Brandon Vick’s “Right to Try” Should be Law

by lewwaters

Giving credit where it is due, the Lazy C, in a random act of journalism has initiated a 60 Seconds feature in the Sunday newspaper where various officials are interviewed and speak of a key position of theirs in just 60 seconds.

My focus though, is on the following clip from Brandon Vick, Republican Representative from the 18th Legislative District.

To me, this bill was a no-brainer that should have easily passed and frankly, one of the better bills I have seen proposed in a long time.

For many years I have spoken of wasted efforts from Olympia writing and debating bills to actually name a state rock or even an official dirt.

Maybe important to some, but really what would such a matter do to better our lives in Washington State?

In the past our legislature has bragged and prided itself on being the first to pass homosexual marriage, giving out lucrative tax breaks for businesses, even raising taxes on others while giving breaks out to few.

But what makes Vick’s bill a no-brainer is that our legislature was among the earliest to debate and pass an assisted suicide law for terminally ill patients labeled Death with Dignity.

So what about Life with Dignity?

Why shouldn’t those facing their end of life be permitted to try experimental medications or treatments on an equal basis as they would be permitted to end their life prematurely?

Vick, in a Press Release introducing HB 2961 said, “People should not have to get government approval to save their own lives. They should have the ability to work with their doctors and decide what potentially life-saving treatments may benefit them, and what they would be willing to try.”

After all, these people already qualify to seek physician assisted suicide to end their lives. But unlike assisted suicide, our state is not in the fore of this effort to save lives as they were to end lives.

The bill did not pass this session but Vick has reintroduced it for the next session.

Let’s hope that those legislators eager to allow terminally ill people to end their lives will be as eager to allow people and their doctors to try efforts to save their lives.

It really is a no-brainer.

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