Bedfellows and Frienemies

by lewwaters

PoliticianIt is often said, “politics makes strange bedfellows,” coined by American journalist Charles Dudley Warner in 1829.

Of course, on the opposite end of that is politics destroying friendships as well as being the cause of bitter arguments as was seen with the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton in 1804 that lead to Hamilton’s death.

In our modern era, though, we do not engage in dueling, but with the onset of politics of personal destruction, opponents seek to destroy each other’s character while trying to hide their own flaws.

In the meantime, lines are drawn between supporters where we all too often witness bitter arguments, denigration of each other, verbal attacks with condescending denigrating attitudes.

Established friendships have been seen to just dissipate as neither will lend a listening ear to another’s point of view or question their own loyalty to their chosen candidate or issue.

To a lesser degree it was seen on this blog as I took exception to underhanded tactics used by the Clark County Republican Party as well as expressed my displeasure at County Councilor David Madore stabbing me in the back and undermining my blogging efforts to make himself appear on top of issues he was clueless about.

To a much larger degree it is now being seen in regards to the 2016 presidential election as it appears the likely opponents will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, neither of whom are suited to be elected as leader of the free world in my opinion.

It was a little shocking to see, after many years of complaints over no proper vetting of Barack Obama, those crying the loudest now refuse to look at or consider anything from Trump’s past. Not comments, issues, political donations, nothing prior to his announcing yet another bid for the presidency interests them in the slightest.

Efforts to bring up his past were quickly met with ridicule and scorn as well as the usual denigration of the one attempting to do due diligence in actually researching the candidate.

Hillary’s history is well known since she has been embroiled in countless scandals as the wife of a past president that played out in the media. She also was very visible in many questionable doings as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.

Trump, on the other hand is lesser known for his actual history other than being a wealthy businessman with some failures and successes and appearances on reality TV.

Politically, where vetting should be directed, shows he has been all over the board, taking many positions contrary to those expressed today and in some cases, directly opposing the very views he now expresses.

But his most ardent supporters plug their ears and shut their eyes to all of it and attack those that research him and dare to mention it publicly. Such actions have already forced me to block a couple dozen people on facebook lest I be drug into incessant arguing that eats up what time I have to do research on other matters.

It also will never change my mind that Trump is just as bad as Hillary for the country.

Early on I was repeatedly told of what great speeches Trump was giving, saying everything disgruntled Republicans that have long felt betrayed by the GOP wanted to hear. What he didn’t give was actual solutions or plans, though.

Then too I am reminded of a High School student’s tee shirt when Barack Obama visited Dobson High School in Mesa Arizona in 2009 that said, “Hitler gave great speeches too.”

To that end, I found a speech given by Adolf Hitler in 1933 when he was running to be elected president of Germany.

Removing mentions of the German people, the first two paragraphs could easily be confused with a speech from Trump;

“Over fourteen years have passed since that unhappy day when the people, blinded by promises made by those at home and abroad, forgot the highest values of our past, of the country, of its honor and its freedom, and thereby lost everything. Since those days of treason, the Almighty has withdrawn his blessing from our nation. Discord and hatred have moved in. Filled with the deepest distress, millions of the best men and women from all walks of life see the unity of the nation disintegrating in a welter of egoistical political opinions, economic interests, and ideological conflicts.”
“As so often in our history, since the day the revolution broke out, presents a picture of heartbreaking disunity. We did not receive the equality and fraternity which was promised us; instead we lost our freedom. The breakdown of the unity of mind and will of our nation at home was followed by the collapse of its political position abroad.”

Mindful of Godwin’s Law, this is not a declaration of Trump is Hitler, at least not yet.

But given his verbal assaults and insults towards those declining to endorse him and the actions of his supporters, reminiscent of Paulbots going on the attack against any speaking against Ron Paul, tomorrow if he were to win is a huge unknown.

What do we do now? I honestly don’t know. But I do know, recalling the words of Baptist Preacher Charles Spurgeon, “Of two evils, choose NEITHER,” my conscience and principles will not permit me to cast a vote for Trump or Clinton.

I hope for a miracle at the GOP Convention, but I’m not holding my breath for one.

If ever we were in need of prayer and mercy, it is now.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just lose a few more “friends” on facebook.

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8 Comments to “Bedfellows and Frienemies”

  1. Lew, I join you in your rejection of the false dilemma presented by those who say we must vote for one of the two major party candidates. Unless something completely unexpected happens at either of the two conventions I already know the name I will be writing in.

  2. Everybody is entitled to vote their conscience.

    Mine says unless some miracle happens, I’ll either vote third party or just write somebody in, if I vote at all in that race.

  3. As unlikely as it is, the most interesting thing that could happen would be third party candidacies by both Sanders and Cruz. Candidacy or not, organized write-in efforts by both may be viable alternatives.

    For the time being, I’ll still be waiting to see who the Libertarian Party candidate will be.

  4. It looks like the Libertarians have even more people running than the GOP did 😉

    Last I heard, they’re likely will be between Gary Johnson and Austin Peterson

    We shall see.

  5. Another good blog, Lew.

  6. This is truly a historical election. Most of the antics and public displays have been seen before but some of the slams leveled against each other have hit a new all time low. I have been praying for months and continue to do so.

  7. Sorry, but the only thing I see as “historical” is that the dumbing down of America is paying off for the left a now it is so-called conservatives blindly following a slick talker.

    It seems no matter how vile, nasty or elusive Trump gets, those that complained the loudest over lack of vetting for Obama turn a blind eye to this guy.

    Can you imagine a candidate saying his taxes are “none of your business” and not facing the scorn of voters?

    Sorry people, y’all better wake up soon. This is not a realty TV show.

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