Madore Needs to Go!

by lewwaters

My apologies to Clark County citizens for any past support shown this lying hypocrite!

Madore, Glare Watermark

Some people just don’t know when to leave well enough alone!

I have been giving serious consideration to retiring from the blogosphere lately, in part due to my younger sister’s death a few weeks ago and facing my own mortality.

But, Councilor David Madore just had to pull his power play against me a few nights ago to reinstate a couple of highly insulting commenters I had banned back into a group. Comments that he would never permit on his own pages, having banned people for far less.

But he succeeded and in a sense, slapped me down.

Well and good, I accepted it and moved on.

But that wasn’t good enough as he continues to send his boot licking goons to continue with the verbal attacks.
I have changed my mind on retiring until at least after this election season.

If I truly hold any “significant influence” as he once claimed, that influence is going to be used to see him kicked off of the County Council and sent packing.

The County has had enough of his divisiveness and heavy handed approach trying to run roughshod over the majority of the council and citizens.
My wife and I have had enough of him sending his goons after me.

It is time to show Madore the door and I wholly endorse his opponent, John Blom.

For more information, see Connecting Clark County

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