I Should Apply for County Manager too

by lewwaters

Job ApplicationIt is interesting watching County Councilor David Madore’s efforts to see acting County Manager, Mark McCauley ousted from his position instead of verified to become permanent County Manager.

Interesting in that Madore is on record highly praising Mr. McCauley after the former County Administrator, Bill Barron retired shortly after Sen. Don Benton was hired to head the County Department of the Environment in 2013.

It was then County Commissioner Madore that took to his facebook page praising Mr. McCauley saying, “I know Mark well and am very pleased to have such a great choice to run the day to day operations of the county. Mark has served as a competent leader heading up of one our largest departments, general services. His good judgment and ability to work with people add to his many years of proven leadership at Clark County.”

For whatever reason he has, Madore’s outlook soured on Mr. McCauley and he has began n earnest effort to see him not be confirmed as permanent County Manager, touting, along with many devotees to Madore, former candidate for Vancouver School District, 49th Legislative District Representative and Port of Vancouver Commissioner, Lisa Ross for the position, even though it currently is not an open position.

Let it be said that I like Lisa as a person and have had pleasant discussions with her. I have no qualms with her personally, but based upon the résumé she submitted and was made public, I have far more managerial experience in my own résumé over the years.

She claims to have “twenty+ years’ of management experience” listing employment from days as a cashier up to today as a Certified Public Accountant. At best, by her own résumé she provides a short time here and there as “interim” comptroller and maybe a temporary Assistant Manager as well.

By comparison, including my time in the U.S. Army and listing only leadership roles in employment I can document and list;

April 1969: Named Class Commander of Class 188-69, Ft. Eustis, Virginia.

June 1969: Named Honor Graduate of Class 188-69, OH-6 Helicopter Repair Course, Ft. Eustis, Virginia.

July 1969 to January 1971, promoted to acting Sergeant while an E-4 as Squad Leader of the OH-6 Repair Squad with C Troop, 7/17th Air Cavalry. Also during this time, named Technical Inspector to oversee and verify the air worthiness of the unit’s helicopters.

February 1971 to March 1974, served with Air Troop, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Nurnberg, Germany where, having attained the permanent rank of E-5, served as section leader for the U-6 Beaver aircraft until they were phased out where I was transferred to the Aero Scout Platoon. I was once again named as Technical Inspector for the unit’s OH-58 helicopters.

April 1974 to July 1975, served with the 517th Transportation Company, Ft. Bragg, N.C. where in October 1974 I graduated from the Ft. Bragg Non-Commissioned Officer’s Academy on the Commandant’s List.

July 1975 to March 1977 served with Headquarters Headquarters Battery XVIII Airborne Artillery, Aviation Section at Ft. Bragg, N.C. as the NCIOC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge) over enlisted personnel in the section and the sections OH-58 helicopters and receiving Army Commendation Medals for the section for successfully acing a major inspection.

August 1979 to December 1981 Wagner Mining Equipment, Portland, Oregon where in June 1980 I was promoted to Leadman in the Engine Department, overseeing modifications of diesel engines to be used in underground mining equipment manufactured by the company. Left due to lay off.

August 1982 to February 1983, Automotive Department Manager with Woolco in Plantation, Florida where I managed the repair shop as well as ordered and maintained stock for the store inside. Left employment there when Woolco went out of business.

August 1983 to April 1987, Manager of Service with Kmart in Clermont, Florida overseeing a team of mechanics repairing customer vehicles, recognized by unexpected favorable letters sent to corporate headquarters from very happy customers.

Several times since I was called upon to take a leadership role in employment to assist others in difficult repairs during 20 years employment with Vancouver Dodge in Vancouver, Washington.

I also bear full and sole responsibility for this blog, its content and maintaining it since opening it in June 2008.

As can be seen, I can easily list much more managerial experience over the years than Lisa. Where the likes of Madore’s devotees claim of “outstanding experience and qualifications” on her part comes from is unknown to me.

Likewise, promoting her as “a disabled women” due to her “controlled MS” should entitle me to also apply, claiming to be “a Disabled Vietnam Veteran” since I have contracted Type II Diabetes that is related to my service in Vietnam and I am also a Lifetime Member of Disabled American Veterans since 1984 and draw a small disability from the Veteran’s Administration.

The difference is, though, even with my ability to show far more actual managerial experience, I fully realize nothing in my résumé qualifies me to oversee and manage such a diverse county as we live in and manage all of the various Departments within County Government.

Yes, I have my opinions, like everybody else has and exercise the freedom to voice them in agreement or disagreement as so many others do daily.

But expressing an opinion does not equal being actually responsible for the day to day operations of the county.

Sorry Lisa, you’re a nice lady and pleasant to chat with, I love your Southern drawl, takes me back home, but it takes a lot more than you have shown to be fully qualified to manage the whole county. My hope is that you stop allowing others to use you in such a manner as they have.

Mark McCauley, on the other hand, even with some minor human mistakes along the way, lists far more experience than both of us combined and I suspect his 360 review will come out favorable.

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8 Comments to “I Should Apply for County Manager too”

  1. Mr Waters,
    We don’t see eye to eye on much, if anything. But I’ve always said (and I believe you’ve said it too): listen to someone long enough, and you’ll be surprised that you agree on more things than you thought.
    Spot on with this post sir!


  2. Disagreeing on matters or issues isn’t necessarily bad, scaler. It’s when neither side gives an inch an demands their way is the only way.

    That being said, it is also good to realize when and where we can agree on things, meet in the middle and build from there.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. What scaler911 said…


  4. Since I’m a relative newcomer to this region … and I have no personal knowledge of either the current acting County Manager, nor of the Ms. Ross’ qualifications or managerial personality. I do, however, have significant experience working at various managerial levels in large and small businesses, manager with a contractor working in a large Federal agency, owned my own business, and was self employed over the years. (I’m not going to spell out my complete resume´ in detail as it’s not really relevant, but I point out that I’ve had years and years of management experience.)

    A county administrator/manager is a political “non-political” position. The new “manager” oriented county structure mandated by the charter places substantial responsibility on the manager. The unstated requirement is that the county manager will need to balance the needs of the bureaucracy against the resources provided by the taxpayers. Here, Ms. Ross might be especially well qualified with her significant accounting background. There is a lot of “waste, fraud, and abuse” in government — that every politician running for office claims to abhor and has a goal to target for elimination. (A goal that is never achieved.) The best I can say about the current Acting County Manager is that it appears (from news articles) that he is fulfilling the role of representing the county bureaucracy to the County Council. (Perhaps, behind the scenes, he is working to enable efficiency and financial discipline on the bureaucracy, but that function has not been given much, if any, publicity.)

    The choice of County Manager is critical to the taxpayers of Clark County. It is helpful that the person selected understands where the funding is sourced (all is ultimately taken by force from the taxpayers) and how the money is spent, efficiently and in ways that effectively provide the essential government services within the sphere of county responsibility.

    Under the charter, the taxpayers/voters have been effectively cut off from direct influence on most county policies, and we depend on only the “chair” for direct policy supervision of the county manager and have only very limited influence through our district-elected Councilors (since the Councilors, other than the chair, are precluded from interaction with the bureaucrats under the Charter).

    The assumption that the existing Acting County Manager should be elevated to (permanent) County Manager — without a competition for the position — is a dubious procedure. While Ms. Ross may or may not be as qualified as some other potential candidate, the taxpayers of Clark County would be better served if there was a wide search for competitive candidates that reflect a “pro taxpayer” viewpoint. All too often, government (at all levels) bureaucracies end up staffed by “progressives” who simply seek to increase the governmental control over the citizens — the most recent example being the complete lack of any accommodation to the “alternative 4” proposals to the county-wide zoning system.

    Perhaps, Mr. Waters, you should submit your resume´ to be considered for the County Manager position.


  5. I didn’t like the charter and argued against it. I lost, as you know and we are now stuck with it and at best, can only amend it in the future. The majority of voters spoke and now we must abide by that outcome.

    As I recall, back when McCauley was named Bill Barron’s successor, the notion of a competitive process was discussed and the decision then was we had a well qualified person in house to succeed the County Administrator. Part of the argument then, at least among citizens, was what it costs to seek nationwide bids for the position with everybody believing McCauley was well suited. His selection was a unanimous selection by the Commissioners as was his being named ‘acting’ county manager after the charter passed and pending final approval for permanent once the full 5 member council was seated.

    In the lead-up to his selection, Madore had nothing but high praise for him: http://www.thereflector.com/news/article_9d5863ec-740f-11e4-8b07-6fe3130fa199.html

    Placing resume’s side by side, McCauley’s is far superior in experience, qualifications and even ability in accounting since he too is a CPA.

    That being said, the county council, in my opinion, is a dysfunctional council and not all blame rests with Madore. The current power struggle is not good governance and is unhealthy for the county.

    And that rests on all five councilor’s, not Mark McCauley.


  6. As John Galt points out, the position of County Manager has been elevated to that of Chief Executive Officer under the new charter, and considering all that being the Chief Executive entails, one might think that such a change demands a new look at filling that position. Seems like it might be proper to wait until after the upcoming elections when the victors of council districts 3 and 4 upcoming elections are seated. Seems like this is something the c3 policy wonks should support.


  7. If he just wasn’t an Army officer, I’d like him better.:)


  8. McCauley must receive a favorable report on the 360 review currently underway before he can be named permanent county manager. I expect a favorable report, but that remains to be seen.

    Regardless, going by resume’s, he is well qualified and it was Madore himself praising him as the best suited for the position not all that long ago.

    If to goes to a search for a different person to be hired, it goes and I’m sure a well qualified person can be found from another region. But there is no guarantee that any such person would be willing to do Madore’s bidding either.


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