings, a chronic complainer whose frequent trips to the podium have followed a pattern of unproductive negativity.”

Her ‘crime?’

She strongly opposed the CRC along with several others and pushed back against verbal abuse from Mayor Leavitt. She also filed to run for city council and the Lazy C strongly opposed anyone passionately opposed to the CRC.

Apparently Brancaccio, in penning “The first ingredient is passion. People need to care. And let’s be upfront about this passionate caring. It sometimes means disagreement” chooses to ignore and demean that “passion” in the pages of his paper when it disagrees with his point of view.

It also appears he forgot that “the more painful that struggle is, the closer the community will become” is what grew public opposition to the CRC that eventually placed it into a politically induced coma.

How ironic and yes, hypocritical of Brancaccio in his eulogizing John McKibbin that accolades are given for the exact same thing he chose to smear and denigrate so many others for doing over the years.

As previously said I did not personally know Mr. McKibbin and likely disagreed with him in many areas. But as many Liberals I have sat down with can attest, I’m okay with meeting in the middle on most issues. In fact, such meeting in the middle was the very foundation of our nation that gave us our constitution so long ago.

From what I have witnessed over the years, there is no such middle ground to be had with Lou Brancaccio or the Lazy C.

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4 Comments to “Lazy C: Eulogizing and Hypocrisy”

  1. Great blog post Lew! Thanks for speaking out! Liz Pike WA State Representative, District 18 Cell (360) 281-8720 26300 NE Third Street Camas, WA 98607 Campaign Address: PO Box 662, Camas, WA 98607 WEB:


  2. Interesting that while Brancaccio salutes McKibbin as a community builder that this blog responds to such sentiment by attempting to smear Brancaccio. Dysfunction writ large.


  3. Given the many years of smears by Brancaccio of others, interesting that you have no problem with any of those smears.

    But of course, since they are not of the political persuasion you favor, it’s all good right?

    It is apparent that you too believe there is no middle ground to be had and that your view and yours alone is all that should be permitted.


  4. Josephine is an active citizen who speaks up! She would have made a terrific Vancouver city councilor. Her opponent went on to be one of the infamous gang of 5 CTRAN board members who approved a contract for light rail in spite of the citizens votes against it, and CTRAN policies that he said he favored before his election not to use CTRAN funds for light rail. At least some of the board members never even saw the contract prior to approval, a contract which remains in effect to this day. County Councilors Madore and Mielke as members of the CTRAN board urged cancellation of the sneaky contract hastily approved by the notorious gang, to no avail. Talk about toxic and negative, that contract stinks to high heaven. The Columbian strongly favors light rail, and opposes candidates and citizens who dare to publicly oppose their pet project, IMHO. This blog has been a good source of information on this and other issues.


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