Who the Next President Should Be

by lewwaters

Presidential SealIt is no secret the country is bitterly divided now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee and likely will face Hillary Clinton in the November general election.

To say neither is qualified to occupy the Oval Office is a gross understatement, regardless of what either of their starry eyed devotees my claim.

Both are well known New York Liberals that care only about themselves and both would devastate our country if not plunge us into a bloody war.

But we have to have a president and we need a candidate worthy of our votes. And, given the choices the parties present us, I believe I have found the perfect man for the job.

He is well known and highly popular with people from both parties.

He has been seen frequently on television singing opera, directing orchestras and is an avid hunter, telling me he would defend our second amendment rights with his every being.

He’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty, having actually prospected for gold at one time.

He’s never been caught up in any sexual scandal or seen cavorting with women of questionable reputation.

He’s been a strong supporter of our Military throughout our wars doing what he could to sell war bonds.

Granted he has a slight speech impediment, but it does not stop anyone from clearly understanding him or how words and you have never heard foul language coming from his mouth either.

His bipartisan appeal is likely his strongest suit as his efforts over the years have pleased many, brought smiles to their faces and eased their souls during troubled times.

He’s never amassed a fortune, although others have amassed wealth due to his hard work for so many years.

In fact, given the poor choices we see before us this election, I can’t think of a better man for the job.

Forget Trump.

Forget Hillary.

Let’s put our efforts behind a true American that will really make America what it could be.

Elmer Fudd 2016

I’m proudly casting my vote for Elmer Fudd this year. He stands heads above either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

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9 Comments to “Who the Next President Should Be”

  1. We don’t need another cartoon character like Trump. Besides, Elmer never hit anything he aimed at.

  2. Oh, I don’t know about that. He did spin Daffy’s bill around a time or two 😉

    But, out of the cartoon characters pushed by the parties, Elmer is still the best of them all 😉

    If not for his anger issues, I’d suggest Yosemite Sam for VP, LOL

  3. Since Elmer Fudd is obviously a supporter of the Second Amendment, it is likely that he would be an attractive candidate.

    At the current point, there are a lot of histrionics about Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. Please let me assure you that nether one of these candidates are acceptable to me. But one has to consider the choices of voting in light of this reality.

    The choices are 1. Hold you nose and vote for Trump. 2. Hold your nose and vote for Clinton. 3. Vote for someone that you might prefer (among 3rd party candidates) with the understanding that they’d have virtually no chance of winning. Or 4. not voting at all.

    In recent days, I’ve heard a number of relatively principled people state they’d rather vote for Clinton than Trump, even though they disagree 100% with everything Clinton advocates. In the end, their arguments boil down to “the devil you know versus the devil you don’t know.”

    We can assume that Clinton will be a continuation of Barack Obama. She will continue to over-regulate and over-tax our economy, continuing the dreadful economic conditions we’ve had for the past 8 years. We can also assume that Hillary will nominate abominable candidates for the Supreme Court (and for all the many dozen lesser court judgeships that become vacant each Presidential term). These Supreme Court nominees will hold sway over the court for at least a generation, shredding the Constitution (through the “living constitution” philosophy) and destroying our rights along the way. Clinton will also continue the corruption of selling favors as was started under Bill and as continued through Hillary’s term as Secretary of State. Clinton will continue to hide and cover-up her activities, as was done with Whitewater, Benghazi, her private email server, etc.

    Trump is an unknown as he has no record as a politician. His previous proclivities suggest that he is conversant with “crony capitalism” (certainly not a desirable trait), and he has many other personal and professional flaws. Unlike Hillary, Trump will NOT have a ready, willing, and able government bureaucracy aligned with his (poorly conceived) political philosophy. He will likely NOT find a multitude of politicized staffers to populate the White House staff that carry his “dream” for this country. In other words, Trump is not likely to be anywhere near as effective at over-regulating and over-taxing us as Obama was or as Clinton would be. It is unknown what quality of Judge appointments that Trump would make. But rest assured, they’re likely to NOT be as bad as those that Hillary would choose. (Hard to go past the bottom.)

    Finally, if Trump really screws up, he can be impeached. Obama had — and Hillary would have — the complete support of the unified Democrats in Congress. Even if an impeachment act could be passed by the house, the Democrats in the Senate would surely not vote to impeach Clinton (just as they would not do so for Barack Obama). Trump does not have the complete and total allegiance of the Republicans in Congress … and thus, there would be little to stop an impeachment from proceeding. The Democrats, aside from whatever mischief they might make, are also unlikely to “support” Trump under such circumstances.

    So, the number one important thing is to attempt to retain as many Republicans in the House and Senate — and elect “new” Republicans to the extent possible (much easier if Trump is likely to win in November — much less likely if Hillary is elected).

    While I might wish that this mess was a bad dream, the reality is that I’ll most likely have to hold my nose and vote for Trump. I’d rather have the devil I don’t know, because the devil I do know is one that is particularly bad and will simply make the whole political situation much worse than it already is.

  4. My hope is a contested convention and someone more acceptable to the broader base be nominated.

    If that doesn’t happen, I cannot in any sense of good conscience for for either.

    As the Alexander Hamilton quote floating around says, “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”

    I must stand on principle and act accordingly on this. There is no holding of the nose for any lesser of two evils.

    There is only evil offered

    By the way, pushing for impeachment is a poor choice since the only two to ever be impeached remained in office. As I am sure you know, impeachment only sets up for a trial in the Senate and no president, no matter how much they screwed up has ever been removed from office. Neither party seems to have the stomach for it

  5. We need to remember that the President is not a dictator, or is not supposed to be anyway. They can all talk of their grandiose plans, but much of it requires congressional approval. Congress needs to reassert itself. Who has their finger on the button may be the biggest concern. We tend to forget that now-a-days.

    I’ll be voting for Cruz in the primary. I’ll likely vote for Trump after that, but whoever the Libertarian candidate is will be worth a look. Trump is hated by Europeans and American leftists, and that’s a big plus for me. Yes, it really is.

  6. Actually ‘Friend’ makes a good case. Clinton will have lots of help continuing the Obamaian policy of shredding the Constitution and destroying what’s left of the United States, and we would not be able to get rid of her even if the FBI pursues a case against her for the file server issue (which of course would be dropped as soon as she’s elected).

    Trump friends in Congress: few to none. You can forget the numchucks in Congress who are frantically trying to catch the ‘Trump Train’ – as soon as he gets in trouble they will disappear faster than dry leaves in a wind storm. As far as Andrew Johnson, yes he remained in office, but by only 1 vote. Trump will have even less friends in Congress than Johnson. It’s a good leash and will fit Trump perfectly. I absolutely will not vote for Clinton under any circumstance. I vacillate on Trump almost daily (i.e. he’s not Clinton) so it’s possible I would end up voting for him. Another thing to consider is that was friendly as the media would be towards Clinton, they would pursue a case against Trump no matter how thin it was so he would be constantly off-guard. It’s a pretty pathetic way to run a country but what do you do?

  7. With such lousy choices, I’m inclined to sit it out this time. Either of the two is detrimental to our nation, but my conscience will be clear that I stood on principle and my name nowhere supports either.

    As Alexander Hamilton said, “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”

    There is no lesser of two evils this time.

    Just two evils, almost as if it were planned this way.

    Everybody else is free to do as they wish

  8. “Just two evils, almost as if it were planned this way.”

    Time will tell. If Trump starts getting closer in the polls to Clinton, but then acts out even more outrageously than he already has, you will know for sure that the fix is in.

  9. Whether or not the fix is actually in, as I believe, he would be as detrimental to the country at the top as would Hillary.

    Both are self absorbed narcissists that care about nothing but themselves.

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