What Drives Brancaccio?

by lewwaters

L. Brancaccio

In yet another of the endless rants against conservatives, primarily County Councilors Madore, & Mielke and Sen. Don Benton, Lazy C editor Lou Brancaccio adds to his plethora of sardonic screeds, Press Talk: What drives Madore?

As is to be expected, Brancaccio, or ol Lefty Lou as he is better known in these parts, engages in his usual self aggrandizing of just how right he always is and of course, how wrong people like Madore always are.

In fact, he pats himself on the back so much over the years I can’t fathom why his shirts aren’t threadbare on the backs.

Be that as it may, rest assured this post is not in defense of the embattled County Councilor. No, he has amassed a cadre of dedicated butt-kissers for that, not unlike ol Lefty has for himself and this blog is not a member of it.

What makes ol Lefty tick?

From where I sit, ol Lefty seems to believe he alone is some self-appointed conscience of our community directing how all 450,000 residents of the county should live out their lives, according to his values, or lack of.

For several years he and the Lazy C pulled out all stops to manipulate citizens into accepting the very light rail system from Portland, Oregon that the majority of voters rejected. We that voted in the majority against all funding for the ill-fated project, now lying comatose awaiting a rebirth, were regularly labeled “Hounds of Whinerville,” “Ankle Biters,” “Cockroaches,” and “Banana (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything)” in the editorial pages of the Lazy C.

Lefty, for his part after admitting the many flaws of the project, called on citizens to get behind it, leading many within the community to question the possibility of payoffs or profits for a few at the cost of taxpayers.

Actually, looking back over the years, Ol Lefty hasn’t found an awful lot to agree with Madore, Mielke or Benton on, treating us to a “Chicago style” political narrative of “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” in reference to most everything proposed by them.

For his part, Madore played directly into their hands, providing them all of the ammo they could desire to throw back at him.

From this bloggers viewpoint, we have two narcissistic people engaged in a battle of wits with the county stuck in the middle.

Enter Bloggers

Bloggers, especially conservative bloggers has long been a thorn in ol lefty’s side. In spite of many claims of how ineffective we are, he once hinted around that we bloggers were the cause of their decreasing subscription rate.

The simple fact is, bloggers came in to fill a void and provide some objectivity by presenting a more conservative view on several matters that they Lazy C simply was not doing and matter of fact, still doesn’t.

Of course, bloggers are not all very credible as some rely more of their own view over documenting claims to support their expressed view. Most of those fall by the wayside before long.

Blogs have even beaten the Lazy C to the punch a few times in ferreting out information or exposing matters the paper did not seem very interested in at the time.

Examples would be Brian Baird’s claim of a death threat by a Ryder truck, city council candidate George Francisco’s bankruptcy that the paper marginalized after making a big deal over a much older bankruptcy by his opponent in a previous election and even shining light on underhanded dealings by local political parties.

Blogs were also instrumental in getting the word out on questionable finances and goings on within the CRC, some that the newspaper has yet to report on.

Bloggers have also been a thorn in Lefty’s side for continually pointing out and documenting media bias.

Why blog

Now, ol Lefty seems to feel bloggers are “losing steam.”

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Granted, there is some derision going on, but that isn’t new. It has even been seen in the media as ratings and scoops mean profits, unlike blogging where expenses are largely carried by the individual blogger.

His example of a “dogfight” between Larry Patella and a certain unnamed blogger is ridiculous as that blogger is not responding to nor does he even receive any of the Patella rants he mentions.

One-sided “dogfights” draw little interest.

Odder yet is that ol Lefty has never given any credence to any writings of Patella’s, until he sees a chance to drive a wedge deeper between conservatives.

Sorry Lou, but bloggers are not going anywhere and intend to remain and provide the objectivity you seem unable to.

Lefty goes off on a religion rant after that, directed back at Madore.

Madore does wear his religion on his sleeve more than most and since our first amendment grants his free exercise of religion, so what?

Any religious sincerity there must remain between him and the Almighty, as it should be.

As for ol Lefty, his religion appears to be smearing those he disagrees with in his weekly screeds and showing up around town as if he were someone of importance.

Honestly, I really don’t know what makes Brancaccio tick.

By all appearance, he seems to be on some power trip as a self-appointed watchdog for the community, but he fails miserably in that capacity as he just can’t bring himself to delve into and question what goes on from within the left very much like he does with the right.

Perhaps, if ol Lefty paid more attention to his own DDSS coffee cup and less to his own ego, the Lazy C could become a real newspaper for the entire community.

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6 Responses to “What Drives Brancaccio?”

  1. Excerpts from the article ”Is Social Psychology Biased Against Republicans?” that begins with social psychologist Johnathon Haidt’s request for a show of hands at the SPSP annual meeting of around 1000 attendee’s:


    “By a show of hands, how would those present describe their political orientation? First came the liberals: a “sea of hands,” comprising about eighty per cent of the room, Haidt later recalled. Next, the centrists or moderates. Twenty hands. Next, the libertarians. Twelve hands. And last, the conservatives. Three hands.”

    ““There’s often a lot of irony in this area,” he said. “The same people who are exquisitely sensitive to discrimination in other areas are often violently antagonistic when it comes to political ideology, bringing up clichéd arguments that they wouldn’t accept in other domains: ‘They aren’t smart enough.’ ‘They don’t want to be in the field.’ ”

    “As the degree of conservatism rose, so, too, did the hostility that people experienced. Conservatives really were significantly more afraid to speak out. Meanwhile, the liberals thought that tolerance was high for everyone. The more liberal they were, the less they thought discrimination of any sort would take place.”

    “The bias is especially strong when we’re confronted with topics that affect us or our group identity directly—something that ideological debates often do..”


    These are the “experts” who write the books and the journal papers, which in turn filter into the larger Leftist community. Reinforcing one another with their narrow, collectivist world view. Interestingly, Leftists have resorted to their psychoanalysis of Madore from the very beginning. “Narcissist” and now his alleged mental illness, and all the rest, rather than looking at the actual politics of Left versus Right thinking. It could not be more obvious that there’s a total lack of comprehension by Leftists, of the struggle taking place between the Left and the Right, over what the purpose of government is, and the result has been instead mindless, ignorant rants over Madore’s mental state. Only recently, have I seen some references to the political ideology of Madore, versus some psychological analysis. Imagine that. It’s only taken three years. You’d think that for people who spend so much time on their local politics, they’d at least try and understand the fundamentals of political ideas. Limited government versus collectivism.

    Incidentally, ardent Democrats have often bristled at being called Socialists, which of course they are. In that respect, Bernie Sanders has now deprived them of their denials. Thank you Bernie. When I use the word Socialist, by the way, I don’t use that as some sort of an invective; only as a description of a political paradigm.

  2. One thing Brancaccio has accomplished is that he’s made the Campbells look pretty foolish. Brancaccio has almost single-handedly brought the Lazy C to disrepute and ruin while Scott and Jody Campbell just stand around grinning in bewilderment. Apparently they are clueless.

  3. Oh you righties just love to invent your own information (or the rich folks who’s feet y’all kiss provide you with talking points) and then try to trash actual news sources. Great job, you have all the old fogies believing you, and you will all be worm food before there are no bees, no glaciers, insane weather systems, and broken infrastructure for your grandchildren and great grandchildren. Quite a legacy you are leaving–compared to the Greatest Generation.

    ADMIN NOTE: This comment is only being temporarily approved as an example of why I have had to moderate comments.

    Don’t for a minute believe this is Don Benton or even associated with him. The IP address linked is and tracks back to Crafts America, 13118 4th St Vancouver, WA. 98684

    Amazing the courage of this basement dweller hiding behind a false email, false name and even a false website.

    I’m sure Crafts America appreciates their connection used in such a manner

  4. Lew – I appreciate you adding the Admin Note to the message above. The poster’s (or poseur’s) incoherent message had me confused. Is this one of those lamebrain kids who post here once in a while?


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