And the Order of the Golden Shovel Goes To;

by lewwaters

Golden ShovelWill Rogers famously quipped, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging,” meaning of course, if you find yourself increasingly on shaky ground, especially in politics, reassess your position and approach differently.

Locally, we see County Councilor David Madore, who has announced his intent to run for reelection this year, the brunt of many negative editorials and an increasing din of public opposition.

Madore was elected by a wide margin in 2012 in hopes of seeing a much needed shift to the right in county governance. But it seems winning by such a margin went to his head and he forgot that governing is a team effort, not an authoritative one.

I gladly lent the full support of this blog to him back then, but slowly noticed a strong hint of arrogance along the way in his actions of he and he alone knew best, leading me to pen an Open Letter to him shortly after assuming office as I witnessed him handing those opposed to him all of the ammo they needed to smear him with.

But he doesn’t listen and continued down the same path and once assuming chair position of the county commission, pushed his views over any other, alienating staff and department heads along the way.

It is no secret that I stopped supporting him some time ago, partly over his arrogance towards others, but largely due to his actions directed at me, outlined some time ago here and here and of late, what I refer to as a Nastygram he copied me that he sent to at least one other, unknown if it went to more. Previous efforts that I considered an attempt to ‘buy me’ were rebuked.

He even once challenged me openly, entering a discussion on my facebook page daring me to go public with what I hold against him, reminding me that years ago his website, then under the management of another, posted a favorable video interview of me and even saying at one point, “If you don’t share anything else, then we all should understand that there is nothing else,” as if he were the final arbiter of my emotions.

Contrary to what some believe, my skin is much thicker than realized, but this is a pattern many have witnessed for some time now as he continues to lash out at others that do not necessarily agree with him that sees his effort to have the temporary County Manager ousted before being confirmed as the permanent County Manager.

We also see it as he continually refers to the three fellow County Councilor’s as “the three Liberals,” even though each has roots to the Republican Party, even though the chair, Marc Boldt ran as “no party affiliation.”

Suffice it to say that he is alienating many voters and in my opinion, the only saving grace for him if he is reelected will be that councilors under the new home rule charter, proposed and voted in largely due to his actions as a County Commissioner, will be elected by districts now and not a countywide vote.

I am told that at tonight’s council meeting, several citizens plan to attend specifically to show and express support for the staff that Madore has increasingly lashing out against. Given citizen outrage against him in the past, I expect a full house tonight.

As said above, he has announced his intent to run for reelection and if the exchange I witnessed last evening is indicative of how he intends to run his campaign, all of the money in the world could not buy him a win.

Madore, Fake R's 2

I do not know John Blom but that is no way to approach a primary challenge nor should such a devious plot be discussed in public, but that seems to be the modus operandi of the new Clark County Republican hierarchy we witnessed a couple of years ago as a letter was sent out instructing selected PCO’s on how to encourage their challengers to withdraw, thereby stacking PCO slots to the favor of one point of view in the party.

Madore and his small band of devoted merry followers appear to believe they will be able to repeat that feat this election, but at the county level.

Some are even questioning the mental state of Madore’s mind as he keeps lashing out at so many, labeling those that vote contrary to his views in derogatory manner in nearly daily posts on his facebook “newspaper,” as he renamed his page to a while back after announcing he was going to “launch a newspaper by the end of 2014.”

He has even dropped strong hints of crime committed by those that disagree with him, causing the county to bring in outside attorney’s to investigate the actions of fellow councilors, the County Manager and even the County Attorneys.

Many of us had high expectations of Madore in his own way; I guess he tried to implement them. But he forgot along the way that governing requires collaboration and compromise. It is not up to the views of one elected official to run roughshod over the rest.

And when you have engaged in such actions and the pushback begins, especially when you find yourself in the minority on a council, it is political suicide to lash out and alienate all of those you depend on to run departments or cast votes for policy you prefer.

It is in that light of Madore digging himself into such a hole and his efforts to continue digging that I hereby announce he is a full fledged member of the Order of the Golden Shovel.

Madore Golden Shovel

You dug your own hole, David. You must now either climb out of it on your own or end up buried in it.

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12 Comments to “And the Order of the Golden Shovel Goes To;”

  1. Very well said. Yes some of us have voiced concerns over the state of his mental health. He seems to be attacking nearly everybody. When the whole world is wrong in your view the odds are something is wrong with you. That is a little tidbit of experience I have picked up from my years of care taking of my mentally ill sister.
    He has recently shown his need to have everyone agree with him or he just keeps on talking his same talking points in long winded circles. Balanced people recognize when they aren’t going to swing the opinion of others their way.
    He also bought the Geiger counter and checked his food. Furthermore he took it to a store and checked the food there. Then he ushered the manager around telling him he was selling toxic food. These are not the acts of a normal stable person when combined with the other behavior.
    While I often see the things that are wrong with our government I also see the things which are right.
    If I spend all of my time delving into the wrong I am usually overwhelmed at the conspiracy theorist spins of corruption. It can cause one to see everything tainted. That alone can change the way a person thinks.
    I am worried for him. Perhaps he cannot pull himself back from the brink to stop from falling into the hole he has dug because his mind is filled with suspicion. It can be toxic. I want us all to remember he is a human being and we should show him God’s love and use caution so that he does not have an irreparable mental breakdown.
    I say that with all sincerity.

  2. I too was once cautiously optimistic that Mr. Madore would bring a new perspective to local governance. However, as you so clearly demonstrate, his perspective quickly turned into ultimatums and, when rebuffed by others, became personal attacks. Some people are not suited for playing well with others.

    It is perplexing to me how the current leadership of the Clark County Republicans have come to believe that they are the sole definers of all things “conservative” or “Republican.”

  3. Many claiming to be the sole determiners of conservative today are actually more fringe right libertarians.

    Some have come from the Ron Paul group.

  4. “We also see it as he continually refers to the three fellow County Councilor’s as “the three Liberals,” even though each has roots to the Republican Party, even though the chair, Marc Boldt ran as “no party affiliation.’

    Labels, of course, are meaningless. The entire CCRINO shtick, for example… labels that have nothing to do with reality.

    Help me with this, Lew. I’m not a part of anything involving Madore or the GOP. But I would love to know this:

    How have Boldt, Stewart or Olson voted differently in any way than their opponents, had they been elected, have voted?

    When you run as a Republican… or a conservative… or a fake Republican… and you vote like you were a democrat… then exactly what is supposed to be done about that?

    Marc ran as “no party affiliation,” even though he was an utterly worthless PCO in the GOP who never once bothered to show up for the meetings, save for his moronic effort to get the GOP endorsement that caused the CCRINOs to lose their collective minds.

    Are you angry that Madore has spoken something approximating the truth? I keep asking those running now for council how they would have voted differently than Boldt, Stewart or Olson.

    And none of them have responded.

    As a prospective constituent, do I not have the right to ask? And as a prospective constituent, do they not have the duty to answer?

    Or is their failure to answer… an answer in itself?

    The council majority has an agenda. They are following it. When Madore could, he ran HIS agenda, much of which had been approved at the polls…. and the local RINOs and leftists LOST THEIR MINDS.

    Is it conservative to restore a 2% property tax cut, especially when Boldt supported the tax increases in the first place? Is it conservative to do, in fact EVERY SINGLE THING I SAID BOLDT WOULD DO if he were elected?

    As I said, labels are meaningless. How you govern is what matters… and these three have governed like anything BUT Republicans… or what I believe a Republican is.

    Help me with this: how have these three voted any differently than their opponents, had they been successful, would have voted?

    I maintained throughout the election cycle that there was zero difference between Boldt and Dalesandro. School me.

    HOW has Boldt voted any differently than Dalesandro would have?

    THAT’S the crux of the matter.

    Instead, they continue on in their mission to roll back everything Madore did, right or wrong, not because it was wrong… but because Madore was the driving force behind these initiatives… and the Jim Mains types and the left stand on the sidelines and applaud as the CCRINO types do their dirty work for them while they do nothing…

    In reference to Madore, you write: “But he doesn’t listen and continued down the same path and once assuming chair position of the county commission, pushed his views over any other…”

    You mean, like Marc does?

    To me, this isn’t about Madore. This is about a petulant jerk that’s close to losing his mind… that I had to block from sending me his idiotic text messages… taking his hard-on for Madore out on all of us. Because I’d like to know: what have Stewart, Boldt and Olson done FOR us, instead of TO us?

    WE are the ones who will have to pay more because of Marc. WE are the ones who suffer in silence because Marc is wasting additional tens of thousands MORE dollars on CREDC so Bomar can waste more of our money going on French vacations that avail us nothing… among other things.

    How are we SUPPOSED to react to that?

    I have never voted for Madore. I’ve slapped him around on my blog when I thought he had it coming. But I am never going to blindly hate him enough to think that what he says outside of actual governance… actual results… is somehow more important than the results of that governance. And the governance of these three have been, IMHO, utterly abysmal. I am never going to throw a childish fit of pique like the next failed GOP candidate in the 49th, Crain, who has less than a zero chance of getting elected dog catcher in Vancouver and despise everything the man has done merely because HE has done it.

    I don’t have that luxury.

    And for those of us who feel this way… how are WE supposed to address that? Come up with yet another bogus Republican group like Crain’s and use it to attack those three? Do the same thing to them that Crain and the CCRINOs are doing not just to Madore, but to Pike and Mielke?

    How are we supposed to react to this insanity?

    Does Madore have some fault in this? Of course. You bet. Do all of the others who wanted this outcome have some blame in this disaster? Absolutely, but they’ll never admit it. Do these three councilors have blame for some of this?

    Absolutely. But who takes them to task? No one. They are as pure as the driven snow to those who wanted us to ignore past records voting records as if they wouldn’t have any impact on future governance… and how idiotic is that?

    Are these three somehow blameless? Or are we now watching this fungus of hatred emanate from them while we all suffer and they indulge their payback agenda?

    And I get that you believe that Madore screwed you. But Crain’s minions, among others of that ilk, have been beating me to a pulp behind the scenes… so what am I supposed to think… and do… about that?

    There’s filth everywhere in the political realm. But the only thing that matters is outcomes. And the majority outcome on the current council has been and will continue to be utterly abysmal. And everyone involved is responsible… but everyone involved does not get the same level of scrutiny or condemnation.

    Why is that?

    Help me to understand.

    I want to know.

  5. Everything you say Kelly is summed up in the following, “But the only thing that matters is outcomes.”

    What has Madore’s outcome been?

    He sure isn’t accomplishing anything of note. And, as you well know too, I was speaking against what the three councilor majority was doing, up until Madore sent that nastygram accusing me of causing harm.

    You of all people know how politics works and bullheadedness from the minority doesn’t work.

    That is when a great deal of tact is needed and I’m sure you learned the same Army definition of tact as I did. “The ability to tell someone to go to hell and they look forward to the trip.”

    Whether Madore screwed me or not is irrelevant to his digging himself in deeper and deeper and by alienating more and more and people with his antics. But it does lend itself to an ongoing pattern coming from him.

    As for you and the ROCC group, I leave that up to you how you deal with whatever goes on between you two. I will not join in with them.

    BTW, I too have had words with them behind the scenes that remains with me.

  6. But Lew, I asked you how we are supposed to respond, after I showed the crux of the matter: how is it that ANY of the three councilors in question voted in any way differently from the democrats they defeated?

    Are Republicans still supposed to support these people when their voting record is not particularly different than 3 Jim Moellers?

    What are we supposed to do, Lew? Just keep our mouths shut and suffer at this apparent political betrayal?

    Madore is fighting back the only way he has available. What would you have him do… sit there and take it?

    Would you?

    I believe Madore’s outcomes are better than what he’s been replaced with.

    Has our local economy exploded upwards under his watch?

    Did he try and implement a plan to alleviate cross river congestion? Would it been successful… or at least supported… if it hadn’t been HIS plan?

    I see a lot of “no” coming from these three. I don’t see a lot of alternatives.

    Don’t like the east county bridge that the people of this county supported at the polls?

    Then come up with an alternative… of which they have precisely zero… because both Boldt AND Olson have been huge supporters of the CRC… ALL of the CRC… for years… and STILL ARE. So they act like… and vote like… democrats.

    Madore’s outcomes have been attacked, stonewalled, torpedoed… but not REPLACED. And frankly, ANY idea is better than none at all.

    I WANT better ideas. But none of the three on the council have offered any. All they’ve done is undo what he’s done. And while I don’t always agree with Madore’s actions, I would never undo his efforts… or Boldt’s, for that matter, merely because they are the source of those efforts.

    The people of this county now have to pay more to live here. And that’s related to one person and one person alone and his name is Boldt.

    NOW the demand is that Madore go alone with whatever these 3 want, even if what they want fixes nothing, replaces nothing or makes nothing better.

    And you know as well as I do that it’s not because they have better ideas… but instead it’s because of their personal animus towards Madore.

    It may be fine for you to be governed based on the hate of a group answering to special interests and those on the left who supported them. The entirety of the C3G2 hate group is nothing BUT their hatred of Madore, for example. But when the shoe was on the other foot, there was little else but incessant bitching, whining and moaning.

    I would very much like ALL concerned to be treated the same. Boldt, for example, shouldn’t be getting a pass for going after Madore’s accomplishments unless he can replace them with accomplishments of his own… which he has not done.

    As I pointed out: everyone bears some fault.

    But it is fundamentally wrong to treat Madore differently than the others. What about Boldt’s shovel, for example? And what happens when we have to start paying HIS bills?

    I do not have the luxury of political judgments based on personalities. I hammer political personas around here ONLY based on what they’re doing: a bad idea is a bad idea, no matter who it comes from. Correspondingly, so is a good idea… and if you’re going to kill an effort, the idea that anyone would do so… as these three have done so… merely because of the source of the idea? And without a BETTER idea that does MORE?

    That’s not governance. That’s playground bullshit.

  7. And what have you gained in responding as Madore is now doing?

    He’s getting nowhere in his responses currently, maybe he should consider a different approach.

    As for how I supposedly treat Madore, I’ve beat up on some far worse and they didn’t directly stab me in the back.

    I’m independent from any group and have called out C3G2 and if you remember, I told everybody this was the purpose of the home rule charter and was largely ignored by Madore’s people down at the GOP.

    Why not go speak to them on their inadequate efforts?

  8. I think this is my favorite of your posts so far, Lew. Not at all with any nasty intention, but you summed up, so appropriately, what many folks have endured from Madore. There is true concern, throughout this county, for Madore and for the wide swath of destruction he has bred. Not to be confused with an “us against them” sentiment.
    I wish The Columbian had not written insinuating that a smack down was to be expected! As you know, last nights show of support was for Clark County staff, electeds, community and good governance.
    Also, I somehow stomached through the 30 minutes of Clark County Focus, which was recorded yesterday and featured none other than the master of transference himself. Oh my gosh! 30 minutes of relentless campaigning, wily self aggrandizement while posturing humility, and vilifying of every other human other than himself. Heck, you could do 10 blog posts on that segment alone, Lew 😱
    Anyhoo, awesome job on your blog, as ever.

  9. You have to admit too, Terry, Brancaccio does more than his fair share of that as well 😉

    He even emailed me last evening shortly after council restored newspaper of record to the Columbian with only the word “BOOM” on it.

    And as I said, Madore dug his own hole and keeps on digging.

    The only question remaining, when do the rest digging their holes be held accountable as well?

  10. Golden Shovel Award? Funny.

    Democrats expect Republicans to be like Democrats and plenty of those who call themselves “Republican” fit that bill.

    Looking through your candidate website, Carolyn Crain, without rancor, I’m having a hard time understanding just what differentiates you from most Democrats. You seem to share the collectivist mentality of leftists that it’s up to government to take care of people. And no Carolyn, I’m not trying to pick on you. I know you’re sincere and I appreciate that. Just making my own observations. Hopefully, you oppose the men in the women’s shower room thing.

    Like K.J. Hinton, I also fail to see the point of electing the kind of Republican who could just as easily be a Democrat. An inexorable slide into ever increasing socialism. Maybe just a little slower is all.

    David Madore HAS offered a fresh perspective, which is what the problem is, in the eyes of Leftists, who refuse to consider anything not based on collectivism. And that mental illness bit is a continuation of the psychoanalyzing they’ve pulled from the start. Madore has endured a lot, but continues to stand up against an ingrained culture of opposition hell bent on destroying him, or anyone like him for that matter. Just look at how many at that c3 fb page are former or current government employees, all of whom have biting things to say about him. There are A LOT. Shows the kind of stuff he’s made of.

  11. So Madore now has a second complaint against him by the employees union, as written about by what’s-her-name in the local daily Pravda a couple of days ago. Well, it’s the AFSCME union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, that represents the employees of the planning department that filed those complaints.

    It’s also the AFSCME which, quite publically, withdrew its support from the United Negro College Fund, in 2014, over their outrage of the UNCF having accepted a $25 million donation form those evil Koch brothers. The AFSCME urged all others to also withdraw their support. “AFSCME International strongly encourages all affiliates and other progressive institutions to also withdraw from any existing partnerships with UNCF …”. Of course, we all know what “progressive” means and the political nature of the union could not be more clear.

    These specific complaints may be valid, I don’t know, but here’s the thing. I briefly mentioned an “ingrained culture” in my post above, and have previously mentioned my belief that there are certain areas of government which those on the left are particularly inclined to migrate to, such as planning, social work and environmental departments. I think it’s pretty obvious actually. As such, one might expect a natural antipathy to a limited government sort like Madore. These are the politics that Madore or others who are not “progressives” are up against and it’s not a pretty picture.

  12. I’m no fan of unions, especially public unions.

    I’m not necessarily opposed to some of what Madore desires to do, but it’s obvious he hasn’t a clue how to achieve it in a political environment and he is not prone to listen to others.
    And it doesn’t bother him to stab supporters in the back to make himself look better.

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