Purity, Exclusion and Eternal Victims

by lewwaters

Elephant 3This blog has long warned of the infiltration and planned takeover of the Republican Party by fringe right leaning Libertarian types normally associated with past campaigns of three time failed presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

I have been scoffed at, ridiculed, verbally assaulted and targeted by these same people in comments on this blog and other forums for pointing out the obvious intent of their deciding that they must take over the party for some reason.

Two years ago I exposed an effort by one of their number to “stack PCO positions” with those favorable to their point of view that led to me completely severing any supportive relationship that might have existed between me and the local GOP.

Needless to say, the ne’er-do-wells were not impressed as shining light into their underhanded tactics led to firestorm of criticism, ridicule and one of the most outrageous cock n bull stories I have ever heard in an effort to cover their rear ends.

Even the Lazy C chimed in, but more so supportive of them over actually digging into the story for the truth of how these people were systematically moving the party too far right with their purity purge of Republicans desiring to meet in the middle with Democrats to actually work “for the people” over implementing a radical right wing agenda erroneously labeled a “liberty” movement.

Actual Liberty is far from where they would move the country, in my estimation.

It doesn’t surprise me that here we are, two years later and once again, this same person is still working to “stack PCO positions” to, as he puts it, prevent what he labels as “the establishment” from retaking the party in Clark county.

Notice too, the usual cry of victim as if those that disagree with their fringe view are always “out to get them.” Yet not stated is their own effort to purge the party roles of any not in lock-step, evidenced by the sneer of “we must be fair.”

Fair is far from what the goal is as we all have seen in recent months by the call to disown or not support any Republican candidate with the audacity to attend a dinner hosted by the group, Republicans of Clark County that saw 17th District Representative Paul Harris poking fun at them at the dinner.

So here we are, once again still seeing this silly effort at purity that loses elections, alienates supporters and disenfranchises voters.

Completely lost as they rail on about this mysterious “establishment” is that as soon as they assumed leadership of the party, they became the establishment in that they now hold the position of authority and we see they will not stop at anything to retain that establishment position for themselves.

We see this same attitude coming from Clark County Councilor, David Madore whom I feel is knee deep in with these people as they rally around his demeaning efforts of slurring the majority members of the county council no longer willing to kow tow to his demands and bullying tactics.

And in spite of their cries of being “Liberty People,” what liberty is there when only their views are to be considered?

Is it really “liberty” if you feel the need to bully people into accepting your view and must stack positions within the party to ensure that it is your views that the party follows?

Two years ago when I first turned on a light about these efforts, we saw one of the most hilarious cock and bull stories ever fabricated, accusing the state party, again “the establishment” in their delusional minds of signing people up for PCO without their knowledge and some grand conspiracy orchestrated to deny them their rightful, in their view, positions of authority.

It was easily cleared up and debunked with a simple email to the elections department.

What sort of conspiracy will appear from out of thin air this time remains to be seen. But no doubt one will materialize.

What is most obvious is that if you desire our legislators to be able to meet in the middle and collaborate for the good of all of us, not just a narrow view of things, you need party leaders willing to collaborate themselves and to stop efforts of purging your party of opposing thoughts and views.

Ronald Reagan won the presidency twice by appealing across the divide and even though he too was able to dig his heels in, was also willing to meet in the middle when necessary and we saw a decade of prosperity.

He did not accomplish that by crying victim, even though the House of Representatives was in Democrats hands throughout his two terms and so was the Senate towards the end of his second term.

He also did not purge the Republican Party of those he deemed not pure enough.

The one thing unlearned by the current Clark County GOP ‘establishment’ leaders is that you cannot impose liberty by tyrannical means.

Until they learn that valuable lesson, they have no business being in charge of any party.

25 Responses to “Purity, Exclusion and Eternal Victims”

  1. The “purity” issue in the Republican Party is mostly due to the frustrations accumulated over the past 15 years. Nationally, George Bush (43) gave us the meaning of “compassionate conservatism” — it meant, spend as much as LBJ in an effort to buy votes for a “lasting ‘conservative’ majority.” (Thank You Karl Rove.) Unfortunately, this completely ignored the “small government – lower taxes” conservatives. Note that George Bush seems good only by comparison, as Barack Obama doubled and tripled down on Bush’s spending. George Bush did focus on some of the “culture war issues,” often to the satisfaction of religious conservatives — but after Obama, almost nothing remains of any culture war legacy of GWB.

    Of course, being a “small government” conservative during the time period of Obama is nothing but an exercise in frustration. Obama sees that EVERY problem requires a larger government (and larger intrusion into personal liberty) solution. While the Republican House could not “govern” and While the Republican House and Senate (since 2014) would not even attempt to “govern”… it is no wonder that “the establishment” (nationally) is not held in high regard. While Congress is paying the price of building (regardless of controlling party) the “progressive” administrative state over the past 100+ years, there is much they COULD have done, if the political will was present, but many opportunities were lost.

    Locally, the “charter changes” have brought two additional nominal, sort-of, Republicans onto the County Council (formerly the County Commission). Of course, I have zero expectations from Marc Boldt, since he’s the obvious “RINO” — having supported the CRC in the face of strong opposition from a substantial portion of the voters.

    Jeanne E. Stewart, previously on the Vancouver Council was considered a “moderate,” however, she voted against nearly everything that the Madore-Mielke commissioners proposed during her first 2 years on the Commission. It comes as no surprise that she votes with Boldt an nearly everything.

    Julie Olson is the big disappointment. Madore, supported by Mielke, had requested that the county bureaucracy reduce their budget by 2% (almost ANYONE can cut their budget by 2%). At $296.6 million, this reduction of 2% would have been a little less than $6 million. The most recent year’s figures are not readily available online, but I understand that the estimated 2016 revenues for the Clark County were expected to be up by more than 2% over 2015. Julie Olson joined with the other new Councilors and repealed the 2% decrease previously passed by Madore-Mielke. (With Boldt and Stewart supporting the repeal, that gave a 3-2 vote passing the repeal.) When I wrote Ms. Olson regarding this action, her response (summarized) was that the cut was “a burden” on the bureaucrats of Clark County. I thought that Ms. Olson represented the voters and taxpayers, NOT the county’s employees and bureaucrats.

    So, what do we do about the frustration caused by all the nominal “Republicans” on the County Council? Would an all-inclusive Republican Party turn it’s back on these “compromises” where the size and growth of government just goes on and on? Do I eventually have to “escape” from Washington as I did from California a few years ago?

    I don’t necessarily support the Rand Paul Libertarians that are “taking over” the local Republican Party apparatus — and clearly some of their policies (such as bullying Politicians going to a dinner where interested voters have gone) are probably counter productive. But I do understand the frustration.

    As for the “desire our legislators to be able to meet in the middle and collaborate for the good of all of us,” the problem I have is that increasing the taxpayer burdens and growing government willy nilly is what happens when you don’t have someone stand up and say, “Enough!” When you collaborate with evil, evil wins. Meeting in the middle might work when negotiating a price of a used car, but how can you meet in the middle with people who want to drain cash from the pockets of taxpayers for things like the CRC and “Bus Rapid Transit”?

    It is important to recall: Government does nothing well. That which it seems to do well, it does at extremely high cost. Most functions of Government can be provided for by the market — and the “services” provided by local government can often be outsourced to private contractors at lower cost. As one example, I had the best and most cost effective “garbage service” when I lived in a community that had no exclusive contract for trash haulers. Five companies competed for my business. (When I moved in, and called to start service, I was asked, if I needed an immediate pickup to haul away the moving boxes, etc.? — no extra charge!)

    We need politicians who remember who pays the bills, and not “how happy are the bureaucrats.”


  2. While we may have reason for disappointment in the council, what is being offered up by the fringe new establishment is not better.

    You cannot force liberty on people nor can you impose by tyrannical means


  3. So, the choices we, as voters, have is simple: We can in the 3rd district (which, as you pointed out, you do not live in) support a RINO (Blom seems like a nice, ambitious guy, bitten by the political bug who sees bigger and better things on his horizon) guy but hardly is what one could call a conservative) who speaks for the establishment (And, BTW, Lew, merely controlling the organization does NOT make one “establishment.” The Establishment in this instance are those who ran things their way for years, who deserted GOP tenets in, for example, supporting and even funding my leftist brother-in-law (Endorsed by the fringe-left Young Democrats, if memory serves) for county chair and all that came along with it, like yet another property tax increase… and they want their power back… even if it means contesting primaries like they have those against Pike, Madore and Mielke… but then, they do want to punish us for not going their way)

    Or… we can elect the democrat (Which I will vote for in the general if Madore doesn’t make it that far) just like we elected Olson… who, as I predicted during the election, would vote exactly the same way the democrat would anyway…) or we can vote for Madore.

    I asked Blom how he would have voted differently than the 3 Stooges. He refused to answer which is all I needed to know… after the 3 week wait between sending him my question and actually getting a response… while then launching into talking points that sounded like the YD’s and Jimmy Mains cranked them out…

    You demand that Madore compromise. Where’s your demand in this post that the Stooges compromise? As I pointed out, the Stooges will NOT compromise because they don’t need to. They are, in fact, guilty of the precise, exact, same thing you charge Madore with. How is it OK for them but bad for Madore to hold to his principles, whatever they may be?

    I don’t agree with everything Madore has done. But the reality is simple: since the 1st of the year, he’s done a great deal more to represent the people of this county than the current RINO’s running it.

    And I’m sorry to disagree with you… but I fail to see the imposition of anything. The RINOs want to get rid of any and all conservatives… that’s why Rivers recruited Bowman to take out Pike but didn’t recruit anyone to take out Vick… because, well, guess what: he ain’t a conservative.

    In reality, the RINOs are well funded and well organized. They are planning right now on THEIR take over like Cruz is planning his. And they don’t give a damn what the people want… or what the votes say… because their idea of “compromise” is a 5 – 0 yes vote on a tax increase instead of a 3 – 2 like they have now.

    I take a different view: The last thing we need are 5 opportunists who’s campaigns were ran by a democrat like Mains to be our government.

    But then, that’s just me.


  4. You re correct in that I do not reside in District 3, just as you do not reside in District 2 or the 49th legislative district, but choose to chime in when you feel like it 😉

    As far as I am concerned, holding the controlling authority over any group is the establishment Merriam Webster

    As far as John Blom goes, I have met with him and if enough people like what he has to offer, they will select him.

    If you think the winning strategy for the GOP is to embrace Berrigan’s efforts to purge those undesirable to him, well, y’all get what you deserve. I feel people should be more than blind lemmings.

    I supported Madore as much as anybody else did, but even without accounting for his stabbing me in the back, three times now, what is he accomplishing now other than causing more derision? Say whatever he wants but he hasn’t accomplished a damn thing and will not as long as all he is able to do is insult and denigrate everybody else that does not jump in with him.

    And who knows, perhaps they might be more willing to give some consideration if he wasn’t accusing them of being corrupt and criminals nearly every day.

    He’s only building walls that will not gain him a single vote.

    Elections have consequences and he blew it all on his own.

    And if any of you think the Paulbot in your face strategy will gain anything, you’re sorely mistaken.


  5. Spot on Lew. I began to see signs of this a little over 10 years ago when I attended the Clark County Republican Convention.


  6. Katja Delavar was quoted from the 2008 convention saying, , “We are trying to integrate with the Republican Party; they see it as a take-over.”

    I also have audio of her from the same year in a radio interview expressing their desire to “take over the GOP.”

    Yet, they proclaim themselves “lifelong Republicans.”


  7. “What he he accomplished?”

    Since being a major player in killing off the CRC and defeating it’s biggest elected cheerleader and arrogant office holder who ignored the pleas of his constituents, you mean?

    What have the Stooges accomplished since they took control, besides a 2% property tax increase and codifying their deliberate refusal to honor the will of the voters concerning the cross-river bridges?

    Lew, I don’t mind that you beat up on Madore. In many instances, he’s got it coming. All I would do here is just ask that you apply the exact same standard to ALL involved… instead of the one side that seems to have a different view than the leftists running the council.

    I have no involvement of any kind with the party or the organization. And it’s not like they haven’t come after me in the past.

    And I get that you use your definition of establishment, but I also get that you kinda have little choice if you’re going to use the term to beat the hell out of the current regime.

    I have a different definition because the Establishment remains the Establishment in or out of power, and in this case, everything the Bogers and the Rivers and the Wilsons have done is to re-assume power over the current party mechanism so they can silence the conservative base.

    But I have to ask you: what would supporting a RINO coming after yet another conservative accomplish, save for having an even larger margin on the council in voting for increased taxes and fees… a 4 – 1 or 5 – 0 margin instead of the current 3 – 2 margin?

    I asked about that above but I missed your response.

    Meanwhile, my support, FWIW, is going to be driven by the outcomes. Electing a RINO yes-man like Blom does nothing positive for that. I want conservative representation of SOME variety on the council and if a body-climber like Blom, led by the nose by a lying slimeball weasel leftist like Mains pulling his strings is what we get, then conservatives will be completely shut out of governance around here… and that can’t be a good thing… can it? I mean, how many leftists like Boldty do we need running the show?

    God knows that the RINOs can’t see how local democrats are playing them. Astoundingly good politics on their part… and astoundingly gullible politics on the RINO’s part.

    They get everything THEY want but don’t have to do any of the work… since they’ve lined us all up in the circular firing squad while making sure we all have bullets to kill each other with.

    Meanwhile, scumbags like Main stand on the side and laugh and laugh and laugh.


  8. A lot of people took part in killing off, or placing the CRC in a politically induced coma. Of all of us, Ann Rivers played one of the biggest roles, yet she is given no pass.

    As for what else has he accomplished, you and anybody else can only blame the other three for so much until a look must be given to Madore and his hateful rhetoric towards others. And if you recall, I too was speaking against their antics when Madore felt the need to send out that nastygram concerning me causing so much harm.

    I too desire conservatism, but not this far right fringe version replacing conservatism offered by the fringe Libertarian Paulbots and those inspired by them. Tyrannical left or right will not work as history shows.

    The country worked best when both sides were able to meet in the middle and work some things out for the best benefit of all.

    As for that circular firing squad, that appears to be the realm of Madore, Berrigan and the like as they spout off demands that no one gives any attention to. Nerly every week we see Chuck Miller demanding Julie Olson or Jeanne Stewart resign. We see it also from Ed Barnes and guess what, nothing has changed, has it?

    Bullying on their part serves no purpose at all other than to incite an decreasing audience.


  9. “arrogant office holder”
    “RINO yes-man”
    “lying slimeball weasel leftist”

    Mr. Hinton, you have singlehandedly demonstrated an important point that Mr. Waters, in my opinion, is making with this piece. Averaging nearly one dehumanizing term or phrase per paragraph, directed at other members of our community, you adroitly provide a case study of what a purifying and exclusionary practice looks like. Of course you are well within your rights to express your opinion how you choose. In fact there was a time when I would have become incensed and personally offended by others profane, obscene, or dehumanizing public expressions, then I realized that silencing them would prevent me from knowing their true character. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

    It is understandable that you feel empowered to speak this way of members of our community, given the current culture of the Clark County Republican leadership and the public platform provided their well-financed benefactor. However, the reality is that these tactics have made the group, as a whole, less and less relevant to the conversations regarding the interests of our community.

    Thank you for demonstrating Mr. Waters’ point so well.


  10. Eternal victims?

    It is the Democrat party which is comprised of a montage of those claiming victimhood, who seek control of “government” to pass laws forcing themselves on others. Their politics is all about the “unfairness of it all”. Money is bad, profits are evil, soak the rich, spread the wealth, they say. Private property is seen as collectively owned. Private employers are told who they have to hire, what they have to pay, and who they must do business with. It’s up to the “experts” to make what should be political decisions. Well, so longs as those experts tow the leftist line. Now, those who say NO to the forced collectivism of the left are the ones who are said to be crying victimhood?


  11. Well said Lew! It is always stunning to listen to the “fair and inclusive” rhetoric followed by “the others aren’t so we need to target these Republicans and remove them from their positions”. So totally lacking of inclusive mentality.


  12. Kndalai, the cry of “eternal victim” is heard in the frequent and constant drone of this mysterious “establishment” is always out to get certain leaders of the party.

    I see little difference on the left’s whine of victimology with that of the speaker in the audio.


  13. It ought to be pointed out that the Vote to review then redo the increase in property taxes, was aimed at paying down debt that would eventually claim more tax payer dollars than the 2% reclaimed. Shame is that tidbit of fiscal responsibility is ignored by those who wish to openly gore the three majority Republicans.

    Seriously the stretches and word play, taken to make a point are nearly a comedy all to themselves. I have not ever told a PCO to stop doing what they were doing, however I have challenged them to find a better way to conduct the business so that a win win could be achieved, and understanding as well as respect could ensue. My plea was ignored, again and again whether over a gun control bill or a tweak to the much vaunted by laws. The aim of the Libertarian wing of whatever party they come from has been and remains to overturn the establishment, to give everyone the chance to think they way they do, and quash any descent from those views with a mean scowl, loud scream, and steady supply of spittle as the “weak minded” ones are labeled as either “traitors”, “puppets”, or (Gasp) establishment types.

    Frankly after over four years of constant labeling, and inconsistent flows of spittle,and no change in the status quo despite the noise and screaming, the very real majority of voters voted for the Republican Majority of Clark County Counselors, because they are tired of the rancor and wish for rational debate and respect for respectable and well formed independent points of view. Not getting shouted down as a Rino for requesting a more thoughtful review, based on the opinion as expressed, that they were following the famous Pirate, Rino Bolt. All that is missing is the pitchforks.

    Irritation and impatience are no excuse for such poor behavior. and while there is a vast gulf between Republican and Libertarians, it is a gulf that can be bridged issue by issue. We won’t always disagree, believe it or not, but we have to agree to try to agree. Shielding oneself with Principles that cannot be compromised is a poor excuse for not finding common ground.


  14. So what’s the compromise with the men in the women’s bathroom and locker rooms issue?

    Here in Washington, maybe the compromise is to use law to force public schools and private athletic clubs, e.g. to accept men, who believe themselves to be women, in the women’s bathrooms but not to use women’s shower rooms. Having made that compromise, just how long will it be before the men in the women’s shower rooms comes back again? Just like the lite rail issue was defeated. But not really.

    Incidentally, in what is supposed to be a free country, everyone has as much right to pursue their own lives as much anyone else, which includes homosexuals and others. It’s not my place to use law to force others to do as I personally think, and laws against assault or harassment should apply equally to all. Nor should the law discriminate against same sex couples. However, that’s a two way street, and the law should not be used to force businesses to do business with those it does not want to. What’s currently happening is a one way street.

    As far as I’m concerned, a private business like Target, has every right to make their own company decisions about their privately owned stores and restrooms. Customers also have every right to make their own decisions about who to do business with. Just as companies like Apple and Paypal can boycott certain states if they choose. So also can customers boycott businesses. Like Apple and Paypal or Target. https://www.afa.net/action-alerts/sign-the-boycott-target-pledge/


  15. Your example of the men in women’s bathrooms is a great example of not compromising, given that the ruling was not a legislative compromise, but a ruling from the Human Rights Commission of Washington.

    An effort to reach a compromise on it in the Senate failed.

    Personally, I don’t care what people do in their own lives either. I do care when it crosses over into my life or negatively affects a family member.

    I’m curious though. What’s your view on Trump’s call of banning Islam?


  16. I think his call was to ban Muslim immigrants. Not to ban Islam. Banning someone because of religion is improper, likely illegal and I’d not be in favor of that. But anyone applying to immigrate into this country can wait in line. As far as I’m concerned, this country is under no obligation to accept refugees, other than international political pressure, and to me it IS wholly proper to deny entry of “refugees” from Syria, or elsewhere, based on the current circumstances.

    Not sure if I understand your point about a compromise on the transgender thing. The bill in the Senate was to specifically overturn that commission ruling on existing discrimination law, and the Democrats in the House wouldn’t even let it come up for a vote. The “obvious” solution is for private rooms. Totally up to private sector as to how they proceed with that. But for the public sector there’s the cost, which is a low priority considering other needs. Very low. In my opinion of course.

    Then there’s this: “Even a policy change to require transgender individuals to use private or separate restrooms could lead to their being singled out and targeted, Askini said. http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/politics-government/article53199315.html

    By the way, just who the hell is the Human Rights Commission, and why do they even exist.


  17. The point was, it is an example of where there is no compromise and a small group mandates for all.

    Where there is never a compromise, one side or the other is left feeling disenfranchised.

    Of course, there are some things compromise would never be proper, such as equal but separate racial segregation laws.

    There has to be a meeting of minds in the middle on most issues, though. Neither side should always force their view on all.


  18. Loren,

    As much as I appreciate your perspective, it’s based on utter nonsense.

    I’ve been writing like this for over a decade. I wrote like this before I ever head of David Madore or any of the current GOP leadership.

    I note that there are other communities that speak this way; for example, the C3G2 hate group comes to mind.

    Are you over there, moralizing to them?

    Of course not.

    In the end, the issues that I have raised here are stand alone. Nothing I wrote was not factual. I speak my mind, which is my right, and Lew speaks his, which is his right. Do you really think that critiquing my perspective gained you anything except that aura of superiority so affected by those who disagree but cannot dispute?

    I have no emotional buy-in to Lew’s position. My observations are based on fact and reality: I, unlike some, don’t let emotion enter into it because I, unlike some, have ALSO been on the pointy end of their spear, held by many of the same people Lew is livid over.

    But the question here is do I let grudges impact my conclusions? The answer is no. And not one of the issues I raised has been addressed in any of the responses here.

    I, however, refuse to sink to personal dislike as the only reason to support or oppose anyone.

    To that end, what my missive here illustrates is a perspective that shows, perhaps, that reasoning should trump anger.

    As it is now, the efforts of the CCRINO’s are going to bite my wallet repeatedly. Crain’s support of Boldt, for example, makes her just as responsible for jacking up my property taxes as Boldt himself. But do you think she’d ever admit that or why she launched her jihad against the local party in the first place, which was, in fact, based on their endorsement of Ross’s candidacy over hers in 2014, in the first place?

    But then, I’m just a conservative guy in a hate-for-conservatives world… and that’s my burden to bear. And I cannot and will not allow what happened to me personally years ago to influence my political conclusions today.

    The simplest solution for those of your ilk, seemingly upset by what I write, is much like those who frequently would condemn me, always behind my back, of course, for what I wrote on my blog:

    Don’t like it?

    Don’t read it.

    But the upshot here is the demands uniformly are that those you disagree with politically move in exactly one direction: toward the RINO center of our local political universe, a demand ALWAYS required of conservatives… and NEVER required of, say, for example, the 3 Stooges running our local government.

    I do, however, admit that I write out of the frustration of the expressed desire here to enlarge the non-responsive, tax and spend local government that we have here, today, in large part because of the RINO betrayal and snit-throwing towards the CCGOP because the Establishment was tossed out on it’s keister and now, they want back in… no matter how many genuine conservatives get crushed in the process.

    When alternating posts here hold the 3 Stooges to the same level of accountability on the issue of “compromise” (which, as I pointed out, is never going to happen because the Stooges have the numbers and the conservatives are screwed) when some level of balance is achieved… then this can, perhaps, become an intellectual exercise of some worth.

    But merely holding up one guy and beating the hell out of him, over and over again as if replacing him with yet another RINO like Blom would in ANY way make things better or different for the people of this county? That horse is so dead it looks like beef jerky.

    On my blog, I have beaten the hell out of ALL sides when I believe they’ve had it coming. And I’ve been doing it for years and years… so none of this has a damned thing to do with the “current culture of the Clark County Republican leadership and the public platform provided their well-financed benefactor.”

    Lew should have no problem acknowledging that neither of those items have a anything thing to do with how or what I write… as much as you would like to think otherwise.

    To that end, feel free to get over it and yourself. And if I need your critique, I’ll certainly not hesitate to ask for it.


  19. And Dennis, I’m not at all sure that Boldt’s 39% equates to a “genuine majority” as much as it does the largest plurality.

    And I also know that you can feel free to label him a Republican or a Martian or anything else you like.

    But there’s only one measure of his party identity… and that’s his voting record, which has been uniformly leftist and democrat since he became a commissioner and has remained that way as the county chair. In fact, his record as a commissioner was so bad that the Gang of Five RINO letter literally asked us to ignore his voting record.

    “While we don’t individually endorse all of his votes during that very long period of his service, and some of them concern several of us…” you suckers need to forget all about that and vote for my idiotic brother-in-law anyway.

    The record speaks for itself. And the reality is that none of these votes would have been any different if the names of the councilors would have been Dalesandro, Pridemore and Green… who, to the best of my knowledge… are all democrats.


  20. Lew – These are two articles I thought you might be interested in.

    One is the red team infiltrates a power station with hacker sense and gets in several times. http://www.techinsider.io/red-team-security-hacking-power-company-2016-4

    and The second one is about chicago having crude oil on trains that run throughout the city. http://www.techinsider.io/chicago-magazine-bomb-trains-2016-4

    Thought you might be interested in both seeing you love the site ethical oil and others. Jeremy


  21. Wondering what would happen if Marc Boldt were to resign from the county council. Or anyone else for that matter. I don’t see any provision for this kind of thing in the charter. Could liven things up a bit.


  22. Hey Lew… id on’t think you might know but the UHAUL company does a lot for the vets in Pheonix< AZ.. Uhaul was started by Shoen Family in the 1940s in Ridgefield. Look here for more info. https://www.uhaul.com/About/veterans.aspx


  23. Here is another link from the show Think Out Loud from OPB NEWS. It is about a male rape victim from the US AIR FORCE whom was raped by superiors more then 40 years ago. He only lasted six months… Warning it is a very long article with pictures of the victim, I thought you might be interested in it. http://www.opb.org/news/article/military-sexual-assault-abuse-trauma-ptsd-discharge-status/



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